An intense hold-out against the AI unfolds in this non-stop, in-your-face, defense/destructible map. You take the place of one of the rebel defenders making their last stand in this unsuspecting apartment building. Their goal: protect a rebel intelligence operative while he sends an encoded report of stolen combine information. The combine know where you are, and they will stop at nothing until you are dead.

You may keep playing long after you fail the objective, as it is optional, (you may just want to use this as an opportunity to try out that new SWEP you just got! Or just screw around with some friends and try not to die.) however it is definitely a challenge to keep that operative alive and doing so is an accomplishment (given you do not block him off!).

The map starts you off in a quiet, intact apartment building giving you a minute to prepare, but as soon as the doors are kicked down and the battle starts it gains momentum from a simple metropolice raid to dropships and soldiers, to striders and snipers. All the while you have free roam of the first two floors of the apartment building, and get to watch as the battle rips it to shreds until almost everything is destroyed.


- Fully scripted sequences for the AI to break down doors and initiate raids
- Properly used squad mechanics for smarter AI movement and cooperation
- Full nodegraph so they can find and kill you anywhere you try to run!
- Intense battle that rages on for over 10-15 minutes (and yes they do eventually run out of men!)
- Cubemaps and Soundscapes
- Nearly completely destructible environment on the first two floors!
- Win message when you have completed the challenge and kept the operative alive
- Properly implemented Strider, APC, and Dropship mechanics.
- Nifty level select icon!

Have fun!

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Este es un homenaje al fan mod basado en Opposing Force conocido como Operation Black Mesa, el juego será en gráficas de Half-Life 2 con un mogollón de extras que nos han prometido desde la página oficial, con multijugador incluido... ¡Disfrutad de las imágenes y bocetos que subí! =D
¿Estará Operation Black Mesa a la altura de la aparición próxima de Black Mesa Source? El tiempo lo dirá :)
Este mod se está trabajando duramente, pero aún se preve que tarden en sacarlo más de un año mientras que Black Mesa Source se ha prometido que se sacará en Diciembre de 2009 (osease, este mes)

TRANSLATE! if you not espanolies

Green force Gameplay!

Green force Gameplay!


see video gameplay please :D and post comments down here! if you like this mod please recommend them for your friends! thanks...

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Green force RAR

Green force RAR

Full Version

please download and he archive this mod. if you made it now go to Steam/steamapps/sourcemods. if you done you can see one bug if you have nighmare house...


It's literally just the source files for Nightmare House 2... which you can find here

Why? *******, why? Why does this exist? Why did someone go out of their way, making this whole mod page, JUST TO POST THIS ****?

It's not shitposting. Shitposting denotes a lack of effort. THIS actually took time. Copying and pasting the description took time. Making the fake screenshots took time. Renaming the .rar and uploading it took time.

Effort was made but for what purpose? To fool us into downloading random ********? And again why? It's just the source files for NH2. It's could've at least been a readme.txt with a troll face or something on it so I could know it's a joke, but it's not even clear if that's the intention.

Moral to this story: Don't let your child operate a computer without supervision.

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And yet another dev who has spent countless hours putting together what looks to be a nice fun mod, but won't spend ten minutes on putting instructions in the Readme file on how to install it. This is necessary since you have chosen a file format different from 95% of other mods posted here, and all my experience getting them up and running is useless on yours. You want me to go to a Valve site and spend God knows how much time trying to figure out how to unpack and install this? How about this: You put it in the commonly used file format on this site, and I'll install and play it then.
But I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

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NECROmods Creator

lol gamerdude bitch

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cool, you should make a campaign out of these "small add ons" and the borderlands hud

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NECROmods Creator

I use HUD from borderlands and small addons i use in my project!!!

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