Current changes:

New Opening Theme Song: O' Fortuna: a song that I believe gets the blood pumping without taking away any of the atmosphere of the game.

Retroactive Researching: Reorganized the research benefits to give more sway to those with technological superiority against those of numerical superiority. All technologies that require previous research in the same exact subject have been changed, such as a laser damage tech that requires a previous laser damage tech. The game orignally gave the same bonus to both techs, usually 5%, and even though the second tech cost more to research, you still only squeezed out the same damage increase of the cheeper tech. For example

Tech 1: 5% damage increase

Tech 2: 5% damage increase

Tech 3: 5% damage increase

Tech 4: 5% damage increase

What I have changed is that I have made such researches retroactive in that the further you progress in that line the greater the bonus you receave per tech. The formula I used is (current bonus + previous bonus=New current bonus) So lets see that example again with the changes.

Tech 1: 5% damage increase

Tech 2: (5+5)10% damage increase

Tech 3: (5+10)15% damage increase

Tech 4: (5+15)20% damage increase.

I did this change for not only for weapons but all areas. The techs in which this applys includes: Weapon Damage, Weapon Recharge Rates, Shields, Hulls, Antimatter, Armor, Trade, Resources, Planet Population, Culture, and maybe one or two I can't remember. Note that this make certain aspects of the game you may have not concidered a threat much more powerful, such as enemy culture spread.

Fleet Tree Reorganized: I have reorganized the Fleet Tree to accept additional technologies to be researched. Note that any technologies I place in there will be able to be researched using both the military and civilian research stations.

Defense Techs Moved: While doing the Retroactive Researching protion of the mod I fully realized that civilizations that progressed heavily in the non-combat research fields would basically stand little chance against the military minded civilizations as they would be easily destroyed. In order to help prevent this I have moved the defense technologies from the combat tree to the fleet tree to allow all to research them.

New Techs Added To Military Tree: With the void now in the combat research tree I needed to come up with new technologies to fill it in, and with defenses now in the fleet tree but what else to put in there but more firepower. All races now have added technologes that increase the rate of fire of all their weapons. The bonuses here are also retroactive and if you research one weapon to its fullest, you will be pumping out an impressive 2x the rounds in the time span (100% increase)

Upgradeable Hanger Squads: This change will allow you to upgrade your defense hanger fighters per squad. It will be placed in the fleet tree along with the standard hanger defense tech that unlocks it so it is available for both research fields. Both TEC and Vasari will be able to add a total of 18 fighters to their hangers through research (.5/.5==1.5/1.5==2.5/2.5) x2 squads and because the Advent already had a tech that did this I deleted it and the will be able to add a total of 24 fighters (1/1==2/2==3/3)

Required Weapon Platform Research: Because the Hanger Defense is now available to both research trees, I am going to make the Defense Platforms (Gauss for TEC, Beam for Advent, and Missile for Vasari) a required research within the military tech tree. Note that this will make it so one can no longer build defensive structures without the proper research.

Added Elements from the Sins Plus By Uzii (Modified): I have added certain additional planets from the Sins Plus mod into this one. The following Planets are now included within this mod: Urban--Paradise--Industrial--Toxic--Relic--and Barren. Gas Giants are also now colonizable. Also added population cap research included in Sins Plus for both Gas Giants as well as Barren Planets and Astroids.

Starting Local Militias: The starting Militias will be changed and spawn based on the theme of the starting planet stated above. TEC's on Tec Planets, Advent on theirs, and Vasari on theirs.

Reorganized Research Techs: With the introduction of the new Defense Research Tree, I will be reorganizing the techs to allow for a more eye appealing layout as well as redefining the trees that certain techs should be in.

Planet Abilities: Every Planet will have an ability available to all races to research along with an additional researchable ability for the race best suite for the planet type. What this means is now instead of only being able to research the planest that your race best represents, you will be able to research abilities for every planet type, but you still recieve an additional researchable ability on your race favored planets.

Reconstruction of the Strike Craft System: In the attempt to make strike craft not seem so black and white, fighter against bomber, I will be reconstructing the entire system and giving each race access to 6 different strike craft to better support their fleets. With the starting stats of each vessel being different, and providing a different role, there will also be abilites that can be researched to further enhance their abilites and skill in battle.

