This mod should be compatible with any mod out there, as the base download will only include models for the 25 original dinosaurs. The new dinosaurs will be different story, but I can imagine that mods with similar dinosaurs should be easy enough to adapt.

This mod is still very much in progress. Dinosaur stats are very wonky and, since I've not fully worked out TMLs yet, all the new dinosaurs use the outdated dead skin method

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Happy belated new year, folks!

I'm very excited to reveal the 15 new animals which will be included in the mod, as well as answer some FAQs. So, without further ado...

A Different Branch

Alioramus - The smallest tyrannosaur in the park. Unlike its cousins, however, Alioramus is asocial and prefers to live and hunt alone. Don't let its' size fool you, this is an extremely vicious and cunning predator.

The Argentine lizard

Argentinosaurus - The largest animal in the park and a contender for the largest of all dinosaurs, Argentinosaurus is a sight to behold. It's gigantic size and tough hide make it extremely difficult to take down, even for large carnivores.

The Wild Horn-Face

Bravoceratops - A heavily-built cerotopsian dinosaur, Bravoceratops is perfectly evolved to take on large carnivores. Highly aggressive and territorial, they prefer not to live with others of its species.

The Flexible Lizard

Camptosaurus - Related to Iguanadon, Camptosaurus is a quick and agile Jurassic dinosaur. They use speed and numbers to outwit potential predators.

The Funeral Pyre Lord

Citipati - From a distance, it would not be unreasonable to mistake Citipati for a modern-day cassowary bird. Highly timid and very gregarious, these omnivores are useless in combat. Care must be taken to make sure they are given appropriate prey.

The Frightful Lizard

Daspletosaurus - Jurassic Park's second largest tyrannosaur, Daspletosaurus combines T-Rex's ferocity and Albertosaurus' speed. They like to live and hunt in small family groups, and should be housed together when possible.

The Terrible Hand

Deinocheirus - Not all of the giant theropods in Jurassic Park are predators. Deinocheirus is related to Gallimimus, but it prefers to live alone. It has an affinity for water, and may have been a fish-eater.

Meat-Eating Bull

Carnotaurus - As an Abelisaurid, Carnotaurus can be summed up as a mouth on legs. A highly active and voracious predator, it requires a large amount of food for an animal of its size.

The European Lizard

Europasaurus - Being not much larger than a modern giraffe, Europasaurus is an example of a dwarf sauropod. Being small means this animal is capable of a decent burst of speed if necessary, and it also does not require the sheer amount of food that the other sauropods do.

The Fish Hunter

Ichthyovenator - A relative of Spinosaurus, this animal is adapted for a for a life by the river's edge. Actually a fairly shy and timid animal, Ichthyovenator uses its size and appearance to ward off potential predators,

The Iguana Tooth

Iguanadon - Related to the hadrosaurs, Iguanadon browses on four legs and runs on two. This herbivore is very popular despite its dull appearance.

The Titanic Swan

Olorotitan - This large hadrosaur is a favourite thanks to its colourful crest and peculiar vocalisations.

Many Thorns

Polocanthus - If Ankylosaurus is the dinosaur equivalent of a battle tank, then Polocanthus is the dinosaur equivalent of an armoured car. This dinosaur is more than capable of defending itself, and is also capable of moving at a decent speed, too.

The Narrow Claw Lizard

Stenonchyosaurus - Despite being related to raptors, this theropod is far less aggressive. In fact, the 'wounding tooth' that gives Troodontids their name may have actually accomodated an omnivorous diet. Nevertheless, it is a highly cunning and capable hunter.

The Savage Lizard

Torvosaurus - A truly frightening Jurassic predator, Torvosaurus was a very powerful dinosaur. It prefers to live and hunt alone,

Now, for the FAQs...

"When will the mod be available?" I will release the mod as soon as possible, probably by the end of the month.

"Why didn't you make X dinosaur?" I don't know, really. Its more fun to model different looking dinosaurs. Dinosaurs like Giganotosaurus and Saurophaganax might be available in the future, but they aren't a priority simply because I think they would be rather boring.

"X dinosaur isn't boring! Its my favourite!" More power to you. However, exceedingly popular dinosaurs like Apatosaurus and Baryonx have been done to death, I feel.

"Will you make X dinosaur?" Sure, tell me what you'd like and I'll have a go. I'm not interested in Jurassic World, though, so I don't think I'll be making hybrids or anything crazy.

