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Ok vote time again. Should this be in or out?

A part of me hoped they'll get rebuilt but I get that people are scared and no one would work in them after what has happened.

Never mind that the new structure they're building is just as much a bullseye as a remake of the old towers would be.

They weren't particularly pretty buildings. It's their size that shocked. Monolithic, cold and megalomaniac, kinda like the businesses they've housed.

So should the city have these twins in them? (No more tokyotwice also in v2. The city is unnamed.

This does not mean it's New York!


Updated image.

So thanks to the unanimous positive reception the twins will live on; at least here.

The S.T.C.
Space Trade Center - where the lion's share of interplanetary trade is conducted.

Built close to the Kennedy Spaceport for easy access the STC is a slightly larger replica of the old World Trade Center twin towers which were destroyed in a terrorist attack at the beginning of the century. The new towers are each 120 stories high and have mini air/space ports on their roofs.

There has always been a push to rebuild the twin towers. By the time the project got enough backing New York has become unfit to house such buildings. The main reason for this is the rising sea level. So they got built here instead in Ted Murdock's hometown.