Keegz97 presents:Jurassic Park Hunter (JPH)BACKSTORY:My dear Friend, It has been 20 years since the accident on Isla Nublar and Ingen has been wanting to refranchise the Jurassic Park dream.So you, the newest agent must go to Isla Sorna,hunt down and capture specific species to extract DNA to collect the amount to remake the Best Theme Park in the history of the World,Jurassic Park! First,you must earn your worth,every time you kill or tranqulize a species you get an amount of money,and the more money you get, the more species you get to hunt,But watch your back,for there are many dangers on Site B.The large carnivores are not as deadly as the..Raptors. Good luck and happy hunting.In Full regards, John Hammond

Huntables (in order):
Ouranosaurus (my model) price: 20 dollars

Pachycephalosaurus(Brundle's model) price: 200 dollars

Stegosaurus (Brundle's model) price: 900 dollars

Velociraptor (Brundle's model) price: 3000 dollars

Triceratops (Brundle's model) price: 900 dollars

Carnotaurus (Brundle's model) price: 1000 dollars

(optional)Baryonyx ( Brundle's model) price: 1500 dollars

Dilophosaurus (Trexoid's model) price: 1500 dollars

(optional) Giganotosaurus( brundle's model) price: 20000 dollars

Tyrannosaurus Rex ( Trexoid's JPOG model) price: 20000 dollars

Spinosaurus( Trexoid's model) price: 16000 dollars

Cetiosaurus(Brundle's model) price: 50000 dollars


Compsognathus(by Xtremepieman, rigged and animated by Trexoid)


Parasaurolophus ( AnAlpaca model)


Weapons(in order):

ALFA Combat Pistol price:10 dollars

Winchester Double Barrel price: 100 dollars

MP-7 price: 70 dollars

Barrett M82 price: 2000 dollars

KSG Shotgun price: 250 dollars

ACR price: 300 dollars

Winchester 30-30 ( AnAlpaca's model) price: 150 dollars


Area1 : abandoned INGEN facility
Description: It is basically a mix between the facilities fromThe second and third movies. There will be old electric fences And jeeps and hatcheries and stuff, but all this will be in the middleOf the map surrounded by jungle.
Difficulty : medium

Price: 20 dollars

Area2: southern coast of isla Sorna
Description: this is the southern end of SornaAnd has many trees and ferns. The coast will obviouslyBe in the southern part of the map.
Difficulty: medium

Price: 500 dollars

Area3:Isla Poco
Description: This island's name meaning "small island", is very tropical andflourishing with life. INGEN used this as a 'practice island' before they got to IslaSorna. while on the search, this is a good relaxing place to hunt,while listening tolittle dinosaurs play.

price:100 dollars

Area4: the raptor pen
Description: this part of the island will have electrical fences and jeeps.And is also surrounded by jungle. You will be able to hear the sounds of Raptors calling each other.
Difficulty: expert

Price: 1500 dollars

Area5: the Isla Sorna Plains:
The part of the island has the most grassland of any part ofsorna. this is a very good place to hunt for predator and prey.
Difficulty: medium

Price: 3000 dollars

Area6: Herbivore enclosure:
This area was once made for the medium sized herbivores and was abandoned. Now it is home to many hungry, angered carnivores. Watch your back or you might get flanked.
Difficulty: challenging

Price: 6000 dollars

Dinosaur Data Files( DDF)

Name :Ouranosaurus Codename: Ourano
Danger: mildly territorial
This dinosaur is an iguanodont that has evolved a sail like structure on it back as a "fan" to cool down its body.
Height: 7-9.5 ft tall length: 15- 20 ft long

Name: Pachycephalosaurus Codename: Pachy
Danger: mildly territorial
This dinosaur is one of the smaller, yet faster kinds.Be careful for itis dangerous especially when cornered. It also had a dome shaped head thatcould break bone and rock. Height: 8 -9 ft tall Length : 20-22 ft long

Name: Stegosaurus Codename : Stego
Danger: extremely territorial!
These Dinosaurs are one of the bigger herbivorous species.if a stegosaur sees you it will try its best to run away or to trample you. Although this creature is deadly, they have very colorful pairs of plates on their backs. Height: 10-14 ft tall length : 33 ft long

Name: Velociraptor Codename: Raptor
Danger: extremely dangerous!
These notorious Dinosaurs are the most intelligent species on these islands,and you better be careful when hunting one or they might just flank you . Height: 4 - 6 ft tall length: 9- 12 ft long

Name: Triceratops Codename: Trike
Danger: very territorial
The Triceratops is one of the most famous of all dinosaurs,and can run at pretty high speeds if injured or in panic.These dinosaurs have a large frill on their heads and two long horns and a medium sizednose horn. Height: 10-14 ft tall length: 30 ft long

Name: Carnotaurus Codename: Demon
Danger: extremely dangerous!
The carnotaurus are very strange species of dinosaur.they have horns on their head and arms smaller than a rex's. Don't let them fool you, they're not codenamed Demon for nothing... Height: 8-10 ft tall length: 20 ft long

