Keegz97 presents: Jurassic Park Hunter (JPH) ================== BACKSTORY: My dear Friend, It has been 20 years since the accident on Isla Nublar and Ingen has been wanting to refranchise the Jurassic Park dream.So you, the newest agent must go to Isla Sorna, hunt down and capture specific species to extract DNA to collect the amount to remake the Best Theme Park in the history of the World,Jurassic Park! First,you must earn your worth,every time you kill or tranqulize a species you get an amount of money,and the more money you get, the more species you get to hunt,But watch your back,for there are many dangers on Site B.The large carnivores are not as deadly as the..Raptors. Good luck and happy hunting. In Full regards, John Hammond =============================

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It's hunting time... Jurassic Park style! This mod is being made for carnivores 2.

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Hey everyone, I'll be making an alternate skin pack for all the original dinosaurs and some DLC. I will post pics soon.

The newest DLC pack will be up for download soon!

Beta 2 is here! the link will be posted soon!

New small update!
Beta 2 is in the works and all I can say right now is that two
Maps will be remade, a new gun model, crosshairs, and a few
New dinosaurs!
See you soon!

New Update!

The first beta will probably be releasing today or tommorow!
but a few things will be different in the first version due to unfinished models. These flaws will eventually will be fixed
Along with all the other bugs in the first version.

This mod is about Jurassic Park's 20th anniversary and the timeline of this mod will be in the year 2013.
The main plot of this mod is that John Parker Hammond,owner of INGEN and owner of jurassic park
wants to refranchise Jurassic Park and he wants an agent hired by INGEN to go to Isla Sorna and take
DNA sample from specific species and bring them back to INGEN''s lab to recreate the Best theme park in the history of the world, Jurassic Park!

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