An EndWar conversion mod for WG:RD. I'm releasing it now in a semi-finished state as I no longer have the time to work on it. The mod is in a playable state, though only the SGB faction and the EFEC faction are complete. Credit for the AI improvements goes to TK3600

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For each faction, there are 4 main vehicle types and 2 main infantry types. These are: Tanks, Transports, Attack Helicopters, Artillery, Riflemen, and Engineers. Each of these units have two versions, one that models the baseline unit available in EndWar and a second that models that same unit with all of it upgrades applied (as faithfully as I can represent them anyway) These upgrades oftentimes are represented by incremental stat bumps, but some of these stat changes are hidden. For instance, upgraded EFEC vehicles not only have increased speed in all areas, but also improved turning time, allowing them to be much more agile close in knife fights. This includes the upgraded EFEC Cheetah Gunship, which also changes altitude faster.

Each faction also includes a Command Vehicle, a guard unit, and a UAV. These units do not have baseline versions of themselves, and only exist in their upgraded state. The CV can be taken with either with the factions guard unit or UAV, but not both. Both the guard unit and the UAV can also be taken separately in the deck builder.

Each faction has flavors and characteristics that I tried to represent in this mod to the best of my ability, and some of these end up as hidden stats. For instance, the SGB generally has worse accuracy across the board when compared to the EFEC, but they have a higher minimum accuracy (Accuracy when a unit has taken moral damage). This allows SGB units to better absorb casualties and sustain fights of attrition, especially when combined with their higher health pools and armor. The EFEC in contrast has higher speeds across the board, including aim time, and their units are typically strongest in the opening seconds of an engagement. This makes them excellent at ambush and shock and awe tactics.

Units in EndWar have shields. This was difficult to represent in WG:RD, but I think I've done a decent job. One of the first things you'll notice is that Faction units have ECM. This is only a part of the equation. Many units, including infantry, are also capable of deploying smoke. For vehicles, including helicopters, this is done in a manner similar to vehicles in real life, mimicked here via rapid very shortrange mortar fire. For infantry, they carry a grenade launcher that can deploy smoke. Artillery units have the ability to deploy smoke in a method WG:RD players will be more familiar with, but they too can deploy smoke in a manner similar to other vehicles. Across the board, EFEC vehicles carry more salvoes of smoke shells and can deploy them on a shorter cooldown when compared to SGB vehicles.
The last part of How I tried to mimic the effect of shields is Active Protection Systems. These APSs are similar in function to the CWIS mounted on ships. As such, they will only interact with ATGMs and antiship missiles, and not rockets, artillery, bombs, or cannon fire. Each vehicle has a different amount of APS ammo, with upgraded units having more. Generally, it goes from least to greatest: helicopters, transports/artillery, tanks, and command vehicles. Both the EFEC and the SGB have unique APS systems, the SGB version being more consistent and the EFEC version having more ammo to allow them to stay in the fight longer, mimicking the flavor of shields in EndWar

A serious UI limitation affects upgraded units here in a similar manner to ships in WG:RD: you can only manage the first 3 weapons. Other weapons above this number will function as normal, but you cannot turn them off, fire position order them and them alone (you can fire position all weapons at ranges they will allow you to fire at however), and you can't see their ammo pool. If a weapon above the first 3 is out of ammo, the unit will display it's usual black and white flashing ammo symbol, but that's your only indication. This limitation in practice mostly means that not all APS systems can be manually disabled, not all smoke launchers can be manually disabled, and the EFEC transports are unable to completely turn off their missile system, as it is split between two weapons.

Armor values and how they interact with damage tables have been changed in a manner identical to the Ash and Shadows mod. For the most part, this means that kinetic damage scales more linearly with out drastic jumps in number of shots to kill, with similar changes to HEAT. This is pared with increases in unit health to compensate and allow more interactions. Lower kinetic values used by auto cannons and sniper rifles will deal chip damage, allowing unit interactions more similar to EndWar, like rifleman damaging transports and Transports damaging tanks. This also means that helicopter autocannons are useful against all vehicles and can be used if necessary.

SGB Units:

CV - MAZ-660 King Spider: The SGB CV is an absolute tank on the battlefield, usually requiring sustained fire from several units to bring down. This is unfortunately not represented by its unit model, because there wasn't an appropriate one available. However its very slow off road and only passible on road. Even its guard unit, the RU-20 infantry guard brigade, is able to keep up with it when dismounted.

Guard Unit - RU-20 Bodyguards: These infantry are excellent for guarding flanks and drawing the enemies fire for long periods. Unfortunately their usefulness stops there. Their weapons just no longer cut it in the modern world.

UAV - Tu-3 Vulture: A small and well armed attack UAV. If given the right position it allows the King Spider to massively extend it's force projection, overwhelm APS defenses faster, and threaten the side armor of valuable targets. Keep it safe, it folds rapidly under any defensive fire.

Riflemen - Wolves: Fast and well armed infantry that excel at surviving anything that is thrown at them and mowing down infantry. Vulnerable to any vehicle that spots them in the open, and any vehicle they can't kill with their anti-material sniper. Un-upgraded they are completely vulnerable to vehicles.

