Kane's Wrath Reloaded is a partial total conversion and balance mod for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars designed to change and make gameplay the way it was meant to be played. Unlike the original Kane's Wrath expansion for CNC3, this mod for CNC3 will not be played under most KW current gameplay changes and conditions. New gameplay changes, edited content and most units imported from KW and C&C4; (yes, they are real) will add and combine to the strength of the new gameplay experience for this mod.

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It's been too long before deciding to keep you updated with another recent news on this mod.

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With a bit of recent C&C news over my mind and unhappy on what EA has been doing, things are not simply not what the new C&C is going to be. The C&C modding hasn't been very much active lately and I have been either. The hot summer days had affected my scheduling as I was doing some other projects other than modding. This next release I had planned was long overdue, but I had one thing in mind, to keep going completing this KW Reloaded mod as much as possible and make you guys play with as much content I can bring you in into this mod. I did promise for balance changes but that will be done in the rear future.

There are some of you people who do not want C&C4 units in the mod just because of its decent design and usability. So for version 1.5, I had decided not to include the 26-track in-game music, all new civilian & neutral objects, the KW skirmish maps and of course all C&C4 and some custom units with the exception of the Sandstorm, Mastodon, Kodiak, Salamander and Kane, since those units have been perfected for necessary use. For version 1.6, all remaining content that were not in version 1.5 will be put into that final version. Both versions 1.5 and 1.6 will have skirmish AI for all factions except for the unofficial custom factions. The time it takes to test these will be so hectic and time-consuming that I hope it'll be worth the wait for you guys with patience. So if you guys just want KW content, you will only stick with version 1.5. The release of 1.5 and 1.6 may occur around the same time-frame but it may be worth the surprise on when those versions are going to be released. To answer this, only when they are done.

Unlike most C&C mods that do not come with custom missions, I will be including custom mission maps into this mod that I am currently working on. There are six mission maps consisting of a mini GDI campaign of five missions and one Nod mission. The recent images I have uploaded into this mod page are shown examples of what I am partially showing you so far.

So I hope you people will get my message.


I as a fan don't care too much for the future of CnC as I can still enjoy the old ones and modders can still make new things out of them, meanwhile, the amount and the quality of CnC mods is huge.

About the mod, I always have wanted a mod that puts all KW stuff into TW, but just that, so I'm happy with version 1.5.

About version 1.6, I'm not very interested as I don't like mods that randomly use CnC4 units into TW, I like a sense of order in mods. So, maybe I'd love to see new sub-factions that use CnC4 units.

One of the things that I look forward the most are the missions, I'm sure I'll have a good time playing them.

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Technically I would prefer the CNC4 units,(even though I hated CNC4 itself) especially the crawlers with your redesigned system. So personally I will be waiting for and anticipating 1.6 (also new neutral structures and music tracks ftw!) but to each his own.

keep up the great work on kw reloaded and I look forward to seeing all of us happy when 1.5/1.6 launches for the respective groups.

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