Marathon//Max is a 2nd-person shooter based on the Marathon series by Bungie and running on the MAX-FX engine. Gameplay involves team-based deathmatch with bots. The game strives to be as faithful to the Marathon games as possible, while introducing a new generation of gamers to a forgotten and under-rated franchise. Also, you can blow crap up with rocket launchers, so there's a little something for everybody here.

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After about 6 combined months of development, Marathon//Max is ready for a first release. 1.0 has been pared down to deathmatch arenas only, but offers 5 arenas, each with 5 difficulties to choose from.

NOTE: Please do read the readme. It goes over common crashes and other issues and how you can fix them.

This is not a traditional Max Payne 2 mod file release, since the Max Payne 2 mod system doesn't allow for all the weapons and other goodies packed into Marathon//Max. As such, the game has its own installer, which checks for retail or Steam installations of Max Payne 2 before releasing its hot sticky goodness into your PC.

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Marathon//Max (Version 3)

Marathon//Max (Version 3)

Full Version 1 comment

The 3rd and final version of Marathon//Max. This is a full, standalone download with all-new updates included. Texture resolution must be set to HIGH...

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,521 comments

Huh, what got updated?

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LithTechGuru - - 417 comments

Someone posted a video in the videos tab.

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TheDebonairNomad - - 2,713 comments

Max Payne and Marathon, not a combination I was expecting but a welcome one.

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Guest - - 692,890 comments

как скачать

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Guest - - 692,890 comments

Wishing for you developers that you'll going to have update like:
Single Player/Mission
more maps..
but please don't make the system requirements get higher
i've got an old machine for this game..

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PayneStudios - - 27 comments

A Multiplayer is not possible with Max Payne 2 Engine.

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Panzermann11 - - 206 comments

Why not?

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Siledas - - 39 comments

this has probably already been said, but can you release a zipped or rar'd version aswell? I'm running MP2 on an intel mac through an emu of sorts, and it cant detect the install of MP2, let alone run the mod installer itself.

which as you can understand is pretty sucky, cause this mod looks pretty sweet.

well, in the meantime i'll just boot up dosbox and play the original, i guess.

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eayockey Creator
eayockey - - 8 comments

@Sadelis The installer runs a registry check to look for a retail or steam install of Max Payne 2. If you're running a Windows installation (emulated or otherwise), the installer should pick up on your install.

A zip/rar release would have no such check for a Max Payne 2 install, and since the game itself doesn't require MP2 to run, the check is necessary since the game uses the MAX-FX engine for free.

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abbasfreeman - - 46 comments

hello and nice work guys !

i have question please help me :

i try to send my level in maxed and test it but when i choose "Localhost" as GIS Server IP , This error appear : "couldn't connect to server 'localhost' at port 10000" what that mean ?! please help me

Thanks and sorry about my bad English

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