Men of War: 1893-1928 is set in an alternative version of history. The Great War (WW1) started in 1893 after Germany attacked France and Belguim. A new kind of industrialised world war. After years of fighting, in 1928, the deadlock is finaly broken. Britian has been worn down by fighting for years and forms their own alliance with the commonwealth and Scandinavia. Three alliances now fight for the balance of power...

Allied Factions:

-United States of America
-Russian Empire

Central Powers Factions:
-Soviet Union
-Ottoman Empire
-CPPCA (Central Powers Pacific Colonial Army)

Inedependent Commonwealth Factions:
-Great Britian

Other countries:
-Nationalist China
-Communist China
-Indonieisan Rebels

These three alliances have torn the world apart and continue to do so. At the moment, the allies and the commonwealth have an alliance aganist the Central Powers, but this is a very fragile realtionship that could lead to more problems in future......

Death Toll: 1,213,907,611

Allied Campagain 1-"Over The Top":
Northern France/Belguim
Somme River-"First Offensive" (Play as USA)
2.15/3/1895 Amiens Outskirts-"Condemed" (Play as USA)
3.21/3/1895 Amiens-"Last Defence" (Play as France)
4.24/3/1895 Arras-"Hold The Line" (Play as USA)

Allied Campagain 2-"Deadlock"
Belguim/East Prussia
Passchendale-"Mud, Blood and Rain" (Play as France)
2.12/2/1902 Langemarck-"For The Emperor!" (Play as Japan)
3.14/2/1902 Polygon Wood-"Trapped in the Woods" (Play as Japan)
4.25/7/1903 Near Tannenberg-"Winter War" (Play as Russian Empire)
5.30/7/1903 Tannenberg-"Stormtroopers" (Play as Russian Empire)

Allied Campagain 3-"For The Empire!"
Komaróv-"Komaróv Bridge" (Play as Russian Empire)
2.3/1/1908 Komaróv-"Final Push" (Play as Russian Empire)
3.30/5/1909 Moscow-"The Communist Giant" (Play as Russian Empire)
4.10/3/1909 Izonzo River-"River Crossing" (Play as Italy)
5.15/3/1909 Near Venice-"For the Republic!" (Play as Italy)
6.3/6/1909 Near Wallachia-"The Long Retreat" (Play as Serbia)
7.10/6/1909 Thessaloniki-"At All Costs" (Play as Greece)
8.12/6/1909 Near Salonika-"Aganist all Odds" (Play as Serbia)

Central Powers Campagain 1-"For the Fatherland!"
Northern France/Belguim/Italy
Mons-"Next Stop, Paris" (Play as Germany)
2.20/8/1895 Franco-Belguim border-"Border Engagement" (Play as Germany)
3.29/8/1895 Near Somme River-"Welcome to France" (Play as Germany)
4.10/5/1899 Izonzo River-"Crossing" (Play as Austria-Hungary)

Central Powers Campagain 2-"Rebellion and Revolution"
Mexico/North America/Russia/Soviet Union/Northern France
Mexican-American Boder-"Viva la Revolution!" (Play as Mexico)
2.25/6/1904 Dallas, Texas-"This Town aint Big enough!" (Play as Mexico)
3.13/4/1909 Moscow outskirts-"For the Motherland!" (Play as Soviet Union)
4.16/4/1909 Near Moscow-"Search and Destroy" (Play as Soviet Union)
5.2/5/1909 Near Minsk-"Backing up the Communists (Play as Poland)
6.12/3/1903 Marne River-"Crossing the Marne" (Play as Germany)

Central Powers Campagain 3-"The Great War"
Northern France/Belguim/Serbia/Persia/North America/Indonesia
Iowa, USA-"Back Country War" (Play as Mexico)
2.1/6/1909 Near Belgrade-"Push them Back!" (Play as Austria-Hungary)
3.3/6/1909 Belgrade-"Battle for the Balkans" (Play as Bulgaria)
4.3/6/1909 Belgrade-"Urban Conflict" (Play as Bulgaria)
5.27/7/1913 Near Bagahdad-"End of an Empire" (Play as Ottoman Empire)
6.22/2/1902 Polygon Wood-"Hunting for Allies" (Play as Germany)
7.13/8/1915 Paris-"Fall of France" (Play as Germany)
8.17/8/1915 Near Paris-"Final French Positions" (Play as Germany)
9.5/6/1908 Beach 121, Indonesia-"P-Day" (Play as CPPCA)
10.6/6/1908 Inland from Beach 121, Indonesia-"Forlorn Defence" (Play as CPPCA)
11.9/6/1908 Jakarta, Indonesia-"Regaining Control" (Play as CPPCA)

