A submod for Westeros: Total War designed to bring the look, the feel and the sounds of HBO's Game of Thrones to the world of Westeros. (Alas I have no affiliation with HBO) This submod is currently for version 0.53 of Westeros: Total War which is currently in Alpha stages but with a devoted mod team working hard to bring it to a full release. The submod is compatible with both the Standard (Vanilla) version of Westeros 0.53 and also the Enhanced version. It is highly recommended that you visit the official mod page at TWCenter.net to get precise details and installation help.

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EDIT 2017-03/09: Update with quote-fix fixing the CTD:s after most battles, UI-image fix fixing CTD:s for Lannisters when they recruit units using these pictures with too large sizes (has been changed) and EDB recruitment done!

EDIT as of 28/08-2017 - New MAC-compatible GoT:TW Enhanced version 4.9 uploaded!

- made Mac-compatible by TomSrx!

- An installer has been made for both the CD and Steam versions of the mod!

- Installer by Gigantus!

- More info down below.

Before starting the mod for the first time:

ALWAYS remove the rvm-file inside of GoT_Enhanced/data/world/maps/base - Otherwise the mod will CTD when trying to enter the campaign no matter what you do.

When done with the above, and if you want to play the campaign, start a new campaign or load a campaign:

Always start a quickbattle/custom battle and exit - then after you have done this (each time when you start the mod) the campaign will start up just fine.

With some factions you don't need to do this always - but there is a bug and the best way to avoid it is by starting and exiting a quickbattle first.

Also, never use "Auto Manage Everything" because that will cause the game to CTD alot for certain factions.

Game of Thrones Submod for Westeros Total War, v. 4.9 (For windows).

Game of Thrones Submod for Westeros Total War, v. 4.9 (For MAC).

For CD-users:

Install by extracting the mod like this "Medieval II Total War\mods\GoT_Enhanced" - and start by doubleclicking the .bat-file.

Also, remove the RVM-file inside of Got_Enhanced/data/world/maps/base before starting the mod - and play a custom battle before trying to enter the campaign the first time you play as otherwise it will crash when trying to enter the campaign.

For Steam-users do the usual installation.

Third alternative (for both Steam and CD-versions):


Download this installer by Gigantus:


Follow these instructions:

The complete install procedure for disk AND steam:

  1. Download the mod from ModDB
  2. Unzip the downloaded RAR file (WinRar is the best option and is also freeWare, 7-zip could work).
  3. Move the unpacked GoT_Enhanced folder into the Medieval 2 Total War\mods folder
  4. Download and run the Games of Thrones Starter
  5. Start the game with the desktop short cut

Make sure the installer points to the Medieval 2 Total War directory. If you install into the wrong directory you will get this message, run the installer again:

What it does:

  • Installs a Steam compatible BAT file
  • Installs an upgraded CFG file
  • Installs a new, properly formatted Icon
  • Provides a desktop short cut

Regarding the music submod:

"This is what you need to do to get the awesome music to work:

1. Buy or download the albums of season 1 to 3.

2. The mod is already compatible with the music- you just have to get the music yourself and follow the instructions under this text - because i couldn't upload the full albums. And this mod is compatible with the full songs of the first three albums.

3. The game-files are already in their places - just download the music mod for 3.0 in order to get the two songs in that folder, don't touch the textfiles and place the songs in the music folder inside of data/sounds/music.

- Create this folder if it doesn't exist.

4. Place each song of albums 1, 2 & 3 in the music-folder inside of your sounds folder- which is inside the data-folder of your mod.

5. Remove the "Main Theme"-songs of season 2 and 3, as it is the same as the first song of season 1.

6. Rename all songs to numbers from number 1 to nr 67. Don't touch the two songs from the music mod that followed with the download.

7. To be secure- delete the event.dat and event.idx-files inside of your sounds-folder together with the music.dat and music.idx-files.

Now you'll have a fully working music submod.".


1. Adds all the finished remade basic troops of old factions - minus Dorne because Vltima forgot to send me the new Dornish units. I only ever got the Martells, which are new mid-tiers for House Martell - i never got the basic units previewed in pictures.

- All are fully implemented now!

Some pictures:

New basic Riverland troops with armour upgrades:

New basic Westerland basic troops with armour upgrades:

New basic Southern Knights:

New generic Dismounted "chose a region" Swordsmen and Knights- will have different shield-textures based on region:

2. Full basic rosters for these minor Houses:

Tully = Bracken, Mallister, Blackwood plus an almost finished Mooton basic roster.

House Bracken:

House Mallister:

House Blackwood:

Stannis/Tyrell = Florent.

