Resident Evil Jill Extended Scenario Mod is a stand-alone modification to the PC version of Resident Evil and allows you to play through the original game campaign as Jill but with many changes to the game including new item and enemy locations, story and much more.

===== Resident Evil - Jill Extended Scenario Mod =====

To start playing this mod - You need to LOAD the save game.
You do not need to start a new game.

UPDATE: Added Easy difficulty and other small improvements + a little more ammunition

+ New Character & Monster Textures
+ New Story Cutscenes
+ New Music & Sound Effects
+ Changed Puzzle Solutions
+ Added New Details To Some Rooms
+ Changed Zombie Locations & Attacks
+ New Item Locations
+ Changed Beretta to S.T.A.R.S Custom version
+ Changed Starting Items
+ Files Have Background Images
+ High Resolution FMV Movie Files
+ Changed Ending Movies

===== Credits =====

Mod Developed & Created By - Ilya Volkov "BubaX"
Tester 1st half: Artyom Emelyanov "KurtViljam"
Full game tester: Roma Pchelonok "GPom"

Thank you for your mods and work:
Enrico Marini

Known bugs:
Do not use a shotgun or magnum in the piano room.
Grenade launcher + Handgun + Shotgun lose their texture with other jill costumes.
The appearance of the second medal in the dining room is not scary.
If two black bars after the cut scene have not disappeared, just load save.

If you don't save Rebecca and save Barry, the game will not be passable in the laboratory. Self-destruction system will not start.

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Jill Extended Scenario Mod

Jill Extended Scenario Mod

Full Version 41 comments

Welcome to Resident Evil - Jill Extended Scenario Mod. I have been working on this mod for Resident Evil PC since around December 2019. What started off...

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when i return from the back house i go to the main hall (first room of the game) get up the stair and the cutscene from when barry give you acid grenade start but jill is not there so the cut scene never start and i cannot continue i tried entering from diferent place still this hapen can you help me ??

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BubaX Creator

Hi) some people have encountered this bug. I will update the mod soon.
Take this fix it should help you)
Put it in game directory: Resident evil\JPN\Stage7\ and replace file.
And remember - Rebecca must be saved otherwise the game will not be completed. =) Good luck and enjoy the game)

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Please don't include my DLL if you gotta repack the whole game along with it. I don't really like having legal trouble at some point. Mod-sdk is there to avoid having to repack all the game's data for a reason.

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BubaX Creator

Sorry if this is unpleasant for you. I took an example from the Barry mod.

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Let’s see. SPOILERS incoming.

*When entering the Dining Room, Barry is absolutely gone but will reappear in the Main Hall.

*When pushing the statue above the dining room, it will not show the statue falling.

*The ammo clip in the corridor to Forest cannot be picked up.

*The serum in the saferoom is on the ground instead of on the shelf.

*The "Poison" readout shows "Veneno", which is the Spanish and Portuguese word for it. Why?

*There are enemies in rooms with cutscenes – but because enemies were not given “wait” instructions, they’ll attack players during the cutscenes.

*The danger tune never ends after killing the closet zombie.

*Enemy numbers were basically doubled or tripled. Zombies crowd corridors, 6 dogs roam the courtyard, Black Tiger is accompanied by 4 spiders in the bar room, etc.

*A Hunter will be used in a cutscene originally meant to use a Zombie – in a mod priding itself on only using a third of the ammo, and in a way that the Hunter always gets to attack first.

*Snakes fall from bedroom or bathroom ceilings.

*The piano keeps playing even after the secret door has opened.

*Many room layers become corrupted throughout the game.

*No enemy sounds at times.

*The game actually spawned a Tyrant in the garden area before and after fighting Plant 42.

*Checking the pool table for the code will crash the game.

*There are 2 Neptunes in the water tank but after draining the water, there's only the original Neptune and the two smaller sharks.

*The bee room already has 6 bees when you enter.

*In the cutscene when meeting Wesker after killing Plant 42, Jill will actually run in the opposite direction, stop, turn, then go the right way. I guess technically it counts as a "new" cutscene.

*Hunters are actually spawned before being introduced to the player via the video and cutscene.

*When entering the mansion, the door right next to the one where you can use the Helmet key (that leads to the saferoom with Wesker's note outside) does not work at all. But wait, there is actually a reason for this...

*'s so you're forced to go through the corridor that leads back to the dog ambush and fight 3 Hunters along the way.

*And if you make your way to the other side of the door, using it leads you back to the corridor where you couldn’t use it. Good luck retracing those steps if you’ve avoided the previous Hunters!

*Upon returning to the gallery, there is now a Hunter and 4 zombies are munching on Richard's corpse, which now has another Colt Python next to him – which is actually the 2nd Colt you will find.

*Using the Red Jewel on the Tiger Statue produces yet *another* Colt Python.

*The rope to climb back up into the Yawn room is invisible.

*If you check Enrico's body, he will have another Beretta. That's the third you find if you examined Kenneth's body.

*In the original game, you might come across a Hunter right before the door to the Black Tiger (if you didn't kill the one that enters the area). Not here! Here, be prepared to deal with 3 Hunters who, at close range and in such a tight space, will likely kill you before you have a chance to react.

*The Black Tiger accompanied by the two spiders... Yes, the same Black Tiger that you had already found in the bar room in the plant house.

*If you leave the Black Tiger room from the same door you came in, one of the Hunters is now a Tyrant who, as you may have guessed by now, leave barely any room to escape.

*Be prepared to meet Hunters instead of zombies in the Laboratory. Also be prepared to be ambushed because they don't make a sound.

*If you saved Rebecca, she'll be outside Chris' cell door. It's just the model, however – no interaction is possible.

*In an effort to make the first Tyrant fight more challenging, the lab room is supposed to have debris or some such blocking your path. I say "supposed" because the graphics are corrupted and you can’t make sense of blocking your path.

*If you saved Rebecca, she'll take up Chris' place when exiting the Lab but won’t be used in the following cutscenes at all.

*I defecate you negative: the final boss is a giant Wesker.

*Halfway through your first playthrough you’re given the Special Key, which will never work on the Closet.

*One very flagrant issue is that the Dining Room is broken: the Gold Emblem simply cannot be used at all.

*One of the Crests is also missing.

When more care is spent into placing an easter egg in the painting room, which replaces the paintings' descriptions and images (which actually have an accurate perspective!) with the modders' buddies or "cool bros" that they saw fit to mention this way instead of delegating it to a note or book, than actually, y'know, coming up with worthwhile design, that shows where their priorities are - and that your time is better spent elsewhere.

A dearth of content for RE1 does not mean one should gobble up a terribly broken and messy mod. Downloader beware, as it were.

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BubaX Creator

Criticism is certainly good =) Thanks for the detailed opinion =)
The balance in this mod was made for an experienced player who has already played this game more than once. During the beta test, the mod was passed without cheats by several people.
Some points are not perfect in this mod, i'm not so professional in mod development yet =)
Final boss may be changed) And about the gold medal - After receiving this item, a wooden one should appear in the dining room and it will be necessary to remove the wooden one and put the golden one.
About Barry at the beginning of the game - You should load savegame and then it was planned that he would not help with the first zombie and appeared in the main hall.
Thank you for the attention =)

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RDPD, I think this mod was developed more for YouTube watch how bloggers suffer without cheats

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Jill the sandwich)

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