Commonwealth Campagain 1-"Independence"
Persia/Azerbaijan/Northern France
Near Baku, Azerbaijan-"Fight for Oil" (Play as Great Britian)
2.15/1/1899 Persian Desert-"Across the Sand" (Play as Great Britian)
3.23/9/1903 Somme River-"British Tradition" (Play as Great Britian)
4.28/9/1903 Amiens-"Operation Vanguard" (Play as Canada)
5.30/9/1903 Near Amiens-"A Bridge too Far" (Play as Great Britian)

Commonwealth Campagain 2-"Grand Empire"
East Africa/Syria/Belguim/Northern France
German East Africa-"Dr.Livingstone I Presume?" (Play as Great Britian)
2.19/6/1905 Italian Somali Land-"Enter the Aussies" (Play as ANZAC)
3.11/12/1906 Near Damascus, Syria-"Ottoman Offensive" (Play as India)
4.12/12/1906 Aleppo, Syria-"Bulgarian Offensive" (Play as Great Britian)
5.14/12/1906 Near Homs, Syria-"Siege of Homs" (Play as India)
6.1/2/1907 St.Quentin-"Morning Assault" (Play as Great Britian)
7.3/2/1907 St.Quentin-"Over the Top!" (Play as Great Britian)

Commonwealth Campagain 3-"Great Defence"
Northern France/Denmark/North America/Gotland Isles/Sweden
Near Gram, Denmark-"Jutland Invasion" (Play as Denmark)
2.23/9/1908 Ribe, Denmark-"Suprise Attack" (Play as Denmark)
3.3/10/1908 Aarhus, Denmark-"Spilt in Two" (Play as Denmark)
4.10/10/1908 Near Roskilde, Denmark-"Road to Copenhagen" (Play as Denmark)
5.12/7/1915 Coincy, France-"Stop Fritz!" (Play as Great Britian)
6.21/7/1915 Near Meaux, France-"Last Fight for France" (Play as Great Britian)
7.16/5/1905 Winnipeg, Canada-"Invasion!" (Play as Canada)
8.23/5/1905 Vancouver, Canada-"Western Seaboard" (Play as Canada)
9.1/11/1908 Burgsvik, Gotland-"Beach Landing" (Play as Sweden)
10.4/11/1908 Visby Marshland-"Moorland Conflict" (Play as Sweden)
11.6/12/1908 Karlskrona, Sweden-"Harbour" (Play as Sweden)

Other Factions Campagain 1-"Rise of Communism"
Jakarta, Indonesia-"Rebellion!" (Play as Indonesian Rebels)
2.13/2/1921 Near Beijing, China-"Sleeping Dragon" (Play as Nationalist China)
3.21/2/1921 Near Nanking, China-"For the People and Land" (Play as Communist China)
4.19/4/1921 Near Ulan Baator, Mongolia-"Communism from the North and South" (Play as Nationalist China)

Mod Development Team:
Mod Leader:
Concept Artist:
Faction Infos/Music:
(Still recruting, PM me your skills)

Men of War: 1928

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News 3 comments

The Komaróv map made by MBassi. This Battle started in 1907 between the Russian Empire and the Soviets backed by Austria-Hungary. Artillery was not used much in this battle, instead, the Russian troops simply charged at the Autrisan and Soviet postions across the Komaróv Bridge without artillery support due to lack of munitions. The battle ended in early winter 1908 with a very costly Russian Empire victory but nearly 1 million men died. This Battle was just a few weeks before the Battle at Moscow began.

This map was made by MBassi

The trenchline on the Soviet side of the river


The fields near the Komaróv Bridge
Komaróv (New Map)



News 3 comments

If any body can help me make this mod, it would be most appriciated.

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this guy doesnt know wat the *** he is doing

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How so I can download?

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dead??? i hope not this looks really good

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Is this dead? No offense but no update for months....

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is this still active?

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When will this be released? If not a exact date then a month or two period of when it will be released?

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Looks promising, can`t wait for the release date... :)

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How do i install this?

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When is it ready to download

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