Jay's Mod is a completely random Sandbox mod for Half-Life 2.

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Not really thought out or well-made. It's got custom coding, but that's just about it. There's only a few developers. Only one Beta-Tester. It seems like a crappy rip-off of Garry's Mod. 1/10. You should definetly get better at making mods before you post mods like this.

REALLY? Is Th4t a mod


this is pure **** you don't know how to code and you have put no effort what so ever this should be removed

Stop making mods with less content than other great mods like Garry's Mod.


Do i still have to say something?

Факин Авезом блин!




cool mod :D

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Best mod ever, it is one of the most innovated mods that have come out in the last decade. I can't believe most people actually think that jmod ripped off gmod, but in reality, garry's wife made gmod not garry. so garry's wife ripped of jmod.

Best mod ever 10/10

Feb 24 2013 by LilOlFreeman