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Escape from the Afterlife General Features

- Druid is now Summoner - even more minions and elemental skills
- Amazon is now Huntress - pure bow with traps
- Barbarian is now Viking - melee & elemental attacks
- Necromancer is now Magi - elemental attacks and elementals - similar to sorceress + golem necro
- Sorceress is now Heroine - melee attacks, dodges & werewolf transformation
- Paladin is now Hero - melee attacks & werebear transformation
- Assassin is now Witch - curses, poison & summoning

GAMEPLAY (by erevos):
- New Stats/Skills (v1.56)
- Lifebound item system (v1.56)
- Life & Mana Orbs (v1.56)
- Lairs - End-Game maps (v1.56)
- Runestones (v1.56)
- Affix-Words (v1.56)
- Overhaul of Itemization/New affixes (v1.56)
- Trophies of slain monsters with bonuses (v1.56)
- Liquid Shrines (v1.56)
- Plunders (v1.56)
- End-game Dungeons "Afterilfe Paths"
- Impressive Boss Rooms & Boss fights (by mouse)
- New Damage System for Two Handed melee weapons
- Carry Weight - (New mechanic system)
- Erebus Seals - Blessed Arrows/Bolts (New item types that breaks the rules)
- New monsters to fight
- New maps, recolored old ones
- Overhaul of Itemization
- Hellgate traps
- Liquid Shrines

SKILL SYSTEM (by mouse):
- 33 skills for each class, many of which are new
- Skill point quest rewards are doubled
- Skills are acquired at level 1,8,16,24,32,40
the first point in each skill is free - encouraging experimentation and allowing everyone a minimum (and/or maximum) of diversity
- 110 levels!
- No prerequisite skills (not that it would matter with the first point being free anyway ;) )

P.S. This mod is very minion-centric (working codename is "The Minion Mod") - all classes have at least 1, if not 2, minions

QoL (by erevos):
- New Resolution 1280x768 (must be played in this res to avoid issues)
- D2SE compatible (and a must for EftA's functionality)
- PlugY 5.06 (without unassigment skills)
- Auto gold pickup
- Auto-sort inventory, cube, stash
- Loot filter
- Floating damage numbers
- Moving items to stash & vise versa with ctrl+left click
- Fully equipped Mercs

EQUIPMENT (by mouse):
- 1200+ uniques (650 by erevos)
- 63 new sets- 52 new class sets and 11 new generic sets
- Custom -item only skills- (many transforms)
- Skills that can only be accessed by equipping the proper item:
Cloak of Shadows, Conversion, Charge, Energy Shield, Fireball, Skeleton Mastery, Raise skeleton, Raise Skeletal Mage, Bone Prison, Revive, Cleansing, Resist Lightning, Redemption, Holy Shock, Leap, Raven, Iron Golem, Inner Sight, Guided Arrow, Lightning Fury, Holy Shield, Dim Vision, Blaze, Teeth, Impale, Plague Javelin, Nova, Frozen Orb (modified), Time Stop, Slow, Prime Sphere (meph cold ball) & Cow Call (mu hahahaha), summon Naga Magi, summon Naga Magus, summon Polong, Fear aura, Plague (like a distance cast rabies), summon Treant, Joy of Magic (magic find aura), summon Balrog, summon Spider, Mind Control (convert aura), pandemonium (confuse aura)
- New properties available on items:
Lightning Thorns per level, Fire Thorns, Fire Thorns per level, Cold Thorns, Cold Thorns per level, Lower enemy magic resistance, Enhanced Damage for all magical skills, +x to all fire/cold/lightning/magic or poison skills (each is a separate property like the old +x to fire skills), elemental thorns (attacker takes tri-elemental damage)
- New class only items for each class, with staffmods & special automods. staff + auto on weapons, just staff on armor (staffmods are the +random class skills, automods are just something else - str for vikings, run speed for huntresses, etc.)
Summoner rods (new wand)
Witch = wreaths (new headgear), twigs (new wand)
Magi = slippers (new shoes), staves, wands
Viking = fury helms, braces (new belts), viking spears (new spear)
Hero = auric shields, brands (new swords)
Heroine = cuffs (new gloves), bo staves (new staves)
Huntress = forest garb (new armor), hunter crossbows (new xbows)
all classes have uniq rings with staffmods
- Stonewords: comprised of filling up a 2 or 3 socket item with the same "new" stones (harvest, mana,etc) or a 4 socket item with 3 of the same stone and 1 jewel.
enabled/created ~20 new runewords

