This Alien: Isolation mod tweaks the AI of the Alien to fix some issues and provide a similar but more organic experience. The focus is to make the Alien: slightly less unfair, able to surprise you in more diverse ways, and omnipresent but still not all-knowing while creating situations as tense as before! You can find a more detailed list of the changes made to the AI by the mod in the complete description. Thank you and have fun!

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Improved Alien v1.0

Improved Alien v1.0

Full Version 12 comments

This Alien: Isolation mod tweaks the AI of the Alien to fix some issues and attempt to provide a similar but more organic experience. The focus is to...

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Is anyone else not getting the alien at all with this? Like I'm firing my revolver off and nothing. I tried putting the backup files back in and still nothing.

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Mr_Koroshiya Creator

The Alien should show up with this mod :) Maybe you are in a section of the game where the Alien is not present? The backup files should work too, if you have any trouble with the installation, please contact me. You can find all instructions in "Info.txt".

In case you really cannot back up your files with the provided backup, you can use the "Verify integrity of game files" option of Steam, "Verify" option of the Epic Games Store or "Reset" option of Microsoft Store to reset your game files to their default state (note that it will erase all mods).

I hope you can solve your issue soon.

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doesnt seem to work on nightmare difficulty. this really showed in the first long alien encounter in the med bay.

it was only searching the same rooms as me and would keep checking them endlessly to the point i thought he might have been glitched from the mod and thought i was trapped hiding. but he went away after a while. this behaviour makes it seem like he doesnt search a bigger radius around the player. he didnt give up on prey despite nothing confirming suspicions and if he goes in the vent its consistently only for 10 seconds or so.

i was hoping i would get a challenging nightmare in a different way. by having less predictable gameplay. like giving up searches faster for a chance to be caught making a move or retreating to a vent to drop down randomly again sometimes right next to you. but it all looks the same. there was some vent hiding. cant confirm if it would randomly check them still.

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Mr_Koroshiya Creator

The mod should work correctly on nightmare difficulty, a lot of testing was made using this difficulty (as it is my personal favorite). I can also assure you that the Alien searches in a bigger radius and gives up on its search much faster :)

The balancing of the mod maybe doesn't suit you? It changes things but it is still close to vanilla.
However, the issues that are affecting you are exactly the one that the mod aims to fix. Do you notice a difference at all with the mod installed compared to vanilla?

Maybe the aggressiveness of the Alien (which was increased in the last update), should be taken down a notch?

Please tell me what you think, have a nice day

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Hey there. Just finished Alien Isolation recently and I did find the Alien to be a tad more annoying than scary several times. I did play through it on Hard so I guess it should be expected.

Anyways, I heard that difficulty changes don't exactly affect the AI much, so I'll give this mod a spin on Hard once again. I'll get back to you when I got something to share.

EDIT: won't make an entire comment since I haven't finished the game, but I've reached and completed the first part of the medbay area. In contrast to a previous playthrough, the Alien did roam around and cover more ground in general, yet it seemed more careful and ponderate, checking each room slowly. Overall I felt it was less annoying and more analytical. Also when I returned to the lobby where you pick up the security tuner, I ran around on purpose. It detected the sounds and came out shortly after I left for the next section. It appeared, I hid around the vent. Probably I made some noise scurrying around it, or it caught me peeking out, which prompted an immediate death. Not sure if this is proof of it being more aware of vents or not.

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Alright, so an update to this. In general I think it is quite the improvement, but it might take a complete novice to play through the mod in order to get the max experience.

What I did notice most differently was what you already stated: the Alien does search a bigger area, not just strictly around you. And in contrast to what the regular game does, it doesn't keep walking and walking and walking constantly, covering way too much of that already small area way too fast, thus causing players to remain hidden until they figure out they can just torch their way out of a tough situation.

Initially, the xeno was way too shy: rarely came out of the ducts above. However after obtaining the flamethrower, it became a bit more proactive. However, either I pushed it too hard, or the xeno glitched a tad more when getting scorched in tight spaces and even got stuck on a door in Gemini. Still, it's a mod, so these things are expected to happen.

Overall I think it's an improvement, but further testing might be required to fix the initial "shyness" of the xeno by having it come out earlier. Other than that it's mostly a personal preference, but I'd either expand the radius a bit more, then compensate by giving it back its "speed". I think the amount of time it spends on the ground before going away is perfect.

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Mr_Koroshiya Creator

Thank you for playing the game with the mod and thank you for your comments! It helps a lot!!

For your death in the vent, it probably happened because the Alien is now more eager to check the vent so coupled with the noise you made, no chance it would have let you off the hook :)

The glitches you had in Gemini and with the flamethrower are --probably-- not related to the mod (I will investigate these issues to be sure though). Could you describe the problematic behavior of the Alien when scorched in tight spaces?

Concerning the shyness of the Alien, it should be fixed in the next version which should come out this week.

Finally, the amount of time the Alien spends on the ground before going away is going to be *slightly* increased in the next version so it feels a bit less logical and a bit more irrationally threatening, increasing the unpredictability and anxiety at the cost of plausibility.

Hope you will like the evolution of the mod, I wish you the best, and thank you again for your feedback.

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Hello! Sorry, kinda forgot this comment.

I believe that it is indeed either from the game, as I've had those issues without the mod as well, but I believe the bug I've mentioned in Gemini stemmed from how the Alien now moves more slowly: it became so careful when roaming through the place, the AI probably couldn't handle one specific situation. I burned it several times but nothing, I really had to cause noise to make it get distracted again. Still, I'm not sure if it would happen constantly on a regular game, so only further testing of that area could confirm that.

As for the vents, I once scorched the Alien a couple of times in the vents and it just straight up did not give a damn, although it did flinch because of said scorching. It simply stayed in the same place, only to chase after me again, instead of scurrying off back to the upper vents. Then again this might be the same bug that I found sometimes in the regular game, when the xeno is out on the ground.

I think the Alien is perfect once you're done with the beginning, that's really the only time when the Alien just really doesn't seem to give a damn and keeps spending a lot of time in the upper vents, thus letting you run off with reckless abandon most of the time. Just make sure he doesn't stay too much time on the ground though :)

You're welcome, have a good one.

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Mr_Koroshiya Creator

Hello TrueAquamarine!

I'll answer your question immediately: no, this mod does not fix the Alien behaviour when inside the vents. Even if I wanted to change it, I would not know how to do it as the exact behaviour of the Alien is controlled by the behaviour tree which is far more complex than what I work on.

Maybe someday for an upgraded version of the mod! Right now, I'm focusing on balancing and smoothing the experience as it is!

Have a nice day and I hope you will find a way to play the game as you intend to!

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Hey so I havent actually downloaded this mod and I have a question. In the game when youre in the vents and the Alien enters the vents youre in, it magically knows exactly where you are and then immediately approaches you even if you arent in line of sight or even if you dont make any noise. I guess its scary but its kinda unfair but mainly it also prevents any intense stealth and horror moments in the vents which tbh is a missed opportunity. I wished it actually had to fairly search for you or heck not even search for you if it doesnt suspect youre there, unlesz maybe for routine checking around for its victim. Which I do believe it should do, checking the vents as well as the other areas because in game it doesnt actually go in the vents unless it hears noise.

Does this mod fix the issue? If not please do lol thx

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