When the alien swarm comes to the human, IAF is our last hope to defeat aliens and defend our planet. But the custom original settings seem too fucking and poor to challenge the insane or brutal mode. So IAF decided to improve the condition of marines--enhance their armors and combat equipments. At the same time, the enhanced weapons is too advanced and complex for all marines to use, so most of the weapons are classified, except the assault rifle and the twin pistols.

What is adjusted:

1) Marines' max health
Most marines' max health is 200 now (was 80). Sarge, Jaeger, Wolfe and Vegas is with more because of their skills (each bonus point add 25).

2) Marines' movement speed
Most marines' movement speed is 300 now (was 290). Wildcat=420 (330), Faith=390 (320).

3) Reload time
All the weapons which need reload only spend 0.5 sec now, and marines' skills also bring extra reduction of reload time.

4) Infestation time
Less infestation time makes the possibility of infested surviving larger. Although that, infested marines without healing still may die. Personal healing medikit does no help to infestation. It can make up the damage of parasites temporarily, but the yellow infestation health bar will not reduce faster, and the healing speed is less than damage speed. When the medikits are out, marine dies. What you can do is only to wait for the parasites dying and ask for help from medics. But medics' personal medikits are useful to infestation, because their skills are tied to themselves, but not their equipments. So all the healing actions done by medics can cure infestation. What is more, Faith can reduce infestation time by 75%, when Bastille does 25%.

5) Unlimited secondary-fire grenades
Incendiary grenades from auto-shotgun, frag grenades from assault rifle and stun grenades from prototype assault rifle are unlimited now (was all 5).

6) Clusters of hand grenades
All marines have at least 5 clusters in a hand grenade now (was 0). Sarge, Jaeger and Crash have more because of their skills (add 5 on the previous number).

7) Melee damage
All marines can make twice damage on enemies as the past. Jaeger and Vegas have more damage because of their skills, but it seems too tiny under the base damage.

8) Frozen time
All marines can freeze aliens for 30 sec now (was 5), in spite of their skills.

9) Unlimited extinguisher ammo
Extinguishers can be used unlimitedly, with 9999 charges (was 200).

10) Quantities and efficiencies of medical equipments
Medi-satchels, medigun and personal healing kits have been increased. Medi-satchel: 15 for Faith (was 9), 14 for Bastille (was 8); Medigun: 150 for Faith (was 90), 140 for Bastille (was 80); Medikit: 10 for each marine (was 1). And each healing equipment has more medicine charges, but no change on speed. A medi-satchel can cure 4 dying marines completely. A charge of medigun can heal significantly more health. A medikit can cure Faith completely and cure Bastille nearly completely.

11) New classifying rule of equipments
Officer: multi-shot weapons, explosive weapons, chainsaw and ammo satchel.
Weapon speciallist: rapid auto weapons.
Medic: medical equipments and flame weapons.
Tech: sniper weapons and freezing weapons.
Unclassified: assault rifle, twin pistols, mining laser and extinguisher.
All offhand items are not classified now, including incendiary mines.

12) Improved equipments' informations
All the tech weapons have been reformed as sniper weapons and other weapons has been classified or its feature. Offhand items have been improved by number.
Assault rifle: higher damage, lower fire rate.
Prototype: higher damage, lower fire rate, lower clip size. (New name: auto-aiming semi-auto sniper rifle, for its auto-aiming fuction and high damage.)
Autogun: higher damage, higher fire rate.
Auto shotgun: higher damage, higher fire rate.
Pistol: higher damage.
Shotgun: higher damage, higher fire rate, higher clip size.
Tesla gun: higher damage, lower fire rate. (New name: Avada Kedavra, for its extremely high damage can kill any creature instanly, but having a very low fire rate.)
Railgun: higher damage, higher fire rate, higher clip size.
PDW: higher damage, lower fire rate.
Flamer: higher damage, lower fire rate.
Minigun: higher damage.
Sniper rifle: higher damage, higher fire rate.
Offhand items:
Medikit: 1+9=10
Flare: 15+15=30
Laser mine: 12+18=30
Tesla trap: 3+7=10
Incendiary mine: 5+5=10
Missiles: 3+27=30
Eletric armor: 3+7=10
Freezing grenade: 5+5=10
Frag grenade: 5+5=10
Jump jet: 5+25=30
Damage amp: 5+5=10
Large missiles: 1+9=10
Ammo satchel: 3+7=10

Notice: You cannot join any multiplayer game or public server in halfway with players who did not install this MOD , because there is a multiplayer data checking in Steam. So you have to host a game and be the leader of the public or private server, then put in "SV_CONSISTENCY 0" in console (press " `" to activate console). After this, enjoy your wonderful game!

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AS Enhanced IAF

AS Enhanced IAF

Full Version

Nothing special, download and extract it as a new game. Start Steam then start swarm.exe. More information in READ ME.txt, please read it before playing...


Its great but you guys didnt say much about how to install it.
So please can you tell me how to make it work?

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Extract the files here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Alien Swarm\swarm\addons

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