Engineers - Bears: Carrying a wide variety of weapons, they excel at killing any vehicle that enters their range with deadly atgms, and when the fighting gets close top attack anti tank grenades. Against infantry however their usefulness suffers, armed with only SMGs and RPOs when fully upgraded. Un-upgraded they lack the ability to fight in forests, especially against EFEC units which can typically stun them.

Transports - BTR-112 Cockroach: Carrying exceptional armor and armed with twin 57mm autocannons along with dual purpose anti air/anti tank guided missiles. Cockroaches are an enemy to be feared no matter what it's faced with and are incredibly difficult to remove from any defensive position. Un-upgraded it becomes much worse against tanks and helicopters, and lacks burst damage against infantry, especially infantry in cover.

Tanks - T-100 Ogre: The tank with the heaviest armor and the best gun, the Ogre is quite capable of bulldozing through the competition. Its twin 27mm anti air autocannons shred any helicopter that fails to stay out of range and its flamethrower allows it to control and shape the battlefield via area denial. Un-upgraded it has no defense against helicopters, but is still a very decent tank for the heavy role.

Helicopters - Ka-65 Howler: An incredibly survivable platform armed with devastating atgms and, when upgraded, burrantino rockets, this helicopter demands attention where ever it goes. Even when under fire its high minimum accuracy allows its atgms to find their way home with decent consistency. However it struggles against airborne threats. Un-upgraded it has only its autocannon to defend itself against infantry attack.

Artillery - KV-20 Zhukov: Two shots are better than one, and this SPG can mount it's own artillery barrage solo. Armed for any threat, including HE, cluster, smoke, and thermobaric airburst, this SPG offers very consistent damage. Also has a low minimum range, allowing it to be used in roles typically filled by mortars. Un-upgraded it is marginally worse.

EFEC Units:

CV - LV-20 Charlemagne: The EFEC CV fills a very different role than its SGB counterpart, acting as battlefield support and reconnaissance for an entire front. Be wary, it can still take a hit and any unit that gets to close is liable to be melted by its laser. Its high speed allows it to keep pace with blitzing EFEC units.

Guard Unit - Archer Combat Drone: The Archer is a fast and fragile unit excellent for holding flanks and stunning any unit it can ambush.

UAV - Dragonfly: A fast and stealthy reconnaissance drone armed with two small missiles. Very helpful at allowing the EFEC to maintain information dominance on the battlefield.

Riflemen - Kommandos: Filling basically the same role as their SGB counterpart, with a slight shift to favor offense over defense. Fully capable of running down retreated SGB infantry and exceling at cqc infantry fights. Un-upgraded it is completely vulnerable to vehicles.

Engineers - Grenadiers: More limit in their use when compared to their SGB counterpart, they are never the less more consistent and stronger from ambush. Less able to fight solo against infantry threats but work great in support of Kommandos. Un-upgraded, it lacks staying power in cqc and its ability to stun in ambushes.

Transports - AMZ-26 Badger: The epitome of EFEC doctrine, the Badger allows EFEC forces to control the battlefield with its ability to reach any point first. In missile duels the Badger is stronger in the opening seconds of a fight but less consistent than the Cockroach, and anything that gets to close will be subjected to lethally stunning levels of microwaves and subsonic weapons. The un-upgraded Badger is bad at the whole fighting thing, but still remains a highly effective transport with some self defense capabilities.

Tanks - Panther 1A3: The Panther is capable of going toe to toe with the Ogre... as long as certain conditions are met. In forest fights and closer ranges, its better agility and reaction speeds can carry the day, and at longer ranges its VIRCATOR rounds allow it to compete. However in contrast to the Ogre the Panther quickly runs out of stamina in drawn out fights. It's laser system allows it to stun helicopters at longer ranges, but is only useful inside of a kilometer otherwise. Its VIRCATOR rounds can engage helicopters with decent consistency. However the Panthers DPM falls off hard when it burns through its limited supply of VIRCATOR shells and laser systems. Un-upgraded model of the Panther tank is missing most of what makes it effective on the battlefield, don't rely on it.

Helicopters - PAH-6 Cheetah: Fast and agile, the Cheetah excels at hit and run attacks, and is very capable against hostile helicopters. However its limited supply of rockets make it less than effective against engineers and vulnerable to upgraded riflemen. It's also generally worse at fighting transports than the Howler. Un-upgraded, the Cheetah is relegated to flanks and deterring other helicopters

Artillery - AMZ-50 Marksman: Fast and accurate, the Marksmen is never the less one of the EFEC's weaker points. However, its speed and decent ecm and smoke can allow it to occupy and survive unbelievably dangerous positions when compared to the Zhukov, and its MLRS is decently capable against infantry. Un-upgraded it is marginally worse.

The unfinished nature of this mod

The unfinished nature of this mod


As I no longer have the time to work on this mod, I'm releasing it out into the wild.

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EndWar Mod 2.01 (Credits to TK3600 for AI)

EndWar Mod 2.01 (Credits to TK3600 for AI)

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An incomplete version of my EndWar conversion mod, this version includes 2 fully functional factions: the SGB and the EFEC. Look to the articles posted...

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