Developer and Lead coder of evolution of Combat mod.
Latest version available now.First off , let me clear some things up. You all probably know a lot about saber combat , right ? Well , I hate to burst your little bubble of hope but ... with all due respect , you have seen nothing yet. "Evolution of Combat" is just that what it means. Evolution. It changes A LOT , and I really do mean it , about Saber fighting system.Here is the thing , the new blocking system is converted from automatic , to manual. Yes , you figured correctly ! Using a set of movements and a few mouse clicks you can manage to avoid/block most of the strikes given from your adversary with some practice ( and a lot of it ).The offensive system has also gained some new bulk. We all got tired of having only 3 stances in the game at some point too. But do not fret , with this modification , you get not 5 , not 6 , but 7 amazing new stances , moves , katas and positioning.

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Evolution of Combat has changed radically, the mod focus is now (As the name suggests) on Evolution of Combat.A lot of the unnecessary stuff that was nothing more than a distraction and swayed the focus from combat in EoC I and 2 has been removed.
The saber system has been overhauled ,If you watch the film "crouching tiger,hidden dragon" you will see what we have been aiming for.We have focused our efforts on Defense ,calculated attacks, timing and speed.
The saber system is a serious "Saberists" element of the mod with aspects of the Wudang chuan swordsmanship fighting styles and 7 saber forms to choose from.As a result of this ,the people who just like the hack and slash base jedi academy system will not like this.And if you expect your enemy to just stand and be killed, well i got some more bad news
The bot A.I has been totally rebuilt ,these bots (enemy's) will defend
themselves and attack you with a degree of intelligence timing and cunning ,never seen before in JKA .We have aimed at a sense of realism ,to make you feel you are fighting real people.So the message is "If your not an expert at EoC saber system don't play on skill level Jedi master" you will just be killed.
The melee combat system has also been rebuilt ,added moves for defense and attack make melee combat a new skill based element to the mod that ,"when mastered" give you a big advantage over a less experienced fighter.
New weapons and vehicles make the life of a gunner far more interesting.So if you don't want to play as a Jedi, fear not.Many new aspects have been added to make the life of a gunner far more fun.The athlete skill is something gunners will learn to love ,allowing you to jump higher,further, perform acrobatics, and move faster .This skill will make life hard for other gunners and saber wielders to hit you accurately, as you leap and dive around from fire position to cover position.Location based damage means you can blow your opponents head,arms or legs off with a single shot,Making a gun user an enemy respected by all.(Including Jedi).A full experience and Rank system allows you to save your progress to avoid "starting from the beginning" every time you start a new game. Just log in and as you get better and more skilled at EoCIII you will be rewarded by promotion and skill points allowing you to upgrade your weapons or force powers.
New force powers and updates of the old force powers make the life of a sith or jedi far more interesting .Use the force wisely and be rewarded generously, abuse or over using your force powers can weaken you and make you vulnerable to attack from wise enemy's.Evolution of Combat III is a new build ,it is not intended to be a mere update of Jedi academy ,but a New beginning.You must relearn what you have learnt, remaster what you have mastered, with patience , experience and intelligence.This mod will take combat of all forms to a new level allowing you to become the greatest warrior in the galaxy.........
May the force be with you

Furthermore , you might create a server of your own and fight with a couple of bots , I recommend it highly ? Now lets hear you guys yell at me for suggesting that. Again , why ? Well , aside from the bots acquiring a new intelligent AI system making their movements more realistic , and almost nulifying their random jumps and aimless running across the map , they give you quite a good challenge when it comes to saber combat. It makes you forget you are fighting a bot , and gives you a feel you are fighting Masashi himself. That is how cool the bots got upgraded.

There are also a few new maps added. Ranged weapons as well as force powers got a new look , effect and audio. Which is neat when you get the urge to blast someone with a rifle or burn them to crisps with lightning. You also get a few more sabers , skins and blades .

Also , this modification gives you higher understanding of the various forms ( even though they are extracted from the Star Wars universe , they are based on real life Swordsmanship ) and higher authenticity and professionalism to the school. I can picture students learning their swordsmanship skills on a WHOLE other level. Though it will be a hassle for the board of education to create new Tools upon which we all can be trained. Yes , it will be harder in the beginning to adjust , but it is highly possible. Be you a student or artisan , your knowledge will be enhanced tenfold.

There are also a few new added features in this mod which are coolsauce. But enough about my text , here is some proof that this mod really exists and gives you a little more insight in what I am talking about :

This is my personal version of EoC .In the base folder i have installed every map and model i could get my hands on.

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This saber sytem is awesome and it is a shame that
the 2016 version is heavily modified in menu and ui.
I've tested an integration of my own mod into this
but that's not possible due of missing source code!

I creating Jedi Academy Singleplayer Mod,
called JKJA SP Unlocker

I've enabled manual blocking but i search for help with directional blocking.
So it would be very cool if someone can help me with that,
please contact me here on moddb or on the jkhub.
I'm looking into other modifications to learn how to,
but i'm not a programmer and atm i'm learning about JKJA modding

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Sorry Serenity, wrong section :-/
Hope it is okay

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Hey Serenity, thank you so much for your work but now I just hope and pray that you are going alright with your flooded house. I feel so sorry for you. Must be horrible. But it is still amazing that you try to work on your mod.

However I think you appreciate feedback so I will give you some.

Overall your mod is amazing, this is really in depth saber fight how I always imagined it. I really love it! Even though I have not mastered it yet, at all. I like to play the campaign and just fight my way through. I started with Outcast campaign and I just came to lvl 2, the Kejim Base.

