The Makhanate (Swadia):
Led by Great Khan Otar, the faction specializes in cheap half skirmishing light raiding cavalry. With units so cheap to maintain, they can bolster huge armies. However, they lack armor and shields and skilled ranged horsemen.

Gobi Mountains (Rhodoks):
Led by Djemet Khan, the mountain regions are a harsh land and it gives no quarter to those who are foolish enough to ride them. They field a strong infantry armed with specialized arrows for siege and although they have cavalry it shouldn't be compared against the Atian Royal Cataphracts or Subolan Noble Horse Archers. However... it seems like the previous owners of these lands is still traveling about...

Subolan Tribes (Vaegirs):
Led by High Chief Ogodan, the Subolan are 100% horse archers. They are elite from almost the very beginning, standing unmatched against all others. This makes the Subolan superior in land battle and village raids, but they are worthless on ground and in sieges since they can't afford melee weapons or armor...

Khergit Khanate:
Led by Sanjar Khan, the Khergit Khanate are as they have been since the old days. The horse arching steppe lancing warriors gives them great flexibility.

Caephilan Caliphate (Sarranid): not started

Ata-Kal Khanate (Nords):
Led by Ata-Kaj Khan the Fair, much like the Subolan they specialize entirely in only one category... and that is armoured lancers. They field the strongest elite lancers late term and also the most armoured in the beginning. They can stand as a capable infantry force if forced to fight on foot.


Minor Factions

The Blackguard:
A strange land bolster for strange activities, the Blackguards as they are known. Seem to operate in various places and holds a steady hand in every game. They work as sellswords, manhunters, caravan guards and in secrecy... they plan assassinations and hold arrangements with bandits and thugs...

The Farfolk:
Little is known of them, they carry odd symbols, strange clothes and strange staffs. They carry something with them that is far more superior than the bow, even the crossbow! They are called witches by some, although they aren't even the slightest close to being a good melee combatant such as the Gobi Halberdiers... they can kill an Atian Royal Cataphract with ease... and they aim better than the most skilled of Subolan Noble.

Rhodok Insurgents:
The independence made them strong one day in Calradia, and they still persist to fight back even now. The loosing grasp of Sanjar Khan awoke the Rhodok rebels to fight back again, together they couple with the mountain bandits who fight to achieve the same freedom and by the front they are guided by the war surviving but old Rhodokian Counts.


Unique Characters

Et tu Brute? Well it is not that Brutus from ancient rome, this is just atleast 10 times more dangerous. Wielding an unique double sided axe with a pointy end known as "The Axe of Brutus". Brutus is a leader among the bandits, mainly the Scavengers. He can at some points been spotted and fought against. If Brutus is defeated, he will act like a simple Lord and flee or become captured and if you are lucky you can gain his reputated axe as a trophy.

Harok the Butcher:
Harok is known for his connections with the Blackguard, a bandit leader he hides in an unknown bandit camp were he set the deal with the Blackguard. It is unknown wether he is a Blackguard or a hired assassin. He is extremely skilled with his blade and should NOT be fought in melee! The only simple way to put him down is to take him from afar. Harok like Brutus possess unique items, and these are known simply as the "Red Clothes", they have the meshes of sarranid skirmisher armor and turban but are simply coloured red. YOU CAN PLAY AS THIS CHARACTER IN CUSTOM BATTLE

Blacklord Khotan:
It is not sure why I put undead into the game, so I removed them. They were fully voiced and the Blacklord had his own minions with voices aswell. They were known as the burned... (but why have I added Blacklord Khotan to this list if you aint even gonna meet him? here comes the answer). Although you can't face the undead warlord, you can play as him in custom battle! And you will notice that he is much larger much slower and fields an humorous laughter if hit by the pathetic mortals!

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I will have to get my tools:
Simple as that, I must find my tools and 3d program to continue modding this. Might take a while.

I will have to relearn everything that I have forgotten:
I do not need to explain this I believe, it was a while ago I worked with this

I am no modding overlord, and I am no boss at doing my own models and textures, it takes ages for me to just do the smallest thing. So in the coming future I will most likely need help from a modeller/texturer, and perhaps even scripters, since my scripting has only been this far by going manually into the txt. files and editing/self learning

In the coming update:
Voiced Characters

I will try to make a voice over for all faction leaders, starting with Great Khan Otar. I am figuring wether or not if I should voice it all, but perhaps some of my friends can voice certain characters, like Brutus. (by voicing I mean that they have unique war taunts etc etc, they wont have a voiced dialogue option. Since I don't know how to do that)
Ata-Kal Khanate
I remember stopping modding on these guys, the Royal Cataphract needs its own unique horse, adorned with the same blue feathers as the helmet is. I wonder greatly if I am capable of doing this now after such long time.
Caephilan Caliphate
These guys, will have a firm intro of their faction units. They will ride around with archers and lancers like the Khergits, but they will possess a feared new lancer unit. A bronze equipped cataphract that will be on par with an Atian Armoured Veteran.
New Weapons
An update wouldn't be fun without new weapons... particularly I will do a model for the anti-infantry arrows "Gobi Cracklebone Arrows"
New Armours
Since the Caephilan Caliphate is going to be introduced, they will have their own armor with them
New Characters
Not sure on this one, but I might put in some funny character

Many fixes and loot items:
There is countless of things that shouldnt be in the game, and countless that doesnt work as they should. I will fix this, and unique items such as the bandit bosses clothes or weapons wont be in the store, but you will be able to loot it from them, gaining unique armors and weapons that will hold a very high price. Bandit thugs etc and roaming units will drop delicate junk. Like the Scavengers, if you defeat them they will drop all sorts of broken stuff and materials, like gathered bronze materials that range from bronzepoint heads from arrows to bronze handles etc etc, this drop will have a high value.

New Lord Names:
Many lords and counts have been renamed, but not all, I will continue renaming these lords

I guess thats all:
I guess that will be all for now, I will see where this road leads to, if so I will edit this news description. I thank you for trusting in this mod, and hopefully I will fulfill this update and proceed with it.

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Khan of Calradia v1.00

Khan of Calradia v1.00

Demo 4 comments

The absolute first version of Khan of Calradia As I stated, IT IS NOT EVEN NEARLY FINNISHED, SO DONT EXPECT RAW GOLD! I published this mainly so my friend...

Guest - - 695,073 comments

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Riztikhein - - 1 comments

Just a little remark: Brutus uses a double sided axe as you said. But double sided axes were mostly not used in combat. Those were more for woodcutting and such.
Putting such a thing into the mod if you want the mod to be historically realistic is silly. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes
croorc1 - - 369 comments

i hope its good :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
moshedz - - 360 comments

Tracking. This will be one of my favs cause it features,as its highlight,the Khergits.
-Go Khergits!
Certainly tracking for its awesomeness,thank you for making this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
vrnjo - - 38 comments

The Makhanate (Swadia):
Led by Great Khan Otar, the faction specializes in cheap half skirmishing light raiding cavalry. With units so cheap to maintain, they can bolster huge armies. However, they lack armor and shields and skilled ranged horsemen.

This is bad becouse it isnt possible to put more than 150 solider on battlefield. Incase you install mod for more troops on battlefield then you need very strong computer. its good idea but need more rethinking. maybe to add cammels and elephands. and you can make map bigger. but nice work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Lendovaxion - - 109 comments

Looks great, and the idea seems even greater.

Definitely interested in seeing what this will eventually become. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
david9610 - - 1 comments

keep working looks very good

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Patchy_the_Pirate - - 87 comments

This looks interesting.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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