2011 release renamed to: G STRING BETA. The Dec. 19 2011 release is now referred to as a beta release- read the mod's "news" to see why. Download the beta in the mod's "downloads" section.

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Doesn't start... (Games : Half-Life 2 : Mods : G String : Forum : Report Bugs : Doesn't start...) Locked
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Jan 6 2012 Anchor

I was in the main menu, and selected the chapter to start a new game. However, once that was done, the music was off and I was still in the main menu. I tried several times, but it just doesn't launch into the game! I really want to try it :(

Never mind, I found out that I should keep the settings the way they were (I turned music/game volume up before I started), then change them in the game.

Jan 14 2012 Anchor

I have already tried keeping the settings the same but i still have the problem

Aug 4 2012 Anchor

August 2012, still cannot start the game.

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