Info by mouse about the last version on 2004:

Classes and Skills:

- 6 new classes:Druid is now Summoner - even more minions and elemental skills
Amazon is now Huntress - pure bow with traps
Barbarian is now Viking - melee & elemental attacks
Necromancer is now Magi - elemental attacks and elementals - similar to sorceress + golem necro
Sorceress is now Heroine - melee attacks, dodges & werewolf transformation
Paladin is now Hero - melee attacks & werebear transformation
Assassin is now Witch - curses, poison & summoning - very similar to old necro - the new class most like an old class

- 33 skills for each class, many of which are new
- Quests with skill point rewards give twice as many (den of evil & book = 2, izual = 4)
- Skills are acquired at level 1,8,16,24,32,40 (instead of 1,6,12,18,24,30)
the first point in each skill is free - encouraging experimentation and allowing everyone a minimum (and/or maximum) of diversity
- 110 levels!
- No prerequisite skills (not that it would matter with the first point being free anyway ;) )
- Item only skills (see Equipment section below)

P.S. This mod is very minion-centric (working codename is "The Minion Mod") - all classes have at least 1, if not 2, minions


new class only items for each class, with staffmods & special automods. staff + auto on weapons, just staff on armor (staffmods are the +random class skills, automods are just something else - str for vikings, run speed for huntresses, etc.)
Summ rods (new wand)
Witch = wreaths (new headgear), twigs (new wand)
Magi = slippers (new shoes), staves, wands
Viking = fury helms, braces (new belts), viking spears (new spear)
Hero = auric shields, brands (new swords)
Heroine = cuffs (new gloves), bo staves (new staves)
Huntress = forest garb (new armor), hunter crossbows (new xbows)
all classes have uniq rings with staffmods

~650 new uniqs (at least 1 for each item type!)
63 new sets (225 new set items) so far: 52 new class sets and 11 new generic sets
many custom item only skills, many transforms - at least half the exceptional/elite sets have custom transforms. Check out the screen shot page for some examples!
The following pre-existing skills can only be gained by equipping the proper item: cloak of shadows, conversion, charge, energy shield, fireball,skeleton mastery, raise skeleton, raise skeletal mage, bone prison,revive,cleansing, resist lightning,redemption, holy shock,leap,raven,iron golem,inner sight,guided arrow,lightning fury, holy shield, dim vision, blaze, teeth,impale,plague javelin,nova, modified frozen orb
The following new skills can only be gained from an item: time stop, slow, prime sphere (meph cold ball) & cow call (mu hahahaha), summon naga magi, summon naga magus, summon polong, fear aura, plague (like a distance cast rabies), summon treant, joy of magic (magic find aura, you know you want it!), summon balrog, summon spider, mind control (convert aura), pandemonium (confuse aura)
"Stonewords": comprised of filling up a 2 or 3 socket item with the same "new" stones (harvest, mana,etc) or a 4 socket item with 3 of the same stone and 1 jewel.
enabled/created ~20 new runewords

new properties available on items: lightning thorns per level, fire thorns, fire thorns per level, cold thorns, cold thorns per level, lower enemy magic resistance, enhanced damage for all magical skills, +x to all fire/cold/lightning/magic or poison skills (each is a separate property like the old +x to fire skills), elemental thorns (attacker takes tri-elemental damage)


:110 player levels
monsters have increased hit points and armor, and give more experience
several new monster animations - credits to Infinitum for providing the files and the various authors for creating, or for providing the files for me to create them.
Larger stash via goro3d's plugin
resist penalties increased to -60 in nightmare & -140 in hell
new titles for each class for each difficulty beaten in softcore & hardcore


-??: ettin plugin (modified by mouse),pitfiend plugin (modified by mouse), red myconid plugin (modified by mouse)
-Acromatic Aria & infinitum - Ice Golem new token plugin
-Alkalund: bone golem plugin, chimera plugin
-demon666 - act 1 town plugin -digibo - d1 item pack
-goro3d: big cube/stash/inventory plugin
-Har'lea'quinn: aeriel servant plugin
-Jbouley & Charsi's Forge for the web hosting!
-jbouley - item packs 2 & 3, rune pack
-joel & red havoc - arcane sanctuary plugin -kingpin - tropo new token plugin
-Myhrginoc - new titles plugin
-om & jbouley - item packs 1 & 2
-phrozen heart - sherical animated gif, bugbear captain dcc's
-Red Havoc: several overlays & misiles from his re-colored missile & overlay package
-riparious - gem images
-Vegabond_635 - shadow new token plugin,cofs+data for earth elemental, curst guard
-Volf - cow level plugin

-uncountable helpful people at the Phrozen Forums who have helped me through my journey into mod making
-me/mouse: everything else

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Escape from the Afterlife v1.53

Escape from the Afterlife v1.53

Full Version

Escape from the Afterlife is an amazing mod made by @mouse. Development stopped at 2004. So now in 2020 a new versions bring EftA back to life by @erevos...

Escape from the Afterlife v1.52

Escape from the Afterlife v1.52

Full Version

Escape from the Afterlife is an amazing mod made by @mouse. Development stopped at 2004. So now in 2020 a new versions bring EftA back to life by @erevos...

Escape from the Afterlife v1.51

Escape from the Afterlife v1.51

Full Version

Escape from the Afterlife is an amazing mod made by @mouse, but development stopped at 2004. So now in 2020 a new version comes to life by @erevos (me...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 23)

the game crash enter baal chamber in nm

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
erevos Creator

Hi @saulok, the new version, 1.53, does' not crash. Make sure you got 1.53.
For more info come to

Reply Good karma+1 vote

it's ok...thx

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
erevos Creator

saulok np, i'll be happy to hear your feedback

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I think I am missing something here.

I installed in the Diablo 2 folder (I can actually play and everything seems to work) expect when I look at the 'EftA Extras'. None of the updates in the extras folder seem to be working or give an instruction on how to make sure their installed properly.

Is there more steps to make sure that they work? Perhaps moving files around I have yet to try?

I also opened up the game with both the Diablo 2.exe and the game.exe with no results.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
erevos Creator

Hi, it requires D2SE mod manager and EftA should be installed inside: Diablo II\MODS (a folder created by D2SE.

For a more direct help join

Reply Good karma+1 vote

wow, that's a lot of everything! new classes are nice. some have kinda boring looking skill tabs with just one skill per tier. gameplay is very zoomy, but not overwhelming - apart from the amount of loot, but class restrictions makes it easier to sort through everything :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
erevos Creator

Thanks for the info Violet-n-red ;)

Come and join EftA's

Reply Good karma+1 vote

the game crashes on both my windows 10 computers.
when I open my inventory and am moving my cursor around in it it crashes with the c0000005 unhandled exception
doesn't seem to happen at all on my friend's computer which is windows 7.
I'm gonna try to bring out my old windows 7 computer and test it on that if I can find the pc.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
erevos Creator

Do you run it with D2SE, right?

come to if you like, for a more direct help

Reply Good karma+1 vote

yes I'm running through d2se set it up exactly the same way as my friend did on windows 7. we're even using the same copy of diablo 2.
I joined there I'll post the question there as well.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

edit for anyone reading this. it was as simple as changing the resolution in game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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