It's the year 795 after our Prophet's birth. The great Calradic Empire , after centuries of political, cultural and military splendor, is facing the hardest times in its history. For nearly fifteen years bandits beyond the sea invaded our lands, plundering the lands north of the empire. Battling these barbarians gloriously died the emperor Alviendar, and then he was succeeded by his son our current ruler, the Emperor Kelredan, long may he live.

Brave and anxious for regaining the lost territories in the north, our emperor keeps fighting the invaders since nearly fourteen years, and to take advantage of this our eternal enemies, the men of the Vaegir Princedom, have broken the 25 years of peace between our nations, starting a new war.

Our political and military leaders do not seem to be in agreement, and there are rivalries and tensions within the empire itself. There are rumors that one of the highest nobles of the Empire is taking power, overthrow the emperor in order to satisfy their own and dirty interests.

To make matters worse, the relations with our protectorate, the Khergit Khanate, are not as good as they used to be, and now they fight our enemies only because they still fear the wrath of the emperor. It seems it's necessary to keep an eye on our foes and also on our friends.

The Aserai Emirate of the desert lands of the south never has been of interest to our mighty Empire, but our spies say that they may start soon a war of conquest if they see our power too weakened.

These are hard times, but the ancient and Holy Calradic Empire will prevail.


-6 factions fighting for the control of Calradia: The Calradian Empire, Nord invaders, Vaegir Principalities, Southern rebels, Sarranid Sultanate, Khergit Khanate.
-Three troop trees for each faction. You can recruit one kind of troops in villages, other kind in cities and castles (you need to be in good relation with the lord) and then you can recruit special and powerful troops when you are owner of a castle or a city.
-Battles on bridges. Use the bridge to take advantage on the fight!
-Lots of new items, animations, and charcters.
-Pre battle orders and deployment.
-Reworked scenes.
-Much more.

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LBCE team and credits



Team Leader: Mikeboix (its me)


SirSowort99: for his great help in the first two years of development
Neodrako: for his great help with scripts scripts and Module System
Geryencir: for his great companions stories
Gerik: for his help with texts
John spider: for his help with textures and models
Barón: for his nice scenes and testing
Waopatios: for his awesome scenes
Mark7: for his awesome textures and models
Valan: for his scenes and great models and textures
Grimbol: for helping us with the first steps of development
Aaron Frie: for his great artworks and textures
Jack Felice: for his great artworks
JBJ, Swyter e Idibil: for his help with module system
Comrade Crimson: for his awesome battle voices
Hernanxd16: for his help with banners textures
Fladin, thewanderingknight and Lor Dric: for their support and kind help with Module System and scripting issues.


rus armor pack:
polished landscapes:
sonyer armor pack:
El juego Battle for westnoth por su estupenda música:
osp items variant:
teutonic and lithuan items:
fantasy scene props:
dark age osp:
Fred armor pack:
pino armor pack:
russian armor:
sly armor:
waewulf lp:
wei xiadi osp:
Scenes ->
New braziers ->
New props ->
Props TLD ->
Luca's pack->
More horses ->
Brytenwalda armas, armaduras y escudos ->
weapons BB ->
Hide shields:
Fences and well:
new faces:
arab armors:
mongol armors:
Bedja weapons ->
turkish robes:
tartalo music:
training fields:
8 castles:
chinese stuff:
pegasus armory:
black armors:
Gondenjoseph sonidos taverna:
music dracaena marginata:
Roman era buildings:
XIII century eastern europe:
Utrehd castle pack:
civilians mod Lav:
better banners mod:
The last days of the third age:
Man at arms:

Materials with authors' permission:

Animations, models & sling textures, from Rome at War 2, permission given by Alxcruel:
Imperial Rome resources and building textures, permission given by Valery-51:
Music -> Battle for Westnoth, Adrian Von Ziegler, Tartalo, Derek Fiechter

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LBCE patch 0.97 (with full english translation)

LBCE patch 0.97 (with full english translation)

Patch 7 comments

Apply this patch after the 0.96 patch (released some time ago). Just unzip into you Last Bretah of the Calradian Empire installation folder and overwrite...

The Last Breath of the Calradian Empire

The Last Breath of the Calradian Empire

Full Version 34 comments

Full first release, LBCE version 0.95. You will be able to download the english translation in a separated file.

LBCE patch 0.96

LBCE patch 0.96

Patch 3 comments

A little patch to correct the first bugs that you have reported. Should be savedgame compatible, but you would better start a new game to see the changes...

English translation 95%

English translation 95%

Patch 9 comments

Not necessary file since the 0.96 patch includes the updated english translation. All credits for the translation to Hoju.

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Hello, I really enjoy this mod. But is there a chart or rundown of the Companions of whom they like or dislike. I recognize a few from their backstories and looks but the others are unrecognizable to me.

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Fantastico, a great mod for native lovers and even more

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wheres the download button

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.



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Can anyone tell me how I can recruit the top tier cavalry from the Calradian empire? Like how do I recruit the bodyguards that grow to be the Crimson guard? Please any help at all would be helpful.

¿Alguien puede decirme cómo puedo reclutar a la caballería de primer nivel del imperio calradiano? ¿Cómo recluto a los guardaespaldas que crecen para ser el guardia Carmesí? Por favor, cualquier ayuda en absoluto sería útil.
(Google Translate)

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Please I would really like to know?

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You can recruit cavalry from lord's castle (having good relation with them) or owning a city.

The bodyguards can be recruited from owning a city by selecting guard barrack -> recruit noble

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