Map Labs is an ongoing anthology of Half-Life 2 levels designed for the various Map Labs mapping challenges.

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A fine competition for those who have too much time.


MuzE says

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Best stuff so far.


Most of the entries we're well made, and clearly showed the commitment for entering the competition, while there we're a few quirks with the other maps, it was still quite the most enjoyable experience for this mod.


Liam69 says

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good games

Pretty cool stuff all around, lots of talented mappers. :)

Map Labs is a place for all those lost souls who still didn't manage to move on from Source Engine. It's fantastic to see such a diverse spark of bundled creativity around this engine and its deathbed.


"Map Labs" is a bundle of separate downloads -- consisting of about 4 different themes ('Halloween,' 'thinking,' 'combat,' etc.).

There is much 'miss' and 'hit' among these 4 downloads: Some maps are pretty long, others quite short.....some maps provide very creepy ambience but feel very incomplete and are mostly far too short (esp. "Halloween").....others have too many 'script errors,' etc.

All things considered "Map Labs" are unique and creative...and with the totality of their pros and cons I rate "Map Labs" a 7.5.

Some nice maps - apart from Unanswered Questions which is complete rubbish...

Also fail to understand how Mom and Dad got 3rd place. It's a non functional map that crashes consistently when you try to access the Control Panel or pick up the Power pickup... yet #3... for the only non functional map in the competition.

Edit: It appears the crash bug only happens to a few people...eeep!


deathmedic3rd says

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