(optional)Name: Baryonyx Codename: Claws
Danger: extremely dangerous!
The Baryonyx mainly ate fish, but they would eat meat if the chance was given to them. they are very similar to there cousin,the spinosaurus, but much smaller. Height: 8-9 ft tall Length: 25 ft long

Name: Dilophosaurus codename: Spitter
Danger: Very Dangerous
These Dilophosaurus are fully grown in size, but can still spitt venom at long
distances and can run at great speeds. since this dino scatters from unknown animals
it is classified as very dangerous.
Height: 5-7.5 ft tall Length: 20ft long

(optional)Name: Giganotosaurus codename: Giga
Danger: extremely dangerous!
The Giganotosaurus are a large species of therapod and
Can kill a human in one bite. It takes a bunch of ammunition
To take down this beast!
Height : 13- 15 ft tall. Length : 48 ft long

Name: Tyrannosaurus Rex Codename: Rex
Danger: extremely dangerous!
The tyrannosaurus rex are very dangerous and will hunt across a whole area searching for thier prey. Three good methods to taking down a rex is to,( 1)trap it in a dense forest.(2) climb to a higher point then the rex is standing.(3) have luck on your side. Height: 15-16 ft tall
Length:40-45 ft long

Name: Spinosaurus Codename: Spino
Danger:extremely dangerous!
The Spinosaurus are bigger than t.rex, but are weaker and take less firepower totake down.They also have a large sail on their back that cools them down.Three good ways to take down a spino is to,(1) trap it in a dense forest.(2) climbto a higher point then the spino is standing.(3) have luck on your side. Height: 16-18 ft tall length: 45-50 ft long

Name: Cetiosaurus codename: Cetio
Danger: very territorial
The Cetiosaurs are very peaceful creatures,until a predator disturbs them and then they might get defensive.
Height:20-25 ft tall Length: 72 ft long

Weapon Data Files (WDF)

ALFA Combat Pistol:This Pistol is semi-automatic created for military and sport shooting uses. the ALFA uses 9mm 15 round box magazines that fire skin piercing bullets. This weapon is mainly used for up close combat.mainly used for small game.

Winchester Double Barrel:This double barrel is one of the more common weapons to be used while hunting.This weapon uses Slugs to take down the animal that is being hunted.The weapon has two seperate barrels to allow two shots to be fired quickly.Mainly used for small to medium game.the bullets break up and spread when shot causing more of a chance of taking down an animal.

MP-7:This smg is an automatic gun that is used for military uses as well and comes with an ACOG scope. This weapon fires HK 4.6x30mm 20 round box magazines that are useful during close combat. Mainly used for small to some medium game.

Barrett M82: This weapon was created by the American military force to be useful during stealth missions.this weapon is used for long distance shooting and not for close combat. This fires 12.7x99mm NATO 10 round detachable box magazines.mainly used for small,medium,and large game.

KSG Shotgun:This shotgun is a bullpop 12-gauge pump action shotty made by Kel-Tec. this weapon is also used for military uses and fires 70mm 12-guage shot shells.When this is shot the bullets brake apart and spread causing a better change of taking an animal down. mainly used for small,medium,and some large game.

ACR:ACR stands for Adaptive Combat Rifle and is the name for a new version of the Masada Adaptive Combat weapon system.This weapon fires 5.56x45mm NATO 30 round magazines.Mainly used for small,medium and large game.

Winchester 30-30:this lever-action rifle is also a common hunting weapon to be used and was first made in 1894.This weapon fires 30-30 winchester 7 round internal tube rounds.This weapon comes with Tasco like scope to help with aiming. mainly used for small to medium game.

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Volume 1: Darkness

(A cold summer morning 60 miles from an unknown island,three poachers are riding on a motor boat)

John:*a tall,white man with black hair* Are you sure this is such a good idea, Mike?

Mike:*An equally tall man,black with brown hair*We're the most infamous poachers around!, how isn't this a good idea?!

John: We don't even know what is on this island. Mike: I heard that there were tigers. (A loud roar can be heard coming from the island)

John: I dont think that's a tiger.

Josh:*short,chubby white with blonde hair*(waking up from the loud noise,comes outside to find out what is going on) What was that?

John and Mike: I don't know! (Suddenly,the boat hits the shore and they all walk onto the erie beach)

John: this is so wierd, the maps don't even show what Island we're on.....

Mike:Must be Government property or something.(they all hear the same loud roar from earlier)

John: This definitely wasn't a good idea.

Mike: Oh,will you be quiet! There's nothing

To worry about!

Josh: What about (Points over the shoulders of John and Mike.

He sees a medium sized dinosaur with a green tint to its skin with a long neck and slender legs,Ornithomimus)

He doesn't look very nice!

John: He seems nice,at least it's not hurting us.

(All hear the same loud roar, the Ornithomimus runs away from the sound)

Where are you going!?

Mike: Creature must be scared of that noise.. let's just grab our guns and move forward.

(A couple hours later, they stumble across a large carcass of a dinosaur with a frill and a single large


John: Oh,it smells terrible! It must be fresh.

Mike: Something big had to take that down.

Josh: We should probably find shelter,it's

Getting dark soon and I don't want to find

Out what comes out at that time!

