MechWarrior: Living Legends is a total conversion mod for Crysis Wars turned standalone, mixing BattleTech's combined-arms warfare and universe with BattleField's vast open maps and domination style gameplay.

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Episode 12's cast discusses good etiquette in pub games; helping new players, handling team imbalances, and general game ethics.

Host: Warlord Kentax
Guests: Direwolf2k, Dead Salmon, Koume, Architect
Special thanks to CW/Γ Andrew for rescuing recording quality.

Mechwarrior: Living Legends is a combined arms standalone mod for Crysis Wars (the multiplayer component to Crysis). Taking place in the BattleTech universe's early Jihad era, MWLL brings a very diverse array of pilotable assets to choose from for your battlefield needs.

Whether it's defending your allies from aerial threats with a Partisan anti-aircraft tank, hunting down stragglers with the Black Lanner medium mech, scouting the enemy's position with a VTOL, intercepting bombers with a Corsair aerospace fighter, besieging enemy strongholds with the Mobile Long Tom Artillery piece, swarming unsuspecting targets with battle armor, or obliterating the competition with a pair of well-placed Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle shots from a Fafnir assault mech... Living Legends brings a more complete BattleTech experience in the battlefield than any other video game in the franchise.

Currently available are the Team Solaris Arena and Test of Strength Deathmatch modes, the Solaris Arena Free-for-All mode, the spawn-ticket-based Terrain Control mode, and community organized games each weekend.

Will you be a forgotten casualty or a Living Legend?

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