ET Headquarters adds a flexible character customization system to Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. It also adds gameplay changes and rebalances class mechanics. Its core gameplay remains close to vanilla ET.

Mod Features

Amongst the many which stand out:

- Omnibot Support
- ETpro Mapscripting Support
- Lua 5.1 Support
- Sqlite3 Database Backend
- Xpsave and Moditemsave Support
- Game Coins
- Character Customization
- Flexible Character Customization Backend
- Barracks Menu to Visually Unlock Character Items
- New Command Post Gameplay
- Blue Adrenaline
- Covert Ops Weapon Specialist

The Team

acQu - Code, Game Design
Floreio - Models
Jenkins - Logo, 2D gfx
Thunder - Skins, Models


Bug reports go to:


Not all media assets shown in the pictures, videos, etc, were done by us alone. We hereby thank everyone in the community who made these assets available. We do not take credit for those.

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The source code for ET Headquarters can now be found on github. It is free to use and you can include or modify it in any way. Enjoy!

Link to source on github:

ww2 chameleon pack

ww2 chameleon pack

News 4 comments

Now working on a pack with winter and jungle camo + adding some more headaccs

ET Headquarters 0.9.127

ET Headquarters 0.9.127


ET Headquarters Mod version 0.9.127 and HQ WW2 Character Customization Pack is now available in the downloads.

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ww2 chameleon pack

ww2 chameleon pack

Full Version 3 comments

finally done with this and its ready to use for populating servers. Both sides have now got 4 different uniforms: -City -Desert -Jungle -Winter also 10...

ET Headquarters 0.9.127

ET Headquarters 0.9.127

Full Version

ET Headquarters Mod - version 0.9.127. ET Headquarters adds a flexible character customization system to Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. It also adds gameplay...

HQ WW2 Character Customization Pack

HQ WW2 Character Customization Pack

Server 3 comments

Official ET Headquarters Standard Character Customization Pack. This is the WW2 themed item pack. It contains 10 body- and helmetskins, 5 rankskins and...


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acqu Creator

"ERROR: BG_IndexForString: unknown token 'Blue Adrenaline Syringe': (animations/scripts/human_base.script, line 133)"

If this does happen to you then most likely there is a problem with the shared libraries. The mod uses lua 5.1.4 and sqlite 3 and if they can not be found (et.exe folder or system path) or are incompatible with your operating system then you get this error.

Sorry about, i will avoid using shared libs in next release.

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Since I was testing alone, I could only check the Barracks menu and its appearance combined with the WWII pack you provided.
I have to say this is some astonishing work! (the pilot goggles are a nice touch!)

Some things I would like to report/request:
• when in spectator / limbo state / or awaiting medic state the player is shown dead or calling for a medic. In my opinion it should always be a standing model

• zoom +/- especially handy for the face, but also has a nicer touch

• complete (but maybe limited) 3D perspective (not only one rotation axis)

I know that my feedback is limited but I didn't have the motivation to completely test the mod on my own. Again, great work!

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acqu Creator

Thanks for the quick testing. Much appreciated.

The zoom+/- and the limbo state thing are on my list for quite some time now.

The problem with the limbo menu is that i currently use the animation code from the client. I need to decouple it in future.

Zoom is on the list as well. I plan to make a button on left side for that. It will simply toggle between head and complete view.

A complete 3D perspective (like in Radiant, where you can fly around) is too much work for me.

The pilot goggles are Thunders work, he did a great job on the HQ WW2 pack.

Just some question: do you maybe know some good skinner for ET. I have made a todo file in the WW2 character custom pack, so if anyone here reading this is capable of doing that, i would be very grateful. I have absolutely no skill at all in these things, but i need to get them done to make the pack better.

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