Have you ever wanted to sneak around the Quake universe, pick the right moment to bypass the guards or escape an angry mob trying to find you?

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At the core of the stealth system is three types of combat, assassination, avoidance and chaos. Each style has different levels of skill and patience, which should be fun for all types of stealth players.

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The Stealth system is defined by three types of combat, assassination, avoidance and chaos. Each style present the player with a different set of rewards that range from easy assassinations to the ultimate form of stealth, completing a level without inflicting any physical damage. As always with stealth combat, how the player wants to approached a level is totally their choice and most routes will support all three types.

Some parts of the world are designed for certain types of combat and by far the most difficult to master is avoidance, the art of passing through a location without being detected and not using any physical violence. As each area is navigated the risk to the player gets worse because previous rooms and corridors are full of patrolling guards who will not think twice about hunting down the player across long distances. The special stealth alcoves offer the player the chance to hide without being detected but these places are not perfectly secure and will be discovered during combat or if the guards are hunting for the player close by.

The poison bolt is the wild card in the pack, it makes the guards randomly attack another guard nearby and this can produce some very chaotic results. It certainly offers the most mischievous fun with lots of opportunities for the classic Quake infighting, but it also can be dangerous with the chance of being detected greatly increased.

The art of distraction can offer many challenges like how close the bolt needs to be before a guard will notice, to the fact that walking patrols ignore all distraction until they are stationary. Distractions do not last forever and each guard will eventually turn back to what they were doing before which can be tricky if trying to influence a large group. One useful trick is to use the distraction bolt to the back of the guard, which makes them move and investigate. This is a perfect opportunity to sneak past while the guard is busy cutting the air in the hope of finding something lurking in the shadows.

Here is an example video showing the various types of stealth combat available in this mod.

In The Shadows - Stealth Combat - Mod DB


Cool to see people are still modding Quake :) Interesting concept!

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cool mod, i like all the visual aids you added.

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Maybe call it "The Castle of Blind Souls". I like the whole atmosphere, but would appreciate a reason for the extreme short-sightedness of the AI. I like the concept, but with a catchy title it all suddenly makes more sense ;)

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