You only need the latest version downloaded. You can safely disregard the older prior versions.


1. Open settings.ini
2. Check the installation folder location. The default is in C drive porgram file > steam folder.
3. Run WargameModManager.exe
4. Select Unofficial Patch
5. Once you are done select vanilla to restore to original. Your original deck will be safe via making a copy of your original profile.

Note: playing on modded version on multiplayer will cause a desync.

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The above document link has all changes from vanilla game. This article cannot list all of them here as they took 20 pages total. I will just list some important ones and summary.

Enhanced AI

CV reworks:
Generally greatly reduced cost of APC based and IFV based CV, considering for a bit more you can get a tank CV.

Exceptional recon price change: With a few exceptions, most unarmed/weakly armed types are reduced 10pt. Most car recon (5hp types) received an additional 5pt discount.

Global base T-55A standardization: 7/3/2/2 armor, 40/15 accuracy, T-55 CV 135pt.

M-48 series: 5/3/1/1 > 6/3/2/1 armor.

Napalm buff:

All air dropped napalm now deals at least 1 HE damage, consistent with MRLS.
Flame tanks can now fire on move
Flamethrower infantry can fire on move
Generally napalm planes cost less.
Flame launcher units receive more ammo.
Napalm MLRS no longer cost more than HE to supply. Previously 1.74x.

Some CVs lacking medium optics have received them.

F-4E series standardized to 20% ECM.

Expensive (90+) non-FCS artillery aim time buff: 30>20s

Bushmaster I global buff from 2.4s reload >1.8s reload; 2s > 1.6s between shots.

M47 Dragon ATGM buffs:
M47 Dragon: 10>14AP, 35 > 40% acc
Dragon II: 13>18AP, 50>45% acc
Super Dragon: 15>19AP
Acceleration 500>600

Metys ATGM buff: 15>16AP.

Helicopter rocket pod aim time 0.2>0.3s
Radared SPAAG now 0.5s aim time.

Mi-17 and Mi-8MTV series price 30>35pt

M134 Minigun and its derivatives reload time 6>2s, just like regular machine gun and Yak B. Suppression 36>55.
Damage reduced 1>0.75, rof x1.5, salvo size x1.5; effectively similar dps but 60% more suppression.

General mechanic changes:

Transport explosion suppression range 700> 525m

Forest fire suppression radius now match the physical fire size, not twice of.
Napalm MRLS fire time between burn 2>1s; same as plane napalm

Tracked units now receive rough terrain crits half as frequent as wheeled.

KA helicopter series now immune to tail rotor crit; they dont have one.

Helicopter CV receives 1.25 stealth (medium low)

Armored spec now give vehicle tab extra veterancy.

Nations and coalition changes:

China: more transport options for infantry, Chinese ztz-85 7>8rpm, PLZ-83 converted to PLZ 89 a 10s aim time howitzer, TY-90 increased range and optics, Zhanshi 85 improved MG, lijian 90 35>30pt.

North Korea: National bonus down to 30%, more infantry transport options, north korean marines 5pt cheaper, more recon options, B-5 bomber 2 per card for 1 card, Mig-29 with increased missile range and acc plus faster fire rate, Strela tanks now use strela 3 missile instead and fire them faster, as well having their kpvt acc doubled to 20%, new konkurs ATGM team.

South Korea: More infantry transport options, K1A1 is as accurate as M1A2 now and has 23 AP, K200 transport availibility 16>20, M48A5K WRSA has more front armor from M48 armor general buff and get 50% acc + medium optics.

Japan: more infantry transport otpions, supply truck reroled into 20pt version, line infantry 75 use CGM2 but at 15pt, line infantry 90 receives Pzf 3 but avail down to 16, Type 74 tanks armor buffed to 7/2/2/2, Type 74G priced to 65pt but armor upped to 9/4/2/3 with medium optics, tanks in general have 1.5x more autonomy, JSDF rangers receives CGM2, F-15J avail 2 veteran, 50% ECM with AAM-3 a 65% acc IR missile, receives F-2A; a 1995 multirole fighter carrying 4x 12HE laser guided bombs.

USSR: SU-27S down 10pt, most mortars 5pt cheaper, spetsnaz 35>30pt, VDV available in mech spec, Mig-29M and Mig-29S swapped bomb, and 29M is 5pt pricier while 29S 5pt cheaper, Mi-24V 100>85pt.

France: Tigre helicopters stealth down 1.75>1.5, AMX-10RC 30>35pt and 12>10 avail, Leclerc 165>175pt, AMX-40 12>13 FAV but 85pt now.

Germany: Jager now 10pt but avail down to 16, leopard 2 gains medium optics, HS.30 mortar 30>35pt, Tiger recon heli stealth down 1.75>1.5 and 120>125pt.

