MechWarrior: Living Legends is a total conversion mod for Crysis Wars turned standalone, mixing BattleTech's combined-arms warfare and universe with BattleField's vast open maps and domination style gameplay.

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MechWarrior: Living Legends is simply the greatest multiplayer mod ever created.

From the fantastic level design, art direction, particle, graphics and sound effects, to the intricacies and balance of the weapons, equipment, mechs, vehicles, infantry, the relative faithfulness and respect for the franchise, this mod has it all.

The sheer amount and quality of work done on this mod surely exceeds most commercial AAA offerings, but the MWLL team does it for free and we're not even out of beta yet!

The one qualm I have with the mod is almost entirely unrelated to the mod itself, but the engine it runs on; Crysis just doesn't run particularly well even on high end machines. I am hoping that moving to Crysis Wars as well as other optimizations can alleviate the performance issues.

A true spiritual successor of MechWarrior series, a brilliant game made by extremely talented development team, which works constantly, improving balance of the game, adding new content and fixing bugs. Unlike previous MW games, it allows players to use not only mechs but also wide variety of combat vehicles, including tanks, aerospace fighters and battle armor. With top-notch graphics, sophisticated mech physics and intense gameplay, MWLL is a well-done project, surpassing many commercially-developed games. Whenever you're a long-time BT fan or just a casual FPS gamer, Mechwarrior: Living Legends is more than worth trying. 10/10

Been playing now for 2 months and i'm still blown away by how good this is. Even to a non Battletech fan it is a really good looking and well playing game that promotes team play and is fun.

As a plus for the Battletech fans it is faithful and all the iconic mechs are present (or under development - it is still in beta)


Best Mod/free game ever made to be honest.

One of the best MODs for Crysis out there!

MWLL is one of the best mods I've ever played, if not the best, and that is taking the Point of existence Mods, a lot of Half-Life 2 mods and the new BMS4 for Falcon 4.0 into account.

What is so great about this mod?

Well aside from astounding graphics, which beat a lot of todays games, there is for example the awesome Sound. If you go underwater, it sounds like underwater, the AC-20 sounds evil, so sinister that you don't want to get near it, the PPC like the thunder to a lightning. The Mechs sound like they should, like big lumbering machines.

The stability is very good, I haven't had crashes since ages ago. Also the dev-team is very helpful and fast to respond to problems.

Then there is the actionmapper, which helps to put in new control devices like Joysticks or HOTAS, while the actionmapper doesn't support multiple input devices, like a HOTAS (Programmable Joystick and Throttle combination) and Rudderpedals side-by-side, it is a big step up from Crysis, which only supported gamepads. Additionally the Actionmapper is fully compatible with the SST-Software to program Saitek sticks.

But what makes MWLL really great is the gameplay, it's easy to learn but hard to master, you'll have to invest some game time to get to know each type of mech, weapon system and tactics. Take one group, like sniper or brawler at a time, learn it, then move on to the next group. The good thing is, Mechs are not the end-all weapon, they are especially vulnerable to Aerospace Fighters and VTOLS, which are vulnerable to Anti-Aircraft Tanks. The BA or Battle Armor, have neither the armor nor the firepower of any vehicle, however they are incredibly hard to find and hit.

As you see there is no need for mirror balance, as each asset, be it mech or Battlearmor has its strengths and weaknesses and must be used accordingly. Make no mistake this is a tactical game, but a great and fun one.

Overall MWLL is more fun than most games out right now, and worth more than a 100 Euros.

Awesome game looks cool

perfect MOD not only for a Mechwarrior fans.
It is absolut awesome what they did with the Crysis engine.


MasterGear says

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Mechwarriors 2 and 3 has always been great game as I was growing up.I was greatly disappointed when mechwarriors 5 never came out and I though I was never going to play these epic games again.But then I found this game I was amazed,I got Crysis just for this mod and it was so worth it.

Mechwarriors living legends is a clash of mechwarriors 2 to 4 and add the Ability to get out of the Mech and battle outside of the Mech, this
feather was very useful.Vehicles are add as well as the Mechs, which help make the game a one of kind tactical shooters I know.

I'm BACK!!! Topper here rdy to put the hurting on.
Clans remembered...

SA (ahh what memories)
KAOS (for our fallen men)
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