Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic characters and a wide range of other tweaks and improvements.

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wassabiguy says

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The combat in this mod is great, but to me this is one of the only polished aspects of the mod.
The menu navigation seems very strange as it takes multiple work arounds to reach menus such as game load, character creation and main menus, without using keyboard shortcuts and constantly going back and forth between menus.
I realize that a big aspect of this mod is the cheat menu which allows you to change maps, power and spawn enemies to spar with, but to sacrifice basic menu function for this seems like a strange priority. But who am I to judge?
Both single player campaigns have been changed pretty dramatically, with enemies being swapped out to increase difficulty (I presume). If you are a lore fanatic I would not recommend this mod because of the mix of enemies.
To me this mod is lacking in basic function. The saber system, while performing great, seems to be missing a function to tweak combat in single-player. I for one would love to remove the stormtroopers kicks (as they are nothing but a constant spam), tweak health and damage numbers of single player etc.
I would love to give this mod a higher score because I really do enjoy playing the old jedi knight games this way. I simply cant because the release seems a bit rushed with the amount of bugs still present. I cant wait for patch 1.1 :)


Gamerspy1 says

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Real good mod but it has bugs that could be annoying how you cant get pass yavin 4 training mission where the mission does not end also force lighting is real op but so far its a real good mod.


JohnnyGame says

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NoahLovesGaming says

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An amazing total conversion of Jedi Academy, hopefully it gets released again soon!


DarthTalon says

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Awesome mod! Its absolutely insane that something like this could come from a game released in 2006. I would rate it better but the fact that multiplayer is impossible for me makes me put this game at a 6. Not only that but the story mode is really glitchy taking out some of the nostalgia i am looking for. Otherwise this would be fantastic, as always good luck and keep up the good work!


Nyloth90 says

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Great idea but still has room for improvment some fixes need to be made as soon as possible


ismile1999 says

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The reason that i give this mod a Ten out of Ten is because of the amount of improvements that it brings to the game. I love all the features that are put into the game. for instance the ability to play as the characters from the star wars trilogy.


nathancp says

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I'm am quite Active on the discord, and host a server for this mod almost every night the combat is brilliant but everything else is just a mess.

The mod for some reason adds Jedi Outcast content, not just models and maps but the whole campaign this is un needed bloat.

The mods single player aspect is a mess, the balancing is everywhere and its almost impossible to play, not to mention the bugs everywhere, when you can;t even complete levels. (you will die a lot playing single player, the mod maker has made every storm tropper just hit you to the ground and shoot you, this mod does not suit the single player formula.)

as I said the combat is brilliant and it really shines in the multiplayer, but the "Class" system is just full of overpowered characters with abnormally high hp and models which are not even scaled correctly. there are also a ton of maps that are broken.

This mod also has a few new bugs every patch, like the latest one, its impossible to set Multi duels to on.

another issue that may be only for me is in the new update, they seem to made everyone around you "disappear" when you private duel, well as in disappear they only go invisible so you can still walk into them, making private duels full of clumsy walking into invisible players. I have complained about this issue and have asked for a option since the first closed beta patch i was a part off, still not fixed.

I really hope this mod really improves on it's self..the mod has great potential on the combat side, but It just fails at almost every other aspect.

Heres hoping I am patient enough to stick around



RebelWinds says

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Too much fluff, cumbersome menus that don't always seem to work, takes a step back for every step forward. Customization in SP could do with being much more robust.


Black_Havoc says

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Patch 1.1 completely broke the game, now it always starts with a screen saying that patch #1 is available, with the only option being to quit the game. Tried reinstalling, nothing works.

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Great Total Conversion, Of Star Wars.

The Stail Of Play Was Changed To Be More Dificult, But More Real.

Y Like Dat

Dec 18 2015 by redck-luck456