What I like:
-I really like the different saber styles and the different taunts that come with them!
- In the campaign, I like it that you put in dark jedis, so there is always a challenge for a good fight.
- Just the whole saber fighting thing makes it so worth it.
- I like that you can choose a character or well lets say, that I can dress Kyle differently.
- Much more!

What I don't like:

- Starting the campaign and figuring out the serenity saber system, I noticed if I just stay at rest with my light saber on, no shots can kill me, like I have God mode on. I think that is kinda weird and not authentic in my opinion.
- When I encounter a larger group of storm troopers and block manually their laser shots my force power drains out super quickly, and I am dead very soon unless I hide behind cover. The other thing is, that sometimes my force gets a boost during that deflecting, like it was down to 50 and then suddenly jumps to 70
- I don't like the battle droids in the campaign, I feel they don't belong there.

Apart from that my game crashes all the time when I try to activate that little droid in the second level.

Thanks for everything! I hope that helps and I sincerely hope that you are doing alright.


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serenity937 Creator

Hi guys

Hopefully you had a chance to see what we are trying to achieve .

1. Uniformity .

It always annoyed me that single player and multi player combat systems were different from each other. I understand why there different but i never liked it anyway.

The first task with the mod is to get mp/sp exactly the same (or a near as dammit) taking into account that 1 is played with 0 latency and the other could be 80-120 ping for some people.

2. Inspirations

My first and most important inspiration is the films.If you truly want to understand EoC sabersystem then you have to really,really watch the sabercombat.

Look how quigon Blocks,Dodges and moves his legs.The pace of attack and defence.He slaps and kicks his enemys "NO SILLY JUMPING ABOUT"

This is where the message is often lost.People compare the sabersystem to base,ojp Moviebattles etc etc.

It should (but sadly never has been) be compared to the movies style.

It contain elements and ideas from all mods,as all mods contain elements from the movies.

My second inspiration is The mods themselves.

Like everybody else i played all the popular mods,but in many cases i found them unbalanced or unfair.
Im not going to name any mods here because i dont want to start any pointless debate about opinions.

However ,In the early days some mods came out and were fantastic but as time went on they got updated and changed and on the way they lost something and it became more about Points and bars on the screen.People look to see the block point bar on the screen and can measure from there BP when to go for a kill.This is predictable and repetitive. It leaves little to the imagination and make sabercombat a simple routing that is followed to the letter or you fail.

I understand its "All about balance" so i decided to go back to basics (stawars basics ,whatever that means!).
Lets stick to sabercombat for now ill talk about guns later.I was in the British army for 18 years so i count myself as a bit of an authority on combat in general .

The sabersystem is built to allow much more freedom of movement.Im not going to talk code here but i did it by chaining and splicing lots of animations code in the sabersystem code.

I have not "AND NEVER WILL" write a tutorial for the sabersystem. I have made a video to get people started

But after that it is up to people to develop there own style- "Feel the force flowing through you".........Who said that?????

The sabersystem in mp and sp is almost identical so practice in the training room with tavion.

Some basic tips.

walking in close saber contact will reduce the amount of force used to block some types of attack .
Accurate blocking will tire your opponent quickly
Use of slaps and kicks in close combat is advised to stun your enemy and create a opening for attack.
Crouch or meditate to regain your forcepowers at x2 speed
Dont let your force powers drop below 25 fp in saber combat, blocking lightning can be very difficult at close range as close lightning now inflicts more damage and costs more to block .Warning Bots and Npc,s can see if your tired or low on fp by your animations and will strike harder if they get a chance.

Im personally a singleplayer fan more than Multiplayer and i can tell you this.If you like Mp sabersystem/anims and A.I then you going to love using the same sabersystem combat system anims etc etc in singleplayer.

Im especially proud of the A.I in sp and spent months on end building there combat.They have about 15 more animations than the player gets.I did this on purpose so they are unpredictable with the animations and can be very hard to kill in some cases.
I made stormtroopers and Imp soldiers relatively hard.They are a well trained army in weapon combat and unarmed combat.They will kick your *** if you get close,they may punch/ kick or butt stroke you with there weapon.

Saber users come in varying difficulty .But there are no un-experianced sith/Jedi in the field of combat. So dont expect them to be easy after they have years of training and experience,And of course if you face Desann or yoda or any "Master" then you can expect megga aggression, Very High speed combat and there force power ability's are Way better than yours...Trust me.If you play sp and spawn yoda in game to help you.Just watch him Kicking ***."HE IS AWESOME TO WATCH".He has his own full animations and seperate saberstyles too.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

serenity937 Creator

A lot of people pm me and send me Emails asking if EoC works with KOTF.
EoC was never tested to work with KOTF because EoC is a mp mod and sp mod in One- a Total conversion for Jedi academy,
Kotf does not even go in the Jedi academy folder but has its own folder seperate from jedi academy .
So does EoC work with Kotf if you put the eoc folder in to the kotf/gamedata folder.

Yes but you will not get the kotf menus and this means you will not get the many kotf models as a player choice. but you will get the extra maps for mp.
However if you remove the Ui-EoCIII.pk3 from the eoc folder you will get the kotf menus with the eoc sabersystem.........

If you do try this and experiance any problems then dont blame me or pm me because eoc was never built to work with kotf in the first place....

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The Gamefront link to Evolution of Combat III is currently broken, Could you please post another non gamefront one.

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serenity937 Creator

An older version can also be found here.

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The guy!!

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