Return - a freeware modification for C&C Generals Zero:Hour and created by international S.J Team.

Download the latest version: Return 2.2

Return 2.2


Note: The features shown below belong to Return 2.2.

New 15 missions:

New 5 never-seen-before single campaign missions for each of the factions, America, China and GLA.

Changes, enhancements for everything:

Each faction unit has changes from new powers to new models such as machine guns for tanks, new powers for Technical, new look for Quad Cannon and "Follow" button.

75 new units, 45 new upgrades and 45 new powers:

New units for every faction, such as Officer, Abrams, JSF, Viper Bomber, Flycatcher and Apache for America, Tankist, Chief of Red Guards, Gainful Tank and Hind for China, Guerilla, Gunner, Disabler, Commander, Hacker, Flame Truck, Barrack Truck, Camel Cannon, Tortoise Tank, Paraplane, Bomber Plane and Gazelle for GLA. New buildings such as Laser Battery, Deathwing Base, Intelligence Center, Chemical Lab and ICBM Silo for America, Tank Bunker, Artillery Bunker, Oil Refinery and Bertha Cannon for China, Mortar Site, Sniper Site, Airfield, Reinforcement Pad and Missile Silo for GLA. New powers such as Drones Training, Pollution, Bombardment, Supply Drop, Defense Traning and Chemical Bomb for America, Radiation Field, Artillery Training, Reinforcements and Radiation Bomb for China, Firestorm, Cash Hack, Flame Bombardment, Defection for GLA. New upgrades duch as Chemical Shells, Aircraft Armor, Anti-Missile Lasers for America, HE Bullets, Tank Armor, Repair Kits for China, Flame Shells, AP Missiles, Flame Rockets, Armor Vests for GLA.

Unique Skirmish Maps and 8 tech buildings:

Each Classic Skirmish Map has an unique ability, such as getting rank easily, starting with already purchased upgrades, no rank requirements for units and buildings, and etc. New tech buildings: Hero Barracks which builds heroes without limits, GPS Center which reveals the whole map and etc.

Enhanced A.I and new UI:

Improved articifial intelligence that builds more buildings and units, and uses new tactics. New User Interface shows time and and offers World Builder and command set with 18 slots.

New sounds, music and graphics:

Better epic explosion sounds and the soundtrack from Black Hawk Down. More realistic special effects that are welcomed by other modders. More realistic models for nature units.

New balance, rank system and tactics:

Game starts with Rank 0. Even Rank 1 must be achieved. Some buildings and units can only be built when Rank 3 or 5 is achieved.



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Return 2.2

News 3 comments


Dear Generals.

As it was promised, Return 2.2 has come.

Return 2.2


- Removed Reset FPS

- Reset Honors renamed to Reset Statistics

- Removed Main Menu Ruler

- Generals Logo updated

All factions:

- Attack, vision and shroud revealing ranges of air units have been reseen

- Vision and shroud revealing ranges of all units have been reseen

- New cameo for Reinforcements special power

- Bot Players use new units

- Player meets the Boss faction in Faction Challenge

- Some minor changes which aren't worth mentioning


- Removed Vulcan

- Removed Laser Tank

- Removed Black Hawk

- Removed Lance Launcher

- New unit: Nautilus

- New unit: Flycatcher

- Repair Drone:

- Cost - $600

- Build Time - 6 sec.

- A bit more armor

- Available from the start

- Avenger:

- Cost - $800

- Build time - 8 sec.

- New cameo

- Armed with Machine Gun and SAM

- Available from the start

- Amphibious Transport has more armor

- PDL Drone has longer fire range

- All PDL Weapons are more powerful, longer reload, less range

- Gunner Drone does a bit more damage

- Hellfire Drone does less damage to infantry

- Officer has 10% more health

- Humvee does 10% more damage

- Fire Base does a bit more damage

- Aurora build limit decreased to 1

- Detoxin is available from the start

- Paladin can't attack while moving

- Deathwing Base:

- New model

- Deathwing drone has flying effect

- Old build angle for barracks

- Laser Battery:

- Can't relay position of enemy to nearby counterparts

- Less land attack range

- 25% less requirememnt for power

- Guardian Drone reloads 30% faster

- Defensive buildings have more armor

- Air Repair has 100% more effect

- Some minor changes which aren't worth mentioning


- Removed ICC

- Removed Bertha

- Removed ECM Tank

- Removed EMP Pulse

- Removed Land Mines

- Removed Tank Bunker

- Removed Artillery Bunker

- New upgrade: High Tech

- New building: Particle Cannon

- New building: Artillery Cannon

- New building: Anti-Tank Cannon

- New special power: Cloning

- Horde bonus has a bit less effect

- Auto Repair changed cameo

- HE Bullets returned to War Factory

- BMP renamed to Trumpeter

- Listening Outpost:

- Cost - $600

- Build Time - 6 sec.

- Should be upgraded to fire from inside

- New cameo for Double Cannon and Quad Cannon

- Howitzer:

- A bit more armor

- Can be double-barreled

- Can't attack while moving

- Smerch build limit decreased to 1

- Gainful returned to its Return 2.0 version

- Oil Refinery:

- Cost - $4400

- Build Time - 44 sec.

