Legend of the Galactic Heroes (LoGH) is based on the Japanese animation series bearing the same name. LoGH is all about the epic battles between gigantic fleets of the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance. This mod will feature different political factions of the empire or the alliance. We aim to recreate the space opera feeling and the fleet tactics employed in the series. Research and economics will be reduced to a minimum and the main focus will be on tactics and fleet movements like in the series.

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Jul 18 2011 Anchor

First of all, many thanks for this mod. Not only does it provide fun for "Legends of the Galactic Heroes"-Fans, but also for people like me who wanted "Sins" to focus more on fleet tactics, and not so much on research. Now it finally matters how you position your fleet, and not which Ubergun you have researched!

Now a question, I noticed that there was a Hotfix released, because of the Lags:
Sea of the Stars 2010.10.24 - SOP 2.00MB
Sea of the Stars 2010.10.24 - Data Only 190.22KB
My question is, did it actually work? Can I expect some improvement with one or both of these hotfixes? Or should I wait until "Rebellion" will hopefully improve the games engine?

Thanks in advance

Allright Ill reply to myself:

The lags are still there. Also most of my fleet still had the bug where they turned their broadsides towards the enemy. They fired their "machine gun"-anti-fighter cannons, which is an improvement over doing nothing, but still not quite right.

Please update this mod, its one of the highlights of "Sins of a Solar Empire".

Aug 3 2011 Anchor

Although version 1.12 seems to be indeed more lag friendly (I havent had any lags / freezes with 2 CPU enemies and 2 human players during a 12 hour match) I think the "ship turning their broadsides towards the enemy"-bug is back. It was gone in 1.11.

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