Hello. I would like to show you my first official Custom Story for Amnesia:The Dark Descent in Czech language! (story and keys are in czech) It's not necessary to read document, so every player can play it without any problems. :) I hope you will enjoy the game!

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WeirdTrippyBoy says

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Custom story je fakt super ale je tam hodne bugu a co jsem cetl tak jich je jeste mnohem vic nez jsem objevil ja proto 9/10... ale jinak super :) kdyz tak tady je videjo: Youtu.be


probor says

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KrustiClawn says

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- Some creativity here and there
- Very few bugs and other flaws


- Key quest is copy pasted over and over again
- Most people will not understand the story

Story: N/A

You know English, so why not make your mod in English so more people can understand it? I put story as "N/A" because I couldn't read any of the notes. This may lower the score of the mod, or it may increse the score, depending on the quality of the story you created, but I don't feel it's fair to rate a story if I don't understand the story.

Level design: 6/10

Average for the most part, which is to be expected from a new modder. However, to my surprise, you tried to be creative with the design here and there and even used light rays and particles. Just keep in mind, if you use light rays, make sure to use pointlights around the window, because it makes no sense to see light rays, but the room itself is pitch black everywhere.

Puzzles: 3/10

Come on man... you can't think of anything else other than key quests? At least the keys were cleverly hidden, but you pretty much copy pasted the same puzzle over and over again. Where is the creativity here?

Music & Sounds: 7/10

Pretty good actually. Heard several scary sounds and your choice of music worked pretty well for the most part. Except for the map with angel choir music. Buddy... listen. A map that is really dark and have monsters in them, yeah angel music do not work in maps like that. They are meant to be used in safe, bright areas.

Creativity: 5/10

Level design have a lot of creativity in it surprisingly. However, the puzzles like I previously said are nothing but copy pastes.

Bugs & Flaws: 9/10

Had no issues playing this mod besides encountering some huge texture glitches here and there. So at least it works fine.


Why you won't make a version in english I don't know. Not making your story in english might have lost you a point or two, or incresed your mod by a point or two.

Either way, the level design is slightly above your average undetailed mod made by new modders, and it works very well it seems, which is not surprising if all you did was creating one script that works and then copy paste it a number of times.

Maybe the story is good, I don't know. I can say this though, if you don't understand the Czech language, I don't really recommand this mod for the simple reason that all you get if you don't understand the story is a slightly above average level design with the same puzzle repeated over and over.

6/10 - Decent


Spelos says

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The story is very well written and in a way makes up for what's lacking in the experience with editor and scripting.


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