"Will there be DLC?" Yes.

Cheers for reading my thing. Have a good year, JPOG fans.

State of Affairs

State of Affairs

News 3 comments

Describes in detail the aim of the mod, where the mod is now and where I’d like the mod to be. Is more of a reflection than anything but I hope it can...

Dino requests

Dino requests

News 11 comments

Pleeaaaaaasssee tell me which dinosaurs you'd love to see in this mod. I was going to copy The Forgotten's dinolist and make this a kind of HD remake...

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HD models and improvements

HD models and improvements

Demo 6 comments

Includes a couple of dinos and pictures. More to come!

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any plans for the future of this mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


i hate this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma-5 votes

you say you cant wait for like every mod then you come back later and say you hate it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

sorry for taht but i was waiting and waiting but now this happens this mod is now a shame i dont like this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

you shouldn't hate the mod just because of something that happened to the release of a mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

spinosaurus looks EPIC... of course he would need to in order to scare off carcharadontosaurus, your theory on spinosaurus is quite an interesting one and one that i`ll take seriosuly and might implement into my Ai Plus mod, i mean your explanation to your opinion on spinosaurus is better than most other peoples explanation of "well its bite was weaker than a modern day croc". though i do think spinosaurus would be able to beat something like allosaurus or ichyvenator in a battle. Oh well... cant wait for this mod to finally come out btw

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

I really hope this mod stays true to being as accurate as possible unlike that other mod on here that says it's the most scientifically accurate but clearly the creator has an agenda. Making certain dinosaurs looking larger and different to their real life counterparts like over sizing the spino and not using the correct legs that were found and proven to be correct by Nizar (rolls eyes)

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guegh Creator

A huge issue in paleontology is that there is a huge amount we just have to assume. That's not inherently a bad thing, but sometimes people over-assume and assign modern mammalian characteristics to ancient bird-crocodiles. I don't think dromaeosaurids displayed complex pack behaviour. They probably lived and perhaps hunted in groups, but I'm just not sure that they were neurologically capable of coordinating complex hunting routines like wolves or lions.

Spinosaurus is an interesting case about which I have my own feelings. I think Spinosaurus' head was far too valuable to be used as a weapon. I reckon Spinosaurus was all bark and no bite. Carcharodontosaurus would easily dispatch even a gigantic Spinosaurus, but I don't think he'd ever try it because Spinosaurus is just so huge and intimidating. That's one possible function of the sail, along with sexual selection and thermoregulation and all the other hypotheses that have been put forward.

In this mod, Spinosaurus will be fairly gigantic but not overly so. He's definitely the longest large carnivore, since his tail ends in a fluke, but he's also the slowest and the weakest in combat. I'm debating having Spinosaurus scare away all other predators because of the reasons stated above. His sail was clearly extremely important, and I think he used it partly to appear giant and scary. Obviously I have to be careful not to impose my opinions onto others, but I'm definitely open to accommodating other opinions by providing alt files and stuff.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Thank you for replying means a lot I understand that a lot of our understanding of these animals is guess work and our understanding changes often when it comes to dinosaurs but it seriously frustrates me that people still to this very day exaggerate certain animals because they are biased. With our current understanding Spinosaurus is 15 meters long and 7.5 tons in weight it is the longest theropod but not the most massive most people still throw around the 17-meter long 20 tonne estimates lol these estimated are extremely out of date and need to stop being used. Tyrannosaurus and Mapusaurus are both estimated to out weigh Spinosaurus and in the rexes case it out weighs Spino by quite a big amount T.rex is over 9 tons I know that other mod on here is made by a spino fan and they have falsely stated the mod is the most accurate one available and it really is not sorry im ranting but people should just be straight up and honest and not pass off their mod as something it's not I have a good feeling you are not like that, so I have hope lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Gotta love them spino fan bois always over sizing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i can say the same about t-rex fanboys though...

