Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic characters and a wide range of other tweaks and improvements.

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serenity937 Developer
Oct 2 2016 Anchor

A message to all.

Firstly a message to JaceSolaris.

Sir thankyou for your support,but I have to ask, Please do not continue your arguments here on the Evolution of Combat page.I understand and agree with your argument.However this is a fight that cannot be won.The overwhelming truth of who stole what from who is a battle that will eventually destroy you and potentially destroy EoC.
The JKA modding community has changed radically over the last few years and most of the coders and modders have left and only a few remain to keep the game alive.

After receiving over 100 pm,s and emails asking for me to re-work knights of the Force mod to work with the SerenityJediEngine. I decided to go ahead and rework a 10 year old dead mod.I knew full well that this would cause some to complain.But i could see that KOTF as a mod in itself had potential to be something amazing.On nearing compleation of Evolution of Combat IV,I was hit by a flood in my village.The flood destroyed my home, my pc and yes my life.
Evolution of Combat IV was destroyed and it was all over.

I took my pc to a computer expert who was able to extract the EoC Code and Assets to another hard drive.Good news.But the code was damaged beyond repair and as a result EoC IV was dead in the water.This happened about 10 weeks before the planned release date.The code was then hurriedly remade,mostly from memory of what had been done the previous year.Many of the new combat features were lost and much of what has been promised was lost forever.

Me personally.I had many other far more important matters to worry about.Rebuilding my life.
So i gave 5 copys of the code and assets to 5 trusted people who all said they would take over the project and repair the code.After that i walked away.I was devistated.6 years of code work all lost in 1 evening of floods destroyed my code ,my home and my will to continue.

How did it all go wrong?
I first met EEzstreet when i was working on a mod called jedi betrayal.This was long before the SDK was released,so we were still working with the fragment MP SDK.
EEZstreet joined soon after i started working on the mod.He declaired himself senior coder and advisor.He refused to do any work whatsoever and only commented negatively against everything that was happening.He was about 12-14 years old at the time and it was clear he didnt want the work but he wanted the credit and glory.He had no experience and no credentials,but he swamped the forums.Enthusiasm for Jedi Betrayal died and we all moved on to other things.EEZstreet then started swamping the moviebattles forums and soon wormed his way on to there coding team.After he completely fucked up the moviebattles code he was kicked from the team.Moviebattles was almost destroyed and it took the guys a long time to fix what EEZstreet had broken.
Then he started swamping the JediKnight Galaxies forums.The mod was allready dying and he soon wormed his way on to the JKG coding team.As everybody knows JKG was a desaster when released,mostly due to EEZstreet fucking with the code.
Gunslinger academy.A mod that uses OJP Basic code.was his next target.He removed the saber code and altered some of the rates of fire for the weapon speeds and damage levels.The rest of the work was left to silverfang (and still is).After Gunslinger academy was a flop.He abandoned the project and left it dead in the water as he had done with Jedi Betrayal,moviebattles and JKG.
Finally Evolution of Combat came on his radar.And when i refused to have anything to do with him or allow him anywhere near EoC.His campaign began.His first accusation was that i had stoled code from his crappy gunslinger mod,but he was foiled because EoC was released 2 years before he even came on the scene and he was seen for the sham that he is.This obviously pissed him off and he pm,d me explaining how he had mental problems and was seeing people for anger management.
Now after swamping every Jedi Academy forum with post after post claiming his grateness,he has managed to gain control of JKhub and has lied and bluffed his way in to many people consiousness.

Jedi Academy SDK is released and new life breaths in Jedi Academy.OpenJK is started.And you can clearly see in openjk that eezstreet has no skillz what so ever.All the work is done by other more talented coders.But you can see he has plastered his name all over the code claiming credit at every opportunity.
Ultimatly Openjk has become broken and is now unstable and full of errors.He has also commented on the origonal code made by the raven guys ,slandering there code and claiming he would have done it better.Not suprisingly he stopped working on Openjk some time ago but still promotes it and peddels it to people at every opportunity,answering posts on other forumz and claiming to be the grate "ENGINEER" or something.
So now he has managed to get other people to make a JK2 The Lost Maps addon in his name.I can imagine how this will end.Need i say more.