Intercepter: When it comes to the dog fight there is no equal. With unmatched speed and manuverability, Intercepters are by far the best strike craft to clear the way of fighters and provide valuable escort for bomber squadrons. (Real World Representation: Mig series Fighter)

Fighter: While the Intercepter is its greatest threat, the fighter is the greatest threat to bombers. With the ability to severly disrupt any bomber offensive, they provide valuable protection for structures and ships. (Real World Representation: F-series Fighter)

Light Bomber: Because it is classified as a light bomber, do not think that this craft is a pushover. It is in fact the toughest and most heavily armored strike craft available, and it has to be, as its job is to take on anti-strike craft frigates and carriers. (Real World Representation: A-10 Warthog)

Medium Bomber: A heavy cruiser's nemisis. The medium bomber can deliver ordinace that can turn even the heaviest vessels to clouds of debris. Only moderately armored and relitively slow moving, these bombers can fall prey to enemy fighter formations if proper precautions are not taken. (Real World Representation: B-52 Superfortress)

Heavy Bomber: Go big or go home some might say, and these ships definately represent that very idea. While only somewhat effective against most vessels, these strike craft shine when brought up against massive targets like capital ships and structures. (Real World Representaion: B2 Bomber)


Dubbled Max Research Levels (Completed-In Testing): Max levels of many of the research will be dubbled in order to further use of the mod into later stages of the game. Along with the Increased Need for Trade described below, it will definately be of use into many more hours of play then usual. Take note that both ship supply and capital ship max will also be effected by this, dubbling the amount of vessels you can have.

Increased Need for Trade and Foundries(Completed-In Testing): There will be an increased need for trade and foundries within the game. No longer can you expect to run a powerful empire on just taxes and extractors alone and still drown yourself in spare credits and resources. No longer will you merely laugh when your full entire fleet gets wiped because you can easily have another ready in mere moments. No longer can you expect to complete all the research in a cupple of hours on a meager handful of world.

Reorganized Pirates(In Progress): With the increased power given by the added technologies, pirates have become seriously dwarfed by the strength of the empires, but no longer. Pirates vessels themselves will improve as the game moves on, and once again become a feared enemy in the galaxy, or a powerful tool if you have the credits.

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Mad Scientist Version 2.22

Mad Scientist Version 2.22

Full Version 8 comments

For use with Sins of a Solar Empire "Entrenchment" version 1.02

Comments  (0 - 10 of 28)
Guest - - 687,512 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Pbergy14 - - 5 comments

I want to make a ship but don't know where to start. Can anyone help me? And please use normal people talk, im not a rocket scientist. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Veny..... - - 55 comments

Is a possible to increase max level capacity of capital ships ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CommanderDG - - 1,389 comments

I just found your mod. It seems very interesting and I am eager to try it but I don't know how to downgrade my entrenchment version. Any help on that please? Also will there eventually be a version for diplomacy? Or in fact any update at all?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
mdp_mason - - 38 comments

don't know if your still having this problem but you should be able to go into your game folder and find older version of soase and play the older ones, meaning you can still mod the game and play older versions, unfortunately usually you have to do custom installs to get separate folders and keep game versions.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
QPsychosis - - 218 comments

I hate to be stickler on proper nouns, however, it will bother me if I don't let someone know. Thus, for anyone who has cared to read this far, the name of the opening song is in fact "Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi" (Fortune, Empress of the World)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Sylex947 - - 29 comments

alright so i have this mod downloaded into the 1.41 Entrench folder, and i can enable it fine. when i play, though, most of the stuff is missing. which means the ENTIRE tech tree, along with almost all of the buttons. the tech tree says something along the lines of "String not found" any ideas?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
cartmen180 - - 26 comments

it is for 1.02 not 1.041

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JaredThirsk - - 1 comments

Great mod! I love the expanded research, the really nice planet variety, and the extra fighter types.

I have made it through a couple games but once in a while it crashes, on Entrenchment 1.041. Sometimes the crash seems random but other times it seems unavoidable. One consistent one i found was the advent carrier cap ship's level 6 ability (or the colony ship, can't remember) -- the mouse over crashes it.

(I think I ran it thru the Harpo utilities thing to try to uprev the game.)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
1whogames - - 38 comments

Okay,I got sins 1.17 to load the mod. Now I get a mini dump file. Help!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ordian Creator
Ordian - - 6 comments

The mod does not work with regular Sins of a Solar Empire. To play you must have the Entrenchment expansion 1.03 and download the latest version of the mod from the Sins of a Solar Empire Modding Forums at (I have not had time to upload the link here)

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