Legend of the Galactic Heroes (LoGH) is based on the Japanese animation series bearing the same name. LoGH is all about the epic battles between gigantic fleets of the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance. This mod will feature different political factions of the empire or the alliance. We aim to recreate the space opera feeling and the fleet tactics employed in the series. Research and economics will be reduced to a minimum and the main focus will be on tactics and fleet movements like in the series.

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Mar 4 2013 Anchor

1st problem i got is when updated game to 1.04 mod crashed no stop so i have re instal the game now every time i change something player setup like player name i end up defeated the moment i start the game i only found 1st fix that is to delete folder where mod was :)

it seams the problem was that i left mod enabled!Btw shod not be able to laid mines when ever i want?

Mar 4 2013 Anchor

Can you upload your debug log for the crash somewhere?

Mar 5 2013 Anchor

if you mean for 1.04 i have re instal the sins it works good at 1.01 but if you want i can re instal 1.04 just tell me where i do i find debug log and i will tray to upload it somewhere

btw i did not run both 1.01 and 1.04 xD as i updated soon as i had problem whit being defeated but as it crashed i again uninstall the game and got it back to normal now it seams to work nice beside mine laying where it say i cant place mines in that gravity well or something similar.Btw i have to ask way does empire have Arthemis necklace?

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Mar 6 2013 Anchor

The mod is meant for the latest patch of Sins. One reason I waited four months before restarting work was because updates were coming fast and furious during that time and they tend to break mods. Even 1.03 and 1.041 is a big difference; I'm surprised you can even run it.

The debug logs are in the folder above your Sins mod folder (My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Debug). They have names like "log-1542" and such. If you encounter a crash, upload it somewhere so I can look at it. *DON'T* send the minidump files; these are useless to us (us being all modders) because they're technical files meant for the game developers. We're not game developers and can't read it.

The Artemis Necklace was something left in from the last release. The justification was that since Fezzan sold it to Imperial rebels, it could pass as a defensive structure (in reality not having any buildable research structures was crashing the game and we needed something, so the Artemis was hacked to act as a research structure with weapons on it). The version in this release is a proper defensive structure. I was more focused on porting than mod than thinking up game design and balance, but maybe there'll be changes in the future. I don't know.

Mar 6 2013 Anchor

lol i was also surprised but for what ever reason works great do i will update back :)

ok i have updated back moment i tray to load the mod it crash now iam searching for web where i can upload the dump file

btw i only got the dump file not the debug file when it crash on loading the mod

Jan 18 2014 Anchor

renner how did you get the ships to come out in squads like that?

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