- Doesn't reduce cost of air units

- Spy Center:

- Reveals less area

- Satellite Hack II set to be Rank 6

- Frog Missile timer set to be 6:00

- Defensive buildings have more armor

- Spy Center Satellite Hack I reveals only defenses

- Chinese Tomahawk:

- Renamed to Long Sword

- Has more power

- Repair has 100% more effect

- Only One Propaganda Center can be built

- Some minor changes which aren't worth mentioning


- Removed Topol-M

- Removed Baikonur

- Removed Paraplane

- Removed Hijacker Ambush

- Removed AP Missiles

- New unit: Yellowtail

- New building: Particle Cannon

- New special power: Cluster Bomb

- GPS Scrambler:

- Available from Rank 1

- Less effective

- Hell Bombs:

- Renamed to Napalm Bomb

- Drops 1 bomb

- Larger firestorm

- Sniper:

- Renamed to Half Sniper

- Does a bit more damage

- Stinger Trooper

- Gets upgraded by AP Missiles instead of AP Rockets

- Has less land attack range

- Buildings are visible while getting damaged.

- Tunnel:

- Needs Barracks

- Comes with 2 Guerillas

- Flame Truck doesn't get veterancy from Suicide Training

- Minefield lays mines to less area

- Demo Buggy:

- New model

- Model gets changed when savlaged

- Rocket Buggy:

- New model

- Model gets changed when savlaged

- Gets more ammo from crates

- Commander renamed to Fanatic

- Worker:

- Cost - $300

- Build Time - 3 sec.

- 11% more health

- Battle Truck has less health

- Extra Stingers upgrade cost $1000

- Extra Snipers upgrade cost $1000

- Extra Mortars upgrade cost $1000

- Killer build limit decreased to 1

- Bomb Plane:

- Renamed to Skyterror

- Has flying effect

- Technical can't move on cliffs.

- Tortoise Tank can be loaded (to Osprey)

- Bomb Truck got 90% more armor

- Marauder is back

- Frog Missile timer 6:00

- Camel no attack and move

- Battle Truck doesn't heal soldiers inside

- Betrayal reload time is 6 minutes

- Heal has 100% more effect

- Only One Palace can be built

- Some minor changes which aren't worth mentioning

Bug Fixes:

- Battle Truck going down (from a hill) caused the game to crush.

- Demo Buggy explosion had problematic FX.

- Repair Drone had no hulk.

- Quad Cannon had no housecolor.

- Aircraft Hunter got upgraded by Flame Rockets.

- Mortar Site was stealth while attacking.

- Technical had too big damage radius.

- Microwave Tank and Abrams had the same hotkey.

- AP Missiles had no effect to Elbrus Storm.

- Tank Hunter and Aircraft Hunter had the same voice.

- Cash Hack description showed wrong money amount.

- Great Wall had no hotkey.

- Dozer had conflicting hotkeys.

- China Barracks had conflicting hotkeys.

- China War Factory had conflicting hotkeys.

- Gattling Cannon had no shadow.

- Mortar Gunner had no voice.

- Normal and damaged Bomb Plane (Skyterror) looked similar.

- Bomb Plane (Skyterror) propeller animation didn't work.

- Overlord Speaker Tower didn't work.

- Oil Refinery had no command set

- Intelligence Center

- Had no need for power, no command set

- Had wrong placement, wrong cameo

- Wrong Particle Cannon detection sound when Tomahawk, Frog and Scud Missiles are used.

- Rebel Mob and Reinforcements had the same hotkey.

- AP Missiles had no hotkey.

- MOAB had bigger damage radius than it was promised.

- Deathwing Base had no need for power.

- Aircraft Armor gave different amount of armor to some aricrafts.

- Armor Vests gave wrong amount of health to Mortar Gunner and Killer.

- Peacemaker tank got upgraded by Toxin Shells.

- Elbrus Missile couldn't be launched because of Ballistic Missile.

- Logic of Guardian Drone had problems.

- Nuclear Missile had bigger damage radius.

- Some minor bugs which aren't worth mentioning.





Return 2.2 Sneak Peek

Return 2.2 Sneak Peek

News 1 comment

Dear Generals, we are back to announce Return 2.2.

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Return 2.2

Return 2.2

Full Version 10 comments

Return 2.2 is a new version which fixes bugs and adds new units.

Return 2.1

Return 2.1

Full Version 21 comments

Return 2.1 is the most balanced version for now. Install Instructions : 1. Extract all files into Zero:Hour folder 2. Replace files if necessary.

Return 2.0

Return 2.0

Full Version 65 comments

Return 2.0 features : • New 15 missions • New game mode : Tower Defense • Changes, enhancements to each faction's each unit • 70 new units, 40...

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Cluster Bombs are USA exclusive weapon.Why does GLA Have it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
S.J^ Creator

Cluster Mines belonged to China.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hi the mod is very beautiful but the missions is very very hard but i was able to finish 2 missions GLA and 1 mission USA the second mission of USA is very hard but i am trying to overcome it but everything in this mod is so beautiful......
(mission containing the BCLM missiles i guess so hard)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
S.J^ Creator

Missions of R2.0 and R2.1 are easier.

Thanks for appreciating our work.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Updata Video RTS Games Return 2.2 game

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Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
S.J^ Creator

I think you mean Return 2.2. R2.2 isnʼt an update. It is a full version.

Read the description of the file.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
S.J^ Creator

We havenʼt faced such a video yet.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

the only problem with this mod is it deletes stuff from existing game, everything else well done

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