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

That is true it does happen with every type of fan boi but when it comes to a lot of T.rex fan bois they actually use science and evidence to back up there claims the science is on there side. When ever i try to have a discussion with many spino fans its the same thing over and over again SPINO IS 18 METERS LONG AND OVER 20 TONS!!! AND THERE IS BIGGER ONES TO BECAUSE THAT IS JUST A JUVENILE SIZE... when all the evidence we have shows that its not the case its more like 15 meters long (if that specimen can still be assigned to the genus spinosaurus) and 6.9 to 7 tons even Nizar Ibrahim has stated that is as large he thinks the animal could grow and hes a palaeontologist and an expert on Spinosaurus. When we look at the specimens we have of these creatures it quite clearly shows that Spinosaurus is not the largest meat eating dinosaur i mean lets use the specimen FSAC-kk-11888- its around 11.5 meters long but only weighs around 3.4 tons while a T.rex at the same length would weigh around 8 tons. See im not over sizing or exaggerating everything i am typing here can be backed up.

Tyrannosaurus is around 12.4 meters long and weighs more at over 9.7 tons it is the heaviest and most robust looking predatory dinosaur <<<< there is the evidence to back up my claim. But then i still get told im wrong and spino is much larger...but it realy is not i then ask them for there evidence to back up what they are claiming and they never provide any at least not any evidence that is up to date or from an expert anyway.All im asking for is some decent evidence to back up what they are saying if not then they are just making stuff up because it suits there narrative.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

spinosaur fanboys do too, trex fanboys argument is always "strongest bite" blah blah blah, tell that to allosaurus, who has argueably the weakest bite force of any carnivorous animal for its size. And yet allosaurus can kill sauropods, t-rex didnt have to face large carnivores in its time that were close to being a threat, but spinosaurus had to deal with massive crocodiles and the bone breaking carcharadontosaurus on a daily biases for food. Now tell me which one would be more prepared for battle against eachother.

Besides if spinosaurus's perfered to scare away its opponents then trex wouldnt even attack it, t-rex would literally just run away from the massive carnivore that dwarfed every other carnivore t-rex ever had to fight, if you can even call what carnivores that lived alongside rex even a threat to it because they were no where near the size of rex.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

And see you have done pretty much the exact same thing that i mentioned in my previous comment. Tyrannosaurus fans bring up the bite force because its an important factor a theropods best weapon is its bite and T.rex has the strongest bite and plus once again like i stated before its backed up by science there are tons of studies being done on the Trex and its bite force a lot of what you are saying about Spinosaurus is just speculation im asking for proof.

Also Tyrannosaurus competed regularly with other Tyrannosaurus individuals so saying T.rex did not have to compete with other large carnivores is a silly thing to say we have tons of Tyrannosaurus specimens that have injuries from other T.rexes and it had to compete and kill some of the most dangerous animals that we know off Triceratops Torosaurus and Ankylosaurus so i dont understand why you are trying to make out the life of a Tyrannosaurs was more easy that is an absorbed thing to suggest many specimens of Tyrannosaurs died young because of the lives they lived . Tyrannosaurus lived with Alamosaurus a huge sauropod and would have hunted the juveniles so i am not sure why you are bringing up Allosaurus.

Spinosaurus dealing with massive crocodiles ? where are you getting your information from ? Spinosaurus did not live with animals such Sarcosuchus you can look that up its only out of date documentaries such as Planet dinosaur that state this i hope your not getting your information from that documentary its really out of date. And Spinosaurus dealing with Carchodontosaurus why ? they had completely different life styles different niches they would not have competed against each other Spinosaurus was adapted for life around the water not land and we know this because of its body structure and the fossil evidence you can read that here or you can read the studies being done by Nizar Ibrahim and his team Spinosaurus had a skull that was poorly adapted for lateral forces that means larger struggling prey such as dinosaurs could possibly damage the skull of Spinosaurus so do you honestly think it went around fighting other dinosaurs often the only times these animals would of competed is if the Spinosaurus could not get its food supply from a river so only times of desperation .

Plus you stated Carch could break bones once again where is the evidence for this because every study done on the Carcharodontosauridae family shows there skulls and teeth were not designed to break or crush bones only the tyrannosauridae family were adapted for that . And the scaring other animals away theory ? once again i need proof because that is just a theory we dont really know what the sail of Spinosaurus was for and weather it was used to scare anything away or if it was used to cool the animal down or to attract mates or to help it swim in the water this is all speculation. Please get your information regarding these animals from experts the palaeontologists that work on these animals and make sure it is up to date information look for the work done by Scott Hartman Nizar Ibrahim or Franoys on Diviantart he uses the most up to date data on dinosaurus. Please back up what you say with credible sources.

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