Evolutions is a "Halo Wars" style mod for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that features epic ground and air warfare on a massive scale. Evolutions brings many instruments of war from the Halo universe to life, allowing the player to fight as the Covenant or the UNSC in epic battles based on iconic Halo locales.

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RSS Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved UNSC Gameplay
bob600 - - 353 comments

love it

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forealdo - - 139 comments

Looking good!

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zman6475 - - 247 comments

Not to be nitpicky or anything but when the rocket squad says, "The cavalry have arrrived!", they should be saying "Has" instead of "Have". The VAs voice is great too, I like the tone of his voice.

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Sigiswulf - - 55 comments

He's probably referring to cavalry as plural, much in the same way as they refer to the Covenant.

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T4rget_Pract1ce - - 10 comments

Looking like a top tier mod. Watching the video, it will be easy to forget you're playing modded Tiberium Wars and not an entirely unique halo game.

Particularly love the look of the buildings and their animations.

When that Pelican comes in to land on the HQ building though, it flys in and out a little too quickly. Any plans to make it look a little more weighty and smooth?

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Luclfer - - 84 comments

After 9 years in development..

you know where this is going. Nice job though ^-^

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Scripty - - 362 comments

God seeing this makes me wish halogen never got killed.... while its a ways off any ludicrious chance you guys would try to revive halogen in some copacity assuming this doesnt get shut down?

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Kyora473 - - 86 comments

I'm about to overload my hype inhibitor.

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Pale_cnc - - 42 comments

Looking very promising! You need to work on the scaling of the buildings

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Brownstain - - 201 comments

Dude, very nice.

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jsprague1269 - - 1 comments

genuinley excited, hope it does't die out like some mods

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First gameplay video of the mod, please keep in mind that it is still work in process and that this is not showcasing the final product.

Youtube: Youtube.com