its not about whether I win a fight, but whether im doing the right thing.

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Zoran Empire Forces  (OC "Infinitas")

Zoran Empire Forces (OC "Infinitas")

36 members Arts & Literature

Zoran Necroempire is the state of Yotuns renegades, who are against their masters and also other states. (now its old canon of universe (OC))

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cacruiks1 - - 15 comments

hey uhh can you make perfect doom for dhewm 3

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WalmartFatty - - 2 comments

Hey Recesive, I was wondering if you could take the time to help me get Sikkmod working and apply your addons to it. I'll PayPal you some money beforehand if you like for your help. I was planning on writing a guide for others also.


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MaxGokue - - 38 comments

Hello recesive i saw ur comment in a doom 3 thread, u said u can teach the basics for modding, can u teach me? I really want to learn it.

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_w_ - - 6,176 comments

I will find you and i will marry you boy

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R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E Creator
R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E - - 448 comments

I’ll pay for the ticket

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meandyouha - - 34 comments

Hey Recezy check your message box please thanks important info.

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hawhyyou? - - 6 comments

hey recezy first thing i love the perfected doom 3 new version that came out awhile ago
but i came across a youtuber and one of his mods is very very impressive this guy is incredible
he is working on this Doom 3 Next Gen 2017 hd mod and i watched the whole video part 1 and 2 and
i am like wow the graphics are stunning and of course i have seen other graphical doom 3 mods
like perfected absolute hd doom 3 redux and others and this guys makes them look like its chew toy
you need to go and check this youtuber out and watch his part 1 and 2 because this is amazing
and what got me the most is he is not even using sikkmod settings at all just the wolfren texture packs
1.0 , 2.0 and he is using the trent rezners sound pack and using the monoxide sikkmod texture pack as well
but what gets me the most is he is able to make the graphics looks incredible without even using sikkmod at all
and i know recezy that you are going to say that sikkmod is the best and greatest graphics tool out there but
dude sikkmod is outdated and this guys graphics tool allows for next gen gpus to harness this epic mod
and please do watch the videos till the end because he slows things down to see the epic graphics so i figured that
i would recommend this to you because you have also contributed addons for prefected doom 3 and i know that you will
think that this is amazing but if you all here at perfected doom 3 could get this youtuber to help with perfectd doom 3 he could
do wonders for perfected doom 3 so do also comment and ask him some questions because he has wanted some feedback and also
share this dude i have shared this to alot of people and they are like holy **** so go check this youtuber out and watch both
of his videos completely and share this because this is awesome and also great work on your addons they are supreme.

links here to watch his part 1 and part 2 really great videos.

link 1 to part 1 "map hell"

link 2 to part 2 "map delta5"

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R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E Creator
R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E - - 448 comments

Sorry to let you down, the graphics don't look that good, the textures and sounds are good. You should get my premium packs shown off at the videos

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hawhyyou? - - 6 comments

dude if this guy could not even do better he has omg omg omg dude check his latest vid out its incredible

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hawhyyou? - - 6 comments

yeah I understand what you are saying recezy but the graphics are great and I am going to tell you why they are
because sikkmod is just a toy that people can add blur and effects to the game and it looks alright but
this guys mod stays true to the doom 3 core aspect of graphics and makes it run better on 2017 graphics
lets face it sikkmod is out of date because sikkmod has half of stuff that is not even going to make doom 3
look great only like **** and if you add some settings and start playing the game you either have glitches
or bugs or graphical errors and thats why this guys mod is great I contacted him through his email
and asked for a play test and he said that I could test but I could not give anybody else this mod yet
but let me tell you recezy when I looked into the mod folder there is no sikkmod options at all I even looked
into the pk4 files through in and out nothing of sikkmod is used in this only the texture packs and a sound pack from trent rezners
and a model pack from a a modder thats all and when I started playing this I realized that this mod is amazing I have never seen
the likes of graphics and performance I HAD everything maxed out and I still keep 60 to 63 fps all the time and I did do a test with
sikkmod and max everything I could not even play it it had glitches ingame it had issues with the resolution glitching out it had
crashes and more than that I could not even play perfected doom 3 with sikkmod with some kind of issue and this guys mod is so much better
I would like to get 60 63 fps in sikkmod perfected doom 3 but no I only get 15 fps and alot of crashes so I am telling you recezy if you are
very smart you would pay attention to this guys work and learn from it because sikkmod is its chew toy and coming from somebody that is a tech
guy for a company I know alot about graphics and I am telling you you need to contact this guy and learn from him because there is no mods out there
that even come close to this level of programming and graphics but anyway he said that he is adding a new video of the mod coming today and it is going to be in 4k graphics
at 130,000 bitrate or 200,000 bitrate so we will be able to see this mod in true graphics close to real life play so I hope that you will check his mod out link here he just released

he also told me that this graphics are just default he has not even turned it up to max yet on his graphics tool so I cant wait to see what this guy is going to make doom 3 look like soon.

also recezy I am watching his videos on a 4k tv and 4k monitor and it makes a difference on the graphics of the video.

link to his part 3 video "map hellhole"

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R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E Creator
R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E - - 448 comments

Look bro, if you want to grab some popularity for your mod then you need to start small and work ur way up. Not a random huge graphic overhaulment, try showcasing mods off on your YouTube channel and people will be interested, THEN you may show off your mod, because people will be more interested after seeing that your channel has a variety of mods. I haven't modded in a while and have a lot of stress going on. I'd like my premium packs to be shown off as a playthrough, if your friend can do a full play through and upload it to his channel then I will be glad to help him get the mod popular and shared.

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hawhyyou? - - 6 comments

that's fine dude its not to get him popular its just its impressive and this is what perfected doom needs but if you can see a very talented modder then perfected doom 3 will never be at the top and redux will always steal your all's spotlight when i said this guy can get perfected doom 3 at the top i was not kidding this guy knows so much and he always wants to only help people out and give back so you call recezy think about it your premium packs are good but that's not the reason why perfected doom 3 is good its only a bonus people want true doom 3 core mod so I am not throwing off on your premium packs frankley i loved them but I wish that you would see what i see. but ow well

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R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E Creator
R_E_C_E_S_I_V_E - - 448 comments

I haven't modded in a long time but I will return to it to update my premium packs for more content and new features. I'll check out the video and let u know what I think.

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