Map Labs is an ongoing anthology of mapping competitions, primarily centered around Valve's games!

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There isn't really many half-life 2 modding communities left, especially after RTSL competitions ended.

Map Labs continues the legacy, having mappers make new maps together, for a specific theme each challenge.

Put neatly into a pack for you to play, it's a great way to discover new innovative, funny, scary or completely mind blowing new maps, just for you!

So yes, give it a try if you can never get enough half-life content.

Map Labs is a place for all those lost souls who still didn't manage to move on from Source Engine. It's fantastic to see such a diverse spark of bundled creativity around this engine and its deathbed.


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Finishing Half-Life is just the beginning


haha, mapping go brrr

A lot of these old reviews are, feel outdated. The whole idea of Map Labs, at least how I feel from observation, is about embracing creativity, even if you're not the best at working Hammer. Sure, you easily get some subpar submissions, but at the same time, you get someone like Beefbacon literally making a point and click adventure in the form of Resident Evil and it's truly a thing of beauty.

The best part is, I feel it definitely gets better with time. In its humble beginnings, you got some really passionate maps, some good, some just passable. But each new competition, each new Test Tube, and we keep getting more amazing content. Some of the stuff I've seen, I wish it had the chance to get fleshed out more. There's a myriad of concepts explored in almost every upload on here, not the mention the stuff with RSTL and Rock Paper Shotgun.

I don't think I can begin to express, just how a lot of this makes me feel. Not enough words can tell you I get excited when they do release the newest set of maps from the entrants. It gives me hope for Source, an engine about as old as us in some ways but showing there's more fuel in the tank then we could've ever imagined.

(Edit: For those who do get disheartened if your entry gets denied or you feel your entry should've made it, take it as a lesson, it takes time to get better with it.)

Map Labs it is the spiritual successor of ''RTSL'' a amazing, talented and creative gamedev community creating unique/wonderful levels in the Source Engine
the mapper does a lot of amazing stuff for it all the maps are extremely amazing to play it the aesthetic's art design and more!

Map Labs is the most amazing community that inspired my gamedev career works as a disabled person and seriously go play Map Labs if you wants more cool HL2 levels!

ULTIMATE respect for the Map Labs team and the community!

i love that


I LOVE map labs!