House Florent:

Lannister/Joffrey = Marbrand, Crakehall and Lefford - these aren't entirely complete like the ones for House Tully though. - Swyft were rebranded into Lefford and got a new symbol on their shield texture.

House Marbrand:

House Crakehall:

House Lefford (they have new shields compared to the picture):

It also does add a few individual units such as Mountain Axe Clansmen for House Stark, new sellsword swordsmen, or Cuy Infantry for House Tyrell - basically everything previewed in MODDB is included.

Mountain Axe Clansmen:

Sellsword Swordsmen:

Cuy Infantry:

3. New Frey units, new textures for the Frey units, new remade mid-tier House Tyrell troops, new elite House Bolton troops plus new armour upgrades for these factions. - Also includes a slightly remade and improved group of Tully elite units.

Heavy Bolton Swordsmen:

New Tyrell Swordsmen upg0 and Spearmen:

It also adds new textures for the basic Northern units used by House manderly:

4. Adds the full basic House Penrose (another minor house) units for House Renly.

5. Added House Frey as it's own faction to the campaign, and with full recruitment.

6. Adds the House Frey Faction Description, Walder Frey faction Leader portrait etc.

7. Removes unfinished factions from custom battles, and i mean vanilla ones who sometimes spawned in quickbattles with mercs.

8. Fixes the portraits that were missing in the mercs-directory, which caused "unlocalized placement"-pictures to show for Riverland units and others recruited by some fations.

9. Re-made the regional system a little to have less armies with everyone in them - making more units unique for the proper factions.

10. Adds a huge amount of Warhammer animations if one would want wolfs, dragons, beasts, undead or mammuths etc.

11. Adds a Warhammer online Dragon model for House Targaryen (three Dragons).

12. Adds a Daenarys Stormborn hero-model.

13. All custom units and unit upgrades have gotten new LOD-values in the BMDB - the issue with sprites showing in close distances has been solved.

14. New era system in custom battles - Era 0 is the factions own units plus the regional basic units, Era 1 is those units mentioned above plus all the vasall houses/minor houses who has sworn the main House loyalty - For Starks this would be Umbers, Glovers, Mormont, Karstark, Manderly and Bolton etc - Era 2 is all mentioned previously plus the sellswords.

It's an ERA-system:

Era 0 (Early) - Only household troops and regional troops.

Era 1 (mid) - The above plus all the minor Houses (the Dothraki faction always has it's units in all eras, and House Targaryen have access to Dothraki from Era 1).

Era 2 (Late) - The above plus mercs.

5.0 will mostly be missing portraits and additions to the unfinished WIP factions - but i will put that on hold and move on to ADOS instead.

I am also expecting a guy to release balance/recruitment (remade EDU and EDB) soon after my release - and so i will update it with these files. This will hopefully make RTS-battles more stable.

A third guy was working on custom settlements in battle. We'll see if he was just talking or if he was serious. Would take two weeks and i think almost a week have passed by now.


The WTW (Westeros Total War)- mod team for the base-mod:
~ HannibalExMachina
~ Dr. Noob
~ Toho
~ cedric37
~ Edric Storm
~ Cobi Wan Kenobi
~ Dux
~ Inarus
~ Kiliç Alì
~ LordInquisitor
~ Mhaedros
~ SoulGamesInc
~ Stannis-the-Mannis
~ GatorMarine1833
~ Makanyane
~ Valar Morghulis
~ Hross
~ Iron Orchid
~ John Scigulinsky
~ Emperor of Hell
~ Murfmurf
~ Radboud
~ Paleo
~ Tyler
~ MasterBigAb
~ MemduhG
~ HeirofAlexander

-and the GoT team (Game of Thrones V3.0) for the base submod:
~ Inarus - Images, basic graphics, music and Image Research.
~ Radboud - Faction Symbols, UIs, and All Epic Graphics. ~
~ AndariusHaliusScipio - Awesome Audio Clippings ~
With Particular thanks to...
~ Emperor of Hell and Mhaedros ~
- For sharing their Wisdom in the art of modelling, texturing and much much more than can be listed,

Looking for...
~ Unit Modellers! ~

Game of Thrones V 4.0:
~ VltimaRatio (unit modeller, new models/unit cards for strat-map and battle map, new custom battle maps)
~ Mr_Nygren (text editing, script stuff- (Replacing old models with new ones in the text-files, implementing new horses and siege artillery)
~ Western Unit Overhaul Source Files (mod resource) by GeMiNi][SaNDy were used as a base for new units.
~ Siege engines are borrowed with permission from the De Bello Mundi-mod, creator Rhaymo.
~ Marka Medium and Heavy Horses- by the Ruschi-team.

