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Oct 10 2017 Anchor

finally in mode which proposes to us a stellar destroyer class Imperial 1 much more realistic than that proposed even if in reality this one had an armament composed of:
-60 turbolaser
- 60 ion battery
- 6 heavy turbolaser
- 2 heavy ion battery.
an armament which is always complicated to dispose. as armament of the battleship executor composer of:
- 2000 heavy turbolaser
- 2000 turbo laser
-250 launches missile to concussion
-250 ion batteries
- 500 laser cannon
It is clear that putting this weaponry on the battleship is almost impossible. But this is not to say that it must be as little armed as the basic version. After it is still an outstanding question every battleship or destroyer of the Empire: example the stellar destroyer of imperial class 1 owns troops as :
- 38000 soldiers
- 25 TB TT
- 50 TR TT
so will it be possible to have the same system, for example a class 1 stellar destroyer to invade a planet with the troops it contains.
My last question will be on the deathstar . It is clear that the strengths of these combat stations are indeed on the destruction of the planet, but they remain above all a very well equipped combat station either in terms of defense ( 25984 stormtrooper, 2500 turbolaser heavy ...) or the number of hunters (7200 tie ...) would it be possible to attack a station and invade a planet with a death star ?

Sincerely Tarkin Grand Moff Imperial Seswenna Area

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