Map Labs is an ongoing anthology of mapping competitions, primarily centered around Valve's games!


For Atom Week, we held 5 competitions in a row, each day having a different theme and lasting 24 or 48 hours. These 5 Atoms add up for a total of 59(!) maps.

Atom Week

Goodbye Atoms

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Don't make me cry

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i like that map with:

-Dynamic Skills
-Viral Reconnaisance
-Profaned Fortress
-The Big Picture
-Climbing the Corporate Ladder
-then it is a distant cawing

"Can't Stop Won't Stop"
-Not Raining on the Box
-growing louder or coming nearer
-Border Reflections
-Scrap Metal

-Ms. Gravity Cat's Introductory Lesson to Gravitational Science
-Raiders of the Temple of the Crusade
-Xen Again
-Specific Gravity
-tells of crows returning inland
-Desolation 3

"ElevatorVille 2"
-Ascension Mishaps
-Loud their voices, bold their clamor
-Evilator nightmares
-The Outside
-Desolation 4

"The Emoji Theme"
-Desolation 5
-Sacrificial Chamber
-Just smile
-silent only when the night comes
-Under Cover of Night
-Escape from Ringworld

"Bonus Entries"
-A Stroll Through Themes
-Going Up
-Friday On Gnomes Street

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