Half Life 2: Awake, is my absolute first mod thus don't get too excited, it follows Gordon as he wakes up in a small apartment, rushing to meet up with Alyx collecting weapons along the way, then after a short greet, they get moving to meet up with a squadron of Rebel Soliders laying siege to an Art Gallery turned into Combine Broadcast Tower. After taking care of all the guard outside, they go into the Art Gallery, a dangereous close quarters building, with tens of priceless works of art to be destroyed and many enemies to be killed!

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First Mod

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So, as you read, this is my absolute first mod, im hoping it for it to be like 30-45 minutes of gameplay spanning across 2-3 maps. Due to many sleepless nights watching Adam Miller-The Architect Of Games, many sleepless nights playing all kinds of HL2 mods, and replaying the trilogy like 11 times, Im pretty confident I can design a somewhat decent level, but that's the problem, "design" and im worried If I have the skill to pull off everything I want in Hammer. Well, only time shall tell.

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