hi guys i from russia and me need help for making mods! add me in steam my nickname is Seriouscraft!

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welcome in my blog here i show you all my news and other...

I know i not a popular in moddb.

i can show here screenshot and videos

Me need help for making mods!

my name is donald. me 29 year old scientist :)
who has a degree in computer programming. You are the twin brother of Gordon
Freeman. You work up in the SMRF (Sky Mesa Research Facility). You arrive at
work on time and expect to have another typical day. But today is no typical
day, because an experiment is being conducted down in the Black Mesa Research
Facility in the test chamber, and Gordon Freeman is involved. Soon, appalling
happenings start to happen at the SMRF, uncanny aliens from a dimension called
Xen start to teleport into the facility and menace you and your peer
scientists. Soon you are left with no choice but to fight your way out of the
SMRF. But that won’t easy at all, because the military’s coming in to kill all
aliens and scientists. MY NEW GAME IDEA OR MOD IDEA!
me need:
Mapping, compiling, sketching, voice acting.
me need ideas


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who like ships and bioshock!

who like ships and bioshock!

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AWettBlanket - - 262 comments

He's not welcome to his own profile page? I understand you two are angry, i would be to, this guy is just a dumb *** sped, who cant come up with his own ideas but still it is a bit far, to say that.

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SweetRamona - - 5,153 comments

"Offline Since Jun 5, 2014"
Let's hope it stays that way, do us A good favor NECROmods and never come back, you're not welcome here, at all, ever...

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DaGlassMan4797 - - 41 comments

I'd recommend you slow down with all the mods you're making, your workload is going to go into flipping orbit and it'll be too much to handle.

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NECROmods Creator
NECROmods - - 65 comments


add comment here please!

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poshgaloo - - 725 comments

Here's a comment for ya. Nice try trying to claim my old mod as yours. Just cuz I abandoned the project doesn't mean you can get your hands on it! So you better not try to claim it or else I will report you. Son of a bitch!

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SweetRamona - - 5,153 comments

Haha you told him! >:D

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