A game modification using the Doom 3 game. The mod contains 5 levels in a range of environments. Gameplay is combat focused and should provide challenge to experienced shooter players. Find out more about the mod at www.hallowedmod.com Tweet your pictures @HallowedMod

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Although it got a bit boring searching around the first play through figuring out what to do, the gameplay and maps are quite interesting. This was a great mod, I liked it so much I put it in my own mod, however the compatibility was just horrible, eventually I got it to work, and since my mod was a sequel to the perfected mod, the graphics and textures looked just so much better, the perks, special abilities and new weapons make this campaign much more enjoyable. Big thanks to you for this awesome mod. I can tell a lot of effort was put into this. unfortunately I was only actually able to make 2-3 levels of this campaign mod compatible. So that's still I guess half a campaign lol.


ghostings says

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Oh man how I've been waiting to write a review for this mod. Your mod was pretty annoying.

Story: The nicest part of this mod, little email quippets bring some light to the plight of our hero.

Gameplay: Spawning waves of enemies in tight corners defending npcs with no power weapons is the nail to this mod's coffin. It's absolutely infuriating to barely survive one encounter using the last of my rocket ammo to have it immediately follow another with more bullet sponge enemies. Is the game meant to be played on the easiest mode? Because that seems to be the only viable option.

Graphics: The mod refuses every line in the console and vpak to turn the screen settings to widescreen. As a result the mod looks pretty garish.

Mapping: Very well done, but extremely tiny

Overall, a stable Doom 3 mod blighted by absolutely frustrating gameplay and visual bugs.


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