- 110 player levels
monsters have increased hit points and armor, and give more experience
several new monster animations - credits to Infinitum for providing the files and the various authors for creating, or for providing the files for me to create them.
Larger stash via goro3d's plugin
resist penalties increased to -60 in nightmare & -140 in hell
new titles for each class for each difficulty beaten in softcore & hardcore


-??: ettin plugin (modified by mouse),pitfiend plugin (modified by mouse), red myconid plugin (modified by mouse)
-Acromatic Aria & infinitum - Ice Golem new token plugin
-Alkalund: bone golem plugin, chimera plugin
-demon666 - act 1 town plugin -digibo - d1 item pack
-goro3d: big cube/stash/inventory plugin
-Har'lea'quinn: aeriel servant plugin
-Jbouley & Charsi's Forge for the web hosting!
-jbouley - item packs 2 & 3, rune pack
-joel & red havoc - arcane sanctuary plugin -kingpin - tropo new token plugin
-Myhrginoc - new titles plugin
-om & jbouley - item packs 1 & 2
-phrozen heart - sherical animated gif, bugbear captain dcc's
-Red Havoc: several overlays & misiles from his re-colored missile & overlay package
-riparious - gem images
-Vegabond_635 - shadow new token plugin,cofs+data for earth elemental, curst guard
-Volf - cow level plugin

-uncountable helpful people at the Phrozen Forums who have helped me through my journey into mod making
-me/mouse: everything else

Credits (by erevos):
@mouse (EftA's original creator)
@andsimo and the whole Discord community
@Revan for D2tweaks.dll
@Dav92 for D2ExpRes.dll
@( ?° ?? ?°) for testing and bugs hunting
@Johannes Bohm for "Johnny's Mod 1.22"
@Phrozen Heart & @Pagan Rainfall for "Pagan Heart"
@Havvoric for D2Newstats.dll

Special thanks to @tmuhlhausen

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Diablo II aged amazingly well in almost all of its aspects, one thing though that it suffers is the same old skills and skill system. Skills are probably the weakest part in vanilla Diablo 2 and the aspect that most mods suffer. They either following the overhaul path, or they copy/emulate systems of other famous games of thie genre.

One of the reasons that drove me to spent hundreds of hours, back to 2004 in EftA as a player, was the unique skill system and the new archetype classes it was introducing. But doing it without feeling overdone or alien to the game was the thing that kept me going. So, EftA introduces classes which are self efficient and with a multi-type damage output. New and reallocated vanilla skills (modified and enhanced) are morphing each build. For example Sorcerer is now called Heroine and is a melee fighter. With auras, shape shifting, wolf minions, resists, weapon masteries, fire damage, chances for crushing blow and all kind of abilities, makes a fun and exciting char to play with. The same principle follow all the classes and i will leave for you to discover all this by playing EftA.

Skill points distribution is another area where EftA shines. In each level you gain 3 skill points.The first level of a skill is free! With this little feature you can check without a cost how a skill functions and how it looks and feel, especially for the new skills of EftA this is really important. This mechanic is encouraging experimentation and improves greatly the diversity among builds. The second level for each skill costs 1 skill point and after that, every level of the skills costs 2 skill points. Some classes have a powerful passive skill called "Archetype", which is available at level 60, each level for this archetype skill, up to level three, costs 3 skill points, after that the cost rises to 4 skill points. Skills are now acquired at level 1,8,16,24,32,40,60 accordingly and dont have any prerequisites. A vast variety of skills comes also as -items only-, which means that you will find items that grants you skills, making you build even more distinguished.