Netherlands: Cheetah PRTL series received an IR mode, Cheetah A1 receives stabilizer at 20% but 5pt pricier, Vurrploeg 95 2>1 card due to super dragon buff, LANCE is now more accurate.

Yugoslavia: M-84AN reworked into M-84 IZVIDJAC with stats from M-84 instead of M-84A, 110>95pt 2 cards available in motorized; M-80A acc 30>25%, Plamen-S 90>100pt dispersion 105>122.5, BOV series 5pt pricier.

Eastern bloc: Poland national bonus 20>30%, BMP SP-1 15>10pt, BM27 AP 5>6 price 120>130pt, leichte schutzen veterancy fixed, Formoza 35>30pt, Moderna acc 55/45 > 60/50, German BMP-1 SP-1 15pt > 10pt.

Finland: XA-185KT reworked to have Bushmaster I but 2 FAV instead, Spike MR 65>60 acc and acceleration 1000>700, Mig-29 110>120pt veterancy down to 3/0/0/2/0, Mi-8T KT aim time fixed to 1s and price 50>55pt, Suomi rate of fire fixed.

CMW: 0>10% avail bonus

UK: SAS receives Saxon and Stalwart transport option and moved to recon tab, spartan recon 15>10pt, sea harrier SEAD stealth 1>1.5, Lynx 3 100>90pt avail 3/2 > 4/3, Green Jacket AT improved to cgm2.

ANZAC: national bonus 30>40%, M113 minigun 10>5pt and available to diggers and commandos, avail upped to 16; Commando 90 no longer has elite ROF on their rifle, SASR 35>30pt, NZSAS receives better launcher, M113A1 30/50 avail upped 16>20, M113A1 30/30 scrapped, receives ASLAV TOW2 as 30pt transport.

Canada: Wolverine 35>40pt and range upped to 2625/2100m and 45>50% acc, highlanders 5pt cheaper, Marine spec enabled and reworked, ADATS 110>100pt and can turn off ATGM or AA function, receives 2 armored M113A2 transport.

USA: Delta force receives stoner 63 MG, light rifleman 10>15pt after buff, light rifleman 90 uses buffed dragon II instead, cavalry scout 15>20pt down 1 avail, M113A3 super dragon prototyped 10>15pt, longbow 150>170pt, Marines get LAV-25 transport at 15pt, Humvee MK19 converted to a transport.

Scandi: Otomatic is stabilized at 35% but 80>85pt, F35 Draken 100>80pt with splash fixed, NASAMS missile speed 7500>10000, M/92 PNMK converted to an IFV transport, RBS 70 MK2 4>5HE.

Israel: Pereh armor buffed to 9/4/2/2 and receives medium optics, Kurnass 135>145pt reduced bomb range, Spike LR acceleration 1000>700, Spike MR of Maglan 65>60%, Ra'am missile swapped to AIM-120A and bomb rof 0.6>0.2s.

Special thanks to

Special thanks to


A list of those who helped me along the way. Thank you to you all.

Future directions of this mod

Future directions of this mod


As balancing changes becoming smaller and smaller, I would have to be focusing on other directions. Stuff like a few 'new units' and AI changes comes...

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Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.15

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.15

Full Version 6 comments

A special patch for Epic Weekend! Many quality of life changes for those getting into the game. Previous hidden stats in base game is now revealed! 1...

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.14 (crash fixed)

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.14 (crash fixed)

Full Version 8 comments

Small update to be compatible with latest Wargame update. 1. B-5 bomber 160>155pt. 2. Mig-23BN standardized, 300 radar 900 speed. 3. Finnish Mig-29 fixed...

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.13

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.13

Full Version 4 comments

Current changes: Ptz-89 gains medium optics. Mi-24v gains medium ground optics for heli spotting. Tiger recon heli 130>140pt. Type 69-1 rpg 50>45% acc...

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.12a hot patch

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.12a hot patch

Full Version 13 comments

Small but very important update! Vtt igla recon 40>35pt. T-55am2 dyna-1 70>65pt. Availability of polish and czech 15pt wheel transport upped 16>20. OTOMATIC...

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.12

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.12

Full Version 3 comments

This patch mainly focus on Eastern Bloc: btr-60bp and variants 15>10pt, 3>2 cards. Btr-70 variants 3>5 cards, kpvt 15%. 15% kpvt acc for 15pt skot-2am...

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.11

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.11

Full Version

Most of the features I wanted are added. This one is mostly a stability/tweak. patch. 1. Dragon ATGM FIST team now 3he, fixed super dragon FIST aim time...


Nice mod, but is there an option to just have the AI improvements and not all the other balance changes? Like a separate mod/addon?


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Game have been updatet please update :-)
Thank you.

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did you only change the table with the bonuses to the ai to get the new ai features?

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TK3600 Creator

No, I changed the actual AI itself to be more competitive. I think you will notice tanks fight more carefully for one.

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