Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition (HOE: NE) is a remake of the old mod Heart of Evil, a Vietnam themed war/survival horror FPS. The HOE NE Team hopes to help you relive that experience, or for those of you who haven't played it, a chance to try something new. They put a lot of work into the original concept and we want to it endure, for that reason we have updated the mod as best we can with graphics and gameplay.

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Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition, man what a missed opportunity here. This mod brings little improvements to the original and ruins the rest. The models are great and I do like how some of the maze areas were made slightly less difficult. Some improvements were made to the level design and new custom textures were made to replace some the stock half-life textures that the original mod used. But the improvements end there. First off, the new voice work for Barney, the two officers at the beginning, and Kilmore were just terrible. They tried so hard to be funny they became irritating and the original voice work for them was good, there was just no need to replace them. The original mod was rather dark, and kind of creepy, in spirit of Apocalypse now (the film the mod is based around). This version seeks to dismantle that with stupid gay and **** jokes that really felt out of place. Huge sections of the ending were cut out, including the confrontation with Kurts and the epilogue was heavily altered. The new epilogue is just bad, the original wasn't the greatest ending either but it was miles better than Napalm Edition.

I'd only get this for the models, they are pretty nice looking. The V weapon models for the snark & tripmine however do not work right with the original so those can't be used. But the rest are fine. The models are the best part about this mod, except for the stupid cone heads that replace the aliens. This mod could have been a great revamping of a classic, but instead it just misses the mark.


Terrible, just terrible. The unspeakable glitches and bugs in this game, especially with the patch, just makes this unplayable! What ****** me off the most, is the music! It's annoying, and the game refuses to turn it off, even if I do it manually in the options! I had to mute my speakers to even play this without going crazy! The controls are very clunky and bad. Bad default settings and strafing. Don't get me started on the strafing, it's insane and unbearable to become used too. Couldn't seem to disable it either, otherwise from using ALT, which is just too hard when trying to fight the enemies! The Graphics and Improvements are great though, i really liked them. But sadly, I don't play a game for the graphics, just the gameplay! This remake took out some of the most important rides in the game, such as truck rides, Huey ride, and some others. Hardly any of it there! I admire the courage to do many of the voices for the characters too, but in my opinion, I hated them! It was annoying, and would have been a lot better if they had stuck with the originals or at least tweaked it a little. So that's pretty much it, all of this is just new models, some improvements on level designs, and pretty much just graphical differences. I really don't see how this is any better from the original. I give it a 3/10 for all of the below... And i would advise newcomers to stay away from this and just play the original.


An attempt at improving a good mod gone horribly, horribly wrong. Buggy as hell 1/10 would not play again.

Confusing level design, terrible puzzles, bad voice acting, and the annoying AI make Heat of Evil Napalm Edition a nightmare to play. Even though the gunplay is really solid, I cannot recommend this mod.


I was looking forward to something nice, however I was met with key rebinding slow action scenes and ****** voice acting.

A remake of the classic "Heart of Evil", Napalm Edition sadly misses the mark.

The whole mod tries to be funny for some reason but fails nearly everytime. The original HoE was extremely absurd (remember carrying that roast moose from the beginning for hours and using it without any fanfare, like it was nothing?) and had weird and funny dialog but this is a whole another level.

The graphics are nice and the new map designs are decent but the tone is very different. I also noticed some bugs while playing the ending is different too. If someone is wondering which one to play, my vote will always go to the original.


Still great. But i prefer the original. Like the old saying good graphics doesn't make a better game.

I'm very disappointed in you guys after playing this. This isn't true to Heart of Evil. Specifically the voice acting... the voice acting is a holocaust so tragic I can't even put words to it.

I'll give you 4/10, but I seriously had to wrestle with myself not to go lower. That would've been wrong. Because the models are good, I can't argue with better looking models for Heart of Evil. But you didn't have to change anything else, and you did.


There were many parts of the original mod that were improved, such as not having to hold Barney's hand throughout a huge map. Some bugs are still present and some of the large-map puzzles are still hard to figure out, but overall it's an improvement.