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Halfquake Rebirth is an upcoming reimagination of a classic Half-Life mod, developed by Jancias, with the goal of recreating the cult classic in a modern, approachable format. Built from the ground up using Source Engine, along with various community overhauls, the mod seeks to provide players with a straight-forward introduction into the series. You are here to die.


Q: Does the mod have anything to do with Quake?

A: It has nothing to do with Quake, regardless of its name. The name was chosen by Muddasheep because it sounded cool.

Q: How long are you working on the project?

A: Around two to three years. It went through a complete rework in late 2020, which essentially set the project back to the start. My HDD broke around that time, and i lost all of the original files. Thankfully i still had an older back-up version.

Q: How much of the original trilogy are you going to remake?

A: The entirety of the first mod, Halfquake, from 2001. The later parts of the trilogy hold up very well, and there's no reason to remake them, though i'm planning to incorporate some of their elements into HQR

Original Halfquake Mods are unaffiliated, HQR isn't an official remake.

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Welcome to the pseudo-monthly sadism exercise..again!
In this article, we'll be reviewing the year of 2021, and talking about the future of the project.


Following the writing of the previous media article, i've created additional content for the mod which i believe should be shown off close-by to the article it should've been presented in. Here's two screenshots from the recently finished areas.


An exit?! Oh nevermind, it's locked.

Hello there

Is this OSHA approved?

Working on these two areas has given me more insight into working with newly acquired assets, textures, and techniques. I'm planning on going over my older maps and bringing them up to the level of quality represented in this map.


This year has been a tough one for all of us, really. The pandemic has made it hard for me to find a job, and though times are hard, i've still managed to find time to work on the mod. Modding helps me find peace and quiet in this ever-turbulent world of ours, and Halfquake Rebirth has, despite being a large commitment, allowed to me stay sane during lockdowns. Here's a bunch (not all) of things i've achived in the year 2021:

  • I've acquired and learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects
  • I've set-up, and successfully compiled HQR's source code in Visual Studio
  • I taught myself HTML, and CSS.
  • I overhauled the HQR ModDB page
  • I've revisited some of my older creations, and inspired myself to work harder on mods.
  • I've began worldbuilding my own strangereal-like universe.
  • I figured out how to make models in Blender.
  • I've opened up a Patreon page
  • I involved myself with the modding community, by becoming an Admin for the Valve Modding Community Discord server.
  • I've redone my brand style.
  • I attempted to fiddle around with music creation.
  • I've acquired Substance Painter, and increased the level of quality of my models significantly.
  • I've began to treat modding more seriously than i have before.
For HQR, the year was on of rejuvenation, and healing, and by the end of the year, the project has amassed:
214 Twitter followers
258 ModDB watchers
24,396 ModDB visits
35,656 Twitter impressions (since January 2021)
9 articles
16 images
and has also reached a stagerring


in ModDB's popularity rating during MOTY opening days.


December is the month of Christmas, and i sincerely hope you're all having a great time so far, and i hope you'll enjoy the coming holidays! I'm personally going to take a break until after Christmas, though i will continue to chip at the maps, and other assets when i feel like it! This means nothing for the project, and work will continue as usual following the beginning of 2022. BUT, the institute has told me to pass on the message, that they'll be giving out Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition as a present for any of you lucky victims!

More information coming soon (enough)!


Thank you for reading this article!

I greatly appreciate your support, whether you just found out this project exists, or were following it for an entire year! Thank you.

Click the images!




Here are some links which may of interest for you:

Jancias' Patreon

Halfquake Rebirth Twitter Account

Muddasheep's Patreon

Muddasheep's Site

And this concludes our pseudo-monthly sadism exercise!

Have a nice day, and remember to fall into the nearest trap when possible!

Unofficial Copyright 2021 ASTATINE ENTERTAINMENT

MOTY -  Halfquake Rebirth

MOTY - Halfquake Rebirth


Mod of the Year awards have begun, in this article, i ask you to vote HQR!

Halfquake Rebirth - September 2021 Update

Halfquake Rebirth - September 2021 Update

News 9 comments

"I'm really sorry for not posting anything for two years" Edition.

The farm news, 1/4/2001

The farm news, 1/4/2001

News 1 comment

Halfquake release nears, so heres an article all about it!

Halfquake Rebirth March Update + REBOOT

Halfquake Rebirth March Update + REBOOT

News 4 comments

Halfquake Rebirth has went through a reboot, let's take a look at what changed in the biggest HQR article yet!

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This mod is very great, I hope it isn't die and author continuening development.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

what do you mean streaming development?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jancias Creator

Livestreaming any kind of work on either Youtube or Twitch, with either no voice-over, or lack-luster voice-over. Certainly with music!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

yeah! actually it was a bit obvious! ok, thanks!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

cool mod :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

can't wait! >)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

O tak.
Someone is actually doing this and it looks amazing.
Powodzienia PanieKaszanka

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Lovely new logo!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

are you going to use the voice acting from the original or involve new voices?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Jancias Creator

I'm using original sound files as placeholders. Demo and the Final version will include new voice lines,perhaps recorded by mr. mj. himself...

Music is still a matter of public opinion though.
I could possibly get someone to compose a few halfquake-esque tracks for the mod... we'll see how things go.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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