Map Labs is an ongoing anthology of mapping competitions, primarily centered around Valve's games!

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A fine competition for those who have too much time.

I wanna request for a refund, I didn't had fun and the maps doesn't have any gameplay. The maps despite having a quality for a 2004 game, still looks bad due to the Source engine. Maps aren't optimised well, its crashes often and I simply don't have fun playing it.


There isn't really many half-life 2 modding communities left, especially after RTSL competitions ended.

Map Labs continues the legacy, having mappers make new maps together, for a specific theme each challenge.

Put neatly into a pack for you to play, it's a great way to discover new innovative, funny, scary or completely mind blowing new maps, just for you!

So yes, give it a try if you can never get enough half-life content.

Map Labs is a place for all those lost souls who still didn't manage to move on from Source Engine. It's fantastic to see such a diverse spark of bundled creativity around this engine and its deathbed.


Very much heartbroken, my map was thrown away, probably because it was so bad but idc, could at least have emailed me and told you'd throw it away so i wouldn't wait one month in antecipation.

Literally WORST competition I even heard about. The Half-Life 2 community really had best mods, like Half-Life 2 Downfall or Estranged Act I. This is just bad map-packs of mediocre made maps with absolute less to no gameplay at all.

Extremly fun, while some maps aren't too stunning sometimes I am still extremly glad this exists as some of my fav maps come from it


Maps are great, but I don't like the map design for some contest maps. Especially L4D2 contest. These maps had horrible map design, some map was incomplete but I was amazed how did these maps got featured on the L4D2 mappack.

A beautiful compilation of quality mapping competitions. Not every map is amazing, not every compilation is amazing; but the sheer quality and creativity in these maps is wonderful.


Great maps by talented creators.

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A fine competition for those who have too much time.

May 3 2019 by Jancias