Game of Thrones V 4.5:

VltimaRatio (unit modeller, all improvements on the models already in the game, creation of all the models, implementation of the models into the game and custom battles/campaign, some work in the EDB, descr_strat and the EDU regarding these new units.)

Mr_Nygren (modder, everything else new basically. New transparant pictures. The work of adding region-specific rebels, capital-specific-rebels, mercs into the EDB, all new pictures not counting the ones Kenzo36 did, new backgrounds, new portraits, the recruitment-system which took alot of time to set-up and fixes of various bugs, silver-surfers and errors.)

Kenzo36 (all the longer unit descriptions in the currently released version (like six maybe), for the "CAV"-texts on a few pictures being cavalry and not infantry, for the Frey non-transparant hero-portraits and for the new unit-info pictures being in the released version for a few units -like the Lannister Swordsmen unit-info pic.)

Game of Thrones V 4.6:

VltimaRatio (unit modeller, all improvements on the models already in the game).

Mr_Nygren (modder, everything else new basically. Plus the implementation of everything.

Game of Thrones V 4.7:

VltimaRatio (unit modeller, all improvements on the models already in the game. Creation of every model, and it's an impressive and amazing number just in this 4.7 version - if we count the ones who aren't included, then he has done a tremendous effort this summer - basic units re-done for all, new elites, new minor houses, symbols, portraits for new units, textures, weapons, models).

Mr_Nygren (modder, everything else new basically. I have worked on the mod both in dec/jan (changes seen in 4.6) and may until now. Implemented all the units to my version of the mod, created some Targaryen symbols in custom battles, made weapon variations out of the raw-files VltimaRatio provided me with in january - creating more Targaryen and Dragon-units than just the spearmen, implemented units to the descr_strat, to the descr_rebels_factions, hidden resources to descr_regions and the units to the edb - basically made the units available in the campaign, fixed the CTD-bug that always crashed the mod at a certain turn plus done additional smaller stuff).

Jurcek1987 - Helped me with fixing a glitch making the Targaryen Spearmen hold their weapons wrongly - also added the Banner Carriers to the Bolton model - using the ones from the Western Overhaul as a base - the textures where then moved from the old carriers to the new ones that worked fine with the Bolton models.

Game of Thrones V 4.9:

VltimaRatio (unit modeller, all improvements on the models already in the game. Creation of every model but two, - basic units re-done for all, new elites, new minor houses, symbols, portraits for new units, textures, weapons and models).

Mr_Nygren (modder, everything else basically. Implemented all the units to my version of the mod, beaten the CTD-crash that was plaguing this mod, fixed the LOD-levels, added all the Warhammer animations, fixed the missing portraits if they existed, removed unused factions from custom battles, added House Frey to the campaign etc - basically everything but the creation of the models.).

The Return Of Reckoning team (runs Warhammer Onlines current build) - for the Warhammer dragons.

WhiffOfGrapeshot (mod-team-member of Warhammer:BotET) stated this:

"The Return Of Reckoning team runs the current Warhammer Online build, which was released for use. There should be no problems using assets taken from Warhammer Online."

Auc162 - for letting me use the body of Daenarys - created by his friend.

Video of a battle between House Tully and the House of Joffrey in 4.9:

Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V. 4.7!

Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V. 4.7!

News 21 comments

Got:TW 4.7 - this is the completed backup of the GoT:TW version we had before Vltima started to create units for minor houses en-masse - it has completely...

Game of Thrones Enhanced V. 4.6! - Updated 4.5!

Game of Thrones Enhanced V. 4.6! - Updated 4.5!

News 15 comments

Got:TW 4.6 - this is basically an upgraded version 4.5 that aims to make this mod equal to the WoW-subsubmod in terms of new units, loading pictures...

Game of Thrones: Total War compared to "A World of Ice and Fire".

Game of Thrones: Total War compared to "A World of Ice and Fire".


Game of Thrones is using the gorgeous models based on the TV-show, and created by VltimaRatio - while the "A World of Ice and Fire" mod is mixing these...

Downloads and Instructions

Downloads and Instructions

Installers Tutorial 40 comments

Basic installation instructions for the Game of Thrones Submod for Westeros: Total War.

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Game of Thrones: Total War V 4.9 for MAC users!

Game of Thrones: Total War V 4.9 for MAC users!

Full Version 6 comments

The new Game of Thrones: Total War: Enhanced V 4.9 but for MAC-users - it would seem the other one ain't compatible with MAC:s. I suggest downloading...

Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V. 4.9!

Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced V. 4.9!

Full Version 126 comments

EDIT 2017-03/09: Update with quote-fix fixing the CTD:s after most battles, UI-image fix fixing CTD:s for Lannisters when they recruit units using these...

Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced 4.7 OBSOLETE!

Game of Thrones: Total War Enhanced 4.7 OBSOLETE!

Full Version 63 comments

A complete new update to the mod! This update ain't the final and complete update i had planed to release earlier, and instead is only the 4.7 update...

Game of Thrones: Total War V 4.5 MAC -OBSOLETE!

Game of Thrones: Total War V 4.5 MAC -OBSOLETE!

Full Version 1 comment

The old Game of Thrones Total War from decembre but for MAC-users - it would seem the other one ain't compatible with MAC:s. I suggest downloading the...

Game of Thrones Enhanced V. 4.6! - OBSOLETE

Game of Thrones Enhanced V. 4.6! - OBSOLETE

Full Version 98 comments

Got:TW 4.6 - this is basically an upgraded version 4.5 that aims to make this mod equal to the WoW-subsubmod in terms of new units, loading pictures...



Full Version 59 comments

Installation: "Make sure you have Medieval II Total War Kingdoms installed, disable the UAC if you can and all that- then install the youngblood/enhanced...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,367)

when i try to start the game, it crashes at the loading screen (picture of lannisters) an there is a message whos saying " medieval 2 encountered an unspecific error and will now exit"... Any solutions or fixes ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Start a quickbattle, exit and then start the campaign - this needs to be done everytime after exiting the mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I love the mod so far.I played custom battle at least several times, trying to recreate the Battle of Bastards. I am wondering why the Hornwood hunter captain has a Manderly shield when he should have the Hornwood sigil and color. (It might be a bug idk but just pointing that out)I have questions. Will Game of Thrones settlements be added in? Like Winterfell, King's Landing, Riverrun, the Twinn Crossing, Meereen, Casterly Rock etc? My gosh, it would be really cool to see those available for custom battles and heroes like Sansa, Jon Snow etc.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There are no Hornwood-captains - Manderly has it's own faction so that is why.

No plans to add any custom settlements to the custom battles.

- If i get permission they might be added to the campaign, the ones from 1.0 that is.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I keep getting can't find kingdoms.exe error when trying to instal this. I have steam version and yup have kingdoms.exe in there it created it for another mod...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Look...noob. Copy medieval2.exe and paste it and rename the copy to "kingdoms" (.exe if medieval2 has ".exe)

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

Look moron ( since you started with name calling) read my comment I clearly mention that I did that already but you are too stupid to comprehend that. Try going back to school you'll need it.

I don't like being rude but good grief some people.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Found the fix. For anyone having same issue using steam version anyway ignore the bat file.

1 install the mod to the games mods folder manually. Which is just unzip it drag and drop unzipped folder into mods folder for your game. If you don't know where that is you can find it by right clicking your games launcher and use the file location option in the drop down menu ( works with pretty much any file).

2 right click the game in steam menu go to properties and find launch options

3 click launch options
and type --features.mod=mods/GoT_Enhanced

4 launch the game and pick first option which is play Medieval 2 as you normally would, to go back to normal game simply remove the line from launch options.
This bit is the important part--features.mod=mods/. Seems to work with any mod, the last bit after / is simply the name on the mods folder, so this fix may possibly work for any mod where the installer is bugged or looking for wrong path.Found this fix due to install guide for Lord Of the Rings Reforged read me, so credit goes to them really, good luck.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Your kingdoms.exe is a copy of medieval2.exe ? Or a shortcut? Also is your medieval2 named "medieval2.exe"? Because if it is not, kingdoms should be named just "kingdoms". Also don't make me a moron when you are clearly too dumb to make something really simple.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

Hey man, i do not control this page so i cannot remove your post - Inarus is in control.

However, you are annoying who post spam on my channel at least twice now. You post idiotic christian stuff like on your profile as some kind of stupid answer to me saying Lord of the Rings: Total War is a great mod.

I'd think that was it, as i remember you posting a similar message as on your profile twice - the first time after i said LotR:TW has a better AI than Third Age/Medieval 2. And it does, because the mod is harder - i can actually loose.

You are spaming my profile and being an ******* to people here in the comments. Just stop posting ****.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Can you not read? Problem solved. You don't seem to have a clue so I'll oblige you info this 3rd time now, kingdoms.exe is not the issue as I have stated twice now. I have Kingdoms.exe. I use Steam version it's been updated and Kingdoms.exe was removed by a patch but I created it for Stainless Steel mod before grabbing this mod so no that's not the issue. I obviously have solved it as stated above and no thanks to you.

Don't like being called names but that's what you did in your first line you are something else.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Vey Nice But could add more characters from the tv show/ Books

Apr 27 2013 by King-Turgan

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