Skill system in Escape from after Afterlife, encourages you to test multiply builds for each class, ranging from a trap Huntress (ex: Amazon, to a master of the elements Magi (ex: Necromancer). So hope you enjoyed the reading.

P.S: Everything that involves classes and skills in EftA, comes from the hard and fantastic work of the creator of the mod (mouse).


Erebus Seals/Charms and the hunting for Champion Packs

Erebus Seals/Charms and the hunting for Champion Packs


Explaining Erebus Seals, the new charm-like item introduced in Escape from the Afterlife 1.54 - Paths edition (latest version), the changing of Charms...

Carry Weight mechanic

Carry Weight mechanic


Explaining Carry Weight, the new mechanic introduced in Escape from the Afterlife 1.54 - Paths edition (latest version)

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EftA1.56 Patch 1

EftA1.56 Patch 1

Patch 1 comment

Patch 1 of Escape from the Afterlife Final 1.56, includes new feature on itemization called "Forged by Anu" enhancing Magic and Rare items with affixes...

EftA -final version- 1 56

EftA -final version- 1 56

Full Version 8 comments

Escape from the Afterlife Final 1.56 is finally here! Packed with new features and innovations: Lifebound items, Life/Mana Orbs, Salvage systems, Emblems...

EftA 1 56 Music Patch

EftA 1 56 Music Patch


Immerse your self to the Afterlife world with new music. While this music patch is optional, i do suggest to you to download it and to feel the sense...

EftA 1 56 hotfix 3

EftA 1 56 hotfix 3

Patch 4 comments

EftA1.56 hotfix 3 includes both 1&2 hotfixes. Pls report any issues you might have. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

EftA1.56 hotfix 2

EftA1.56 hotfix 2

Patch 9 comments

EftA1.56 hotfix 2 includes hotfix 1, pls report any issues you might have. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

EftA 1 56 hotfix1

EftA 1 56 hotfix1


A small hotfix for Rogues mercs and some minor stuff.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 58)
FishGaming - - 3 comments

Can you please tell me how to activate the other multiplayer option in the main menu? I play over tcp/ip with my friend all the time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
drlaza - - 6 comments

Doesnt work. I get stuck on the loading screen with the grey skull before main menu

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
tanjiezh - - 32 comments

Dear creator, I see EftA-II Test Version in a website, is it true we will have EftA II? And will you move EftA to Diablo II: Resurrected?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
jaguarw1725 - - 1 comments

Efta (1.10, beta) was my all time favourite mod and seeing it get an update is huge for me. But before i try it out i may have some questions and concerns.

The uniques that were represented in the old version (+1 of each item) were a little bit unbalanced, but they were cool. Did they remain in this version as well? I almost manage to find all unique items (except ceremonial plate) and i really liked the elite, highest char specific ones, i hope those remained unchanged.
Also, did the skills remained the same (archtype passive skill, etc...)?

What i don't really like at first sight is the new layout. I don't know, but the vanilla feels a lot better for me.
Maybe i give it a try, it just hard to start all over. :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Matoho - - 54 comments

Why did you delete LAN option play??? I want to play with friend

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,620 comments

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futurehope - - 4 comments

can it support lan game in the future?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,620 comments

How do I make my screen full window? I am having the crashing inventory problem.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
erevos Creator
erevos - - 42 comments

Uncheck window in D2SE, chose 1280x760 res

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,620 comments

I can not get my character to work with this MOD. After choosing character from original DS2 LOD I get the error code "unable to enter game. Bad character stats data." How do I fix this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Guest - - 695,620 comments

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erevos Creator
erevos - - 42 comments

Vanilla chars arent compatible with 99% of the mods

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