ETXreaL is a graphics mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory using the enhanced XreaL id Tech 3 GPL engine.


ETXreaL id Tech 3 Features

* Modern OpenGL 3.2 renderer with all deprecated OpenGL calls removed
* Clever usage of vertex buffer objects (VBO) to speed up rendering of everything
* Avoids geometry processing each frame using the CPU (worst bottleneck with the Q3A engine)
* Renders up to 500 000 - 1 000 000 polygons at 80 - 200 fps on current hardware (DX10 generation)
* Optional GPU occlusion culling (improved Coherent Hierarchy Culling) useful for rendering large city scenes
* Doom 3 .MD5mesh/.MD5anim skeletal model and animation support
* Unreal Actor X .PSK/.PSA skeletal model and animation support
* True 64 bit HDR lighting with adaptive tone mapping
* Advanced projective and omni-directional soft shadow mapping methods like EVSM
* Real-time sun lights with parallel-split shadow maps
* Optional deferred shading
* Relief mapping that can be enabled by materials
* Optional uniform lighting and shadowing model like in Doom 3 including globe mapping
* Supports almost all Quake 3, Enemy Territory and Doom 3 material shader keywords
* TGA, PNG, JPG and DDS format support for textures
* Usage of frame buffer objects (FBO) to perform offscreen rendering effects
* Improved TrueType font support that does not require external tools
* Linux 64-bit support
* Linux sound backend using SDL
* .avi recorder from ioquake3 including sound support
* Optimized collision detection routines
* Support for Omni-bot
* GUID system to generate etkeys which are sent as cl_guid


System Requirements

Minimum system requirements:

CPU: 2 GHz Intel compatible
System Memory: 1024MB
Graphics card: Any graphics card that supports Direct3D 10 and OpenGL >= 3.2

Recommended system requirements:

CPU: 3 GHz + Intel compatible
System Memory: 2048MB+
Graphics card: Geforce 8800 GT, ATI HD 4850 or higher.


Future Plan

* Add a Creative Commons BY-SA high resolution texture replacement pack including new material definitions to support diffuse, normal and specular textures
* Create improved versions of existing maps with an etx_ prefix like:
* Improve ETXMap ET .map -> Doom 3 .map format conversion routine to handle spawnflags -> boolean type conversions
* Improve ETXMap compiler for better support of extracting models from .bsp files for further editing in Blender or other 3D tools
* Finish Doom 3 style DarkRadiant entity definitions file etmain/def/entities.def to have full support for all ET entity types
* Add Blender tools to make it easier to replace the existing models
* Optimize ET decal system with VBOs
* Add Bullet physics engine (maybe)


Help us and contribute your media assets

We are always looking for artists who would like to contribute.
You can chat with us via IRC. The channel is #xreal at

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ETXreaL 0.3.0 Released


ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111110.7z is a complete download. You don't need any previous versions of ETXreaL.

You can download it from or this site.

If you find bugs, then report them to our bug tracking system at , please.

Have fun.

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ETXreaL 0.3.0

ETXreaL 0.3.0

Patch 10 comments

ETXreaL-0.3.0-20111110.7z is the first major release including over 1 GB of new textures. It contains binaries for Windows and Linux.

Shader Manual

Shader Manual


Based on the Quake III Arena Shader Manual by Paul Jaquays and Brian Hook (rewritten by Robert Beckebans). Features a comprehensive list of all shader...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 37)
WolfRTCW - - 514 comments

Such a shame that this superb project was never finished, or at least, teamed-up with ET: Lagacy.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 698,920 comments

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roflsunriz - - 1 comments

I'm pretty looking for a new version of ETXreaL mod.
Improving graphics of W:ET is very important because it is old game now.
And to attracts who people may get more better graphics as me.

So please develop this mod(actually patch) and to ran under other mod like NoQuarter and Jaymod.
I am looking forward to news about ETXreaL.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Dragonji - - 68 comments

It's dead.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
own3r - - 3 comments

I think the lead developer has since moved on as he got a new job in the industry. If you liked ET then check out Overdose:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 698,920 comments

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AidenDemon - - 566 comments

OMG!!! Dude can you make something like that for original Return to castle Wolfenstein? Shaders look unbelievable!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
gordonfreeman3525 - - 288 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
grabeskuehle - - 102 comments

Yeah, i would love too to see this for original rtcw!
Would be especialy great for making own singleplayer games, as rtcw source is open now.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Fresc0 - - 1 comments

Are u still working in this project? Its awesome dude, now im waiting for the 0.4.0 release.

Good job.

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