Author: Falcom4ever

Imperial campaign:
- 28 factions playables of witch 10 new factions. Each faction have their own objectives in campaign. Textures, banners and flags for those new factions.
- New symbol pour Venice, France, HRE, England, Turks, Denmark and Spain
- New flags for France, HRE, England, Turcs, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Venice and Moors
- DarthMod 1.4D and some teaks from Ultimate AI and Ultimate Battle AI
- 199 provinces to conquer. Historicity guaranteed. Name of cities an regions wrote in natives languages. Ex: Marseille is in occitan => Marsilho.
- Historical rulers for the most of factions
- New religions : The Judaism
- 1 turn = 1/2 year
- Names og factions edited. Ex: France => Royaume de France, Moors => Empire Maure.
- Aztecs and Papal states playables
- Les aztecs can seal (but if the player dont play with them, they dont go to Europe)
- A bigger différance between cities and castles. There is no way now to edit taxes in castles
- Technologic tree remade
- New historical events

- 6 new units : Aviz Knights (Portugal), Dragões (Portugal), Lithuanian Assassins (Lituanie), Khazarian Cavalry (Khazars), Flemish Knights (Brabant) et Mass warrior (Brabant)
- New banners for Venice, Russia, Moors, France, HRE, England, Turks, Danmark and Spain
- DarthMod 1.4D

1 - Kingdom of Portugal
2 - Kingdom of Castilla-Leòn
3 - Kingdom of France
4 - Kingdom of England
5 - Kingdom of Scotland
6 - Holly Roman Empire
7 - Republic of Venice
8 - Papal States
9 - Kingdom of Sicilia
10 - Kingdom of Denmark
11 - Kingdom of Hungary
12 - Kingdom of Poland
13 - Kingdom of Norway
14 - Duchy of Brabant (Belgian faction)
15 - Kingdom of Leinster (Irish faction)
16 - Kingdom of Aragon

17 - Turkish Empire
18 - Moorish Empire
19 - Kingdom of Egypt
20 - Mongols Empire
21 - Timurids Empire

22 - Principality of Novgorod
23 - Roman Empire of Byzance
24 - Principality of Russian Kiev
25 - Kingdom of Serbia
26 - Empire of Bulgaria

27 - Empire of Khazars

28 - Empire of Aztecs
29 - Kingdom of Sweden
30 - Grand-Duchy of Lithuania


31 - Slaves
Improvements since the 0.99 :


New religion buildings for Lituania and Khazars.
Sweden is catholic
Corrections for tech tree
Bugs corrections

Sweden become a catholic faction and not pagan like in the betas.

Regions and cities

More 2 regions
Remplace some regions for gameplay reasons
New victory conditions

Tech. Tree
Corrected some things in the technological tree.

New units

Dismounted teutonics
Dismounted templar
Dismounted hospitaller

Dismounted knights of Aviz

Lithuanian light cavalry
Lithuanian heavy cavalry

Noble serbian archer
Valachian cavalery

Gaelic peasants

Valachian cavalery

Noble cavalry
Flemmish levy

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Falcom Total War 1.03

Falcom Total War 1.03

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An update to the Falcom Total War mod by Falcom4ever. This is a large overhaul mod. See full details for all that it offers.

Falcom Total War : Divide and Conquer 0.99b

Falcom Total War : Divide and Conquer 0.99b

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This mod adds a new campaign and brings with it many additions, including 28 factions, 199 provinces, a new religion, new textures and much more.

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Доброго времени суток Вам,
Несколько раз скачивал этот мод и устанавливал. Каждый раз выдает ошибку: отсутствует файл kindom.exe
Могу ли я получить исходные коды игр, чтобы самому разобраться с этим багомом ?!
Буду очень благодарен !!!

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