John: Fair enough..let's go find something

To use as shelter.

(About half an hour later of searching,they come across an old warehouse)

Mike: This is strange....

(All walk into the warehouse. They find old documents and papers about the island)

John: This island is called "Isla Muerta?"

Josh: This document says that John Hammond and Ingen own this island, Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar.

Mike: I remember reading something about the San Diego incident with that T.rex roaming about, killing everything

In its path.

John: Im going to guess that this island is filled with carnivorous dinosaurs as well, so we need to get off this island ASAP.

Mike: We should use this shelter for the night, we dont know what is out there and

It is more than likely going to kill us.

Josh: AHH!! I can't take this anymore!

John: woah! Calm down! You're going to attract things!

Josh: I dont care anymore!(pulls out a pistol) I'm not going to die by those sons of bitches that should have stayed extinct! I'm done!

(Puts pistol up to his head,but just before

He pulls the trigger, a pack of Raptors jump on Josh,killing him)

John and Mike: Josh!

John: He's gone now! We need to get away!

(John and Mike run as fast as they can into the jungle away from the raptors)

John: I think we're safe....

Mike: This is just craz-(gets bitten in half by a giant,rotten,reanimated T.rex corpse,Muerta rex)

John: Damnit it!!! Not again!!!

(Runs back towards the shed,to see if there are any spare weapons lying about.

Sneaking past the raptors, he finds a Double Barrel shotgun)

John:This should deal some damage

(slowly walks back to where the monstrosity had been seen)

John: I need a good shot to kill this thing.

(The Muerta rex suddenly bursts out of nowhere making John shoot the shotgun at its head, causing it to stumble for a bit)

John: Its weak spot is its head!

(John shoots it a couple more times in the head knocking it over,buying some time to escape.)

John: I need to get out of here!

(After a couple hours,John manages to reach the center of the island,discovering an old radio base)

John: I might be able to reach somebody!

(Walks inside the base,finding a radio,turning it on to send a message)

John: Hello?, does anybody pick up? I'm stuck on this island named "Isla Murta"

I'm in the center of the island inside a radio tower.

man on signal: I copy, we are sending out our agents now to come pick you up,we're recuiting you as well, we need someone who has done the inside job.

John: Thank you, I won't let you down.

(Flash forward 5 years later)

Hammond: I have a very important task for you, I want you to go to the islands and take the DNA of some selected dinosaurs for my new park! Can you do this?,Agent 1336...or should I say John.

New Update 7/28/2013

New Update 7/28/2013


It's hunting time... Jurassic Park style! This mod is being made for carnivores 2.

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Jurassic Park Hunter III

Jurassic Park Hunter III

Full Version 5 comments

This is the third Installment in the JPH series and takes place inside section C of the new park. You are tasked to hunt down and kill the escaped dinosaurs...

Jurassic Park Hunter:Polar Expansion V.1.0

Jurassic Park Hunter:Polar Expansion V.1.0

Full Version 2 comments

I finished up JPH:Polar Expansion and it is now the V.1.0 of it.I redid all the menus and even added a new map:Alaskan Shore

Jurassic Park Hunter V.1.0

Jurassic Park Hunter V.1.0

Full Version 14 comments

This is the complete and final version of Jurassic Park Hunter,but there will be more coming soon like DLC packs, update for Polar Expansion, JPH 3...

Jurassic Park Hunter Beta 3

Jurassic Park Hunter Beta 3

Full Version 1 comment

This is the Third beta for JPH,as you can see by the title and has 4 new models. The new models are Gallimimus,Ouranosaurus,Pachycephalosaurus,and Stegosaurus...

Jurassic Park Hunter:Polar Expansion

Jurassic Park Hunter:Polar Expansion

Full Version 2 comments

This mod is the second installment of the JPH series and is about hunting prehistoric beasts from the early Cenozoic era.

Jurassic Park Hunter Beta 2 fixed version

Jurassic Park Hunter Beta 2 fixed version

Full Version 11 comments

This is the second beta of JPH and has many updates, but still lacks pics for dinosaurs, weapons,areas, and equipment. Hopefully this will be fixed soon...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 12)

Cool! Love ur mods

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

¿New mods?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Molten_Barry Creator

Hey everyone, expect the alternate skin pack soon!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

I have tons of errors.
I spent 20 bullets on an ankilossaurus and he didn´t died. I shot 3 times a galimimus and it didn´t died. I go throught fences, the animals get blocked on the trees on the first map and I shot the dino and it hits on the trees. The idea is very good but it has a lot of errors.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Molten_Barry Creator

The ankylosaurus are supposed to have a lot of health and if your using the pistol, it usually takes a while to kill something like a gallimimus. The first level is supposed to be full of trees. Also it is harder than the other ones. This mod is ment for a more "realistic" feel. Sometimes the mod conflicts with some types of computers. If there anymore errors, just contact me.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

umm it says heap allocation error?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Molten_Barry Creator

You have to right click on carn.exe, go to properties, go to compatibility, then change it to windows 98. That should fix the problem.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

where is the button for downloading

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Molten_Barry Creator

It is still in its pre- beta stage. So it will still be awhile before its release :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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