This is a single player Half Life 2 mod, set entirely outside of city 17. It features: + 6 levels of action, exploring a range of locations (from an underground facility to fighting alongside the combine on an alien world to floating color-coordinated cubes) + Non-linear level progression- you start near a nexus of gateways, and may choose the order in which to progress through the levels + A musical score (a total of 8 tracks) + Some new abstract textures (see image 3) + Challenging gameplay - this mod is meant for those who have already completed Half Life 2. ****For those with version 1.0, to get around the bug in the airboat-sequence, just noclip through the floor. (this is fixed in version 1.1) To noclip, open the console with ~ (or if its deactivated, go to options/keyboard/advanced to activate it) then type in "sv_cheats 1" and then in a separate line "noclip" (it should spit back at you "noclip on"). Type "noclip" again to deactivate noclipping....

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You can tell that this mod was inspired by Serious Sam with HUGE amount of enemies and ammo and thought the course of the mod, you can kind of see that the modder was shying away from designing a hard challenge but that thought gets wiped away with odd difficultly spikes towards, some odd level design (a few good, a few bad) and THE WORST ENDING TO ANY GAME. AN ENDING THAT MAKES HALO 2 CLIFFHANGER ENDING LOOKING GREAT. IT HAS YOU THINKING WAS THIS AN INSIDE JOKE.


Ok. First i have to say that i enjoy this kind of mods, they are funky free and a good distraction from the old classic layout of modding which tries to be serious.

With that in mind, i’d say i enjoy this kind of maps. Now, if i compare this to the GFT release i obviously say The Great Forever Tomorrow, is a huge qualitative jump from this first work.

The progress linear arena style is fun and entretaining, also the psychodelic textures and music is cool, it just feels as something nice and different, and accept it: this is a nice arena funky mod, conssidering many arena mods just sucks, this is nice.

I wonder why Kiwi, sttoped doing maps and mods, personally i’d love another funky release, maybe TGFT2 would be great, i hope he release something in the future.

Overall this is a nice relaxing different mod which i recommend to play especially if you are tired of the serious classic HL mods.


fish? says

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The only number I can give is 10
I enjoyed the mod so much mostly the room where you had to go through 4 puzzels which my favorite was that one with the rocks in the sqare.
The final battle was amazing too .
As I said I give this mod 10/10

It was really fun, but the ending sucked. The words that tell you what the ending means should actually do that. Then it would be better.


Theevina says

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The music blares, the combine come in packs of hundreds, the rockets fly, the colors dazzle, the antlions come from nowhere, and you fall through the floor into a pool of water again and again and again.

This mod is so bad that it's good.

Being a fan of gauntlet shooters, the design of the mod pleased me.

Enemies never came at you alone and the weapons had absurdly high ammo capacities, and I didn't care. The hour or so spent playing it seemed to go by in seconds up until the final battle.

It has a crap ending, but the game-play is sure to please fans of Doom and Serious Sam :)


I came in here thinking I would probably regret playing this... but I thought it was so much fun I had to play it twice. Here is my review: 9.5/10.


Parnifia says

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Absolutely terrible. Possibly THE WORST mod I've ever played (bar ones that didn't work). There was no puzzle-solving, which was part of why I loved the Half-Life games so much - instead, you just shoot at a LOT of things. Seriously, at one point you just find a random mounted Hunter rifle and just shoot away at the walls in front of you, plus the enemies behind them. No skill involved. The beginning was pathetic (you can only really find that wall at random), and the ending was GODAWFUL. If I could give it a zero, I would, but the lowest I can give it is a one, so there you go.


Random, but very fun. Gateways is simply a mod of running and gunning bliss. The maps are unique, the soundtrack superb, the nexus system brilliant, and the design somewhat creative. However, Gateways does lack depth as the combat becomes repetitive and the difficult often spikes (not to mention that the ending was terrible). If only the mod was not so repetitive it could have reached the heights of a 9/10. But in its current state, Gateways struggles to find its mark and becomes a Half Life 2 fest of fighting spawning enemies (A.K.A. a spawn fest). Nevertheless, it somehow manages to remain unique and engaging. Overall, Gateways gets a solid 8.0/10


Its a nice mod with creative level design but not enough "design"

the music is nice but can seem very odd sometimes, it seems more like just a beanbag that you shoot at but giving it a try it something you can do.

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