The Alliance musters enough power to finally start Challenging the Galactic Empire but will it be enough and in the background a New Faction is Stirring. A Criminal Empire called The Zann Consortium.

But Whose Side Will You Choose To Fight For?

Changes You Can Expect At 1.0

-No Consortium Mode

-Many changes to Planets

-More Units and Ships

-Stronger Space Stations

-More correct sizes for Units

-More Lore-Friendly Planet Locations

-New Names And Descriptions

-High Space And Land Unit Caps

-Add More Heroes


Changes Of What You Can Expect After launch

-New Planets

-Even More Units And Ships

-Map Overhaul

-HardPoint Overhaul

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The Creator

Due to other mods for different games, School, and a lack of Star Wars enthusiasm this mod is not being worked on at all, however I've gained many skills over the years and should be able to restart it and have much better quality

Features That Have Been Completed Thus Far

Nothing is done as i am going to restart the Project

What I'm Working On Next

Making the Mod



Tutorials I Need

*Balancing Tips


interesting, goodluck on the mod.

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