The fact that he has never released a mod of his own making and climbs on other peoples backs.People far better than him, will become apparent in time and he will be seen for the sham he is.
He is like America he moves from country to country issuing his will and destroying everything he touches then walks away leaving the country destroyed and claims he has made it better.Just like America is going to destroy the world and get us all killed.He is destroying The JKA community and claims a moral victory over his failures.

He is not the reason i left the modding community but he is a big part of the reason why i will not return................


Oct 2 2016 Anchor

I wish to apologize if i have offended you and hope you understand that i am fighting for JKA just as you did.

I am sorry for your hardship and I do understand your point.I see examples of him fully supporting Plagiarism all over JKHUB and then he comes here to take the high ground and try to wash his hand of the blood they are covered in.Hypocrite is the word i have chosen.After looking around I am unable to find any MODS made and released by this person and im unsure of any of the other details you mentioned.

I still think your return to the modding community would be the best thing to happen since the code was released but i fully understand your position.

However i must admit i have seen content in EoC that I think may have come from another modder but i am not sure if you have permission to use these things or not.Most important to me was i found the "Credits" folder also hidden in your assets and i can see somewhere in the region of 100 notes of credit to other authors and permission Emails you have supplied.But the KOTF assets you used are not fair game just because the mod was old and dead.Maybe trying to contact the original creators of the mods used in KOTF ,(originally stolen by tim creator of KOTF). Would be beneficial to your cause.

I wish you well and hopefully you can understand i am just trying to put thing right.

Oct 9 2016 Anchor

r u serious, you are still lying and talking shit about eezstreet, he didnt break the code, someone got mad when he tried to help someone, and got him kicked out, jesus plz just let it go

Oct 9 2016 Anchor

Personally, Serenity, I don't think that is needed to resurrect that ghost anymore. What has happened, has happened. I, personally, care only about mods, and not about who does what. I care about playing, and even, giving ideas to developement. If eezstreet did or does, I don't care as long as somebody does something good.

And I think that as me, most of the people in Mod DB and JKHub Community. If you continue like this, I will arrange a meeting with REAL WEAPONS in REAL LIFE, and get yourselves killed, but please, don't fucking talk about this anymore.

Basically because for ONCE IN A TIME, eezstreet had nothing to do with the failure of EoC IV, so I don't get it why you bring his name along in a post that is supposed to explain why EoC failed, if he had nothing to do with it and was the flood the cause of everything. Then you tried to do something close in 10 weeks and as it is obvius, it wasn't at the level of 6 years of work, and, as it is obvius, eezstreet criticised it, as more people would, not because has a grudge against you, but because it was an unfinished job. At least, you gave us something to play with, which in fact from time to time works good, and that gave me and a lot of people more like me, a few hours of funny momments, thrilling fights, and a lot of things more. It was unfinished, it was a small piece of what could it once be, it had "borrowed" content and probably you used some code that had some specific license by whom you should have make your work open to the public. Maybe all of this is true, maybe not, I don't care. Eezstreet doesn't even care anymore. It gave me good momments, and now is a dead mod. It can shine again with EoC V if we manage to find some developers, but I guess that won't happen. Don't care anymore. The only thing I care is that you don't revive this fight again cause it gives nothing to the community. I would understand you did if you would continue into modding, but if you are gone for good, just go without throwing shit into anybody, even if you are right about it. I don't care anymore, nobody cares anymore. And if is true that eezstreet is that bad guy you claim, let others find it, you already told it a lot of times, and time would give one of you the reason. Time, not shouting it more times or louder.

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