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Another time the election for the MotY has started and we have already a couple of teasers for you.

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Mod of the Year 2018

Greetings, companions of Edain!

Yesterday, voting for the Mod of the Year 2018 have begun over on The ModDB selects each year's most successful and best modifications and rewards them with different awards. This not only brings great prestige to the winning mods, but also greatly increased publicity. And as before, it's the players who are called upon to decide by voting for their favorite mod.
If you want to learn more, you can read up on how it all works url=]here[/url].

As some of you might remember, we have already won this elections before thanks to your support and were crowned Mod of the Year 2015. Thus far, Edain is the only modification for Battle for Middle-earth to have achieved this. This means that we can no longer appear in the Top 10 due to official Moddb policy. Nonetheless, we are grateful for every vote that helps us secure a spot among the honorable mentions once again!

The elections for the Top 100 run until December 10th 2018. Afterwards, the second round determines the best modifications among those Top 100.

Now we would ask you to vote for our Mod on the following page, and keep the banner of the BfME modding scene flying high!

Clicking on the button brings you to our ModDB profile, where you can give us your vote!

Note: If you have the time, please register before voting - it will make your vote count more! Also, we would like to ask you to be honest when voting. Otherwise, our mod may be excluded from the vote.

While you are busy voting, we are far from idle. Edain 4.5 is approaching with rapid steps and we have several updates planned for December to show you what we've been working on - including the long-awaited Lorien Spellbook!

As a further teaser of what's to come, we'd like to leave you with this video:

Thanks for your support!

Your Edain Team


As much as I love your mod I can't really vote for it based on teasers.
Good luck though.

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Can't wait to see the lorien spellbook, especially if it is planned to be shown in december.

Plus, if *severals* updates are planned for the month, including the last of the spellbooks, then I guess the next version should come soon. (At least I hope so.)

Thank you for the great work, as always.

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I really curious to finally see what you made with the Lorien SpellBook. I'm pretty sure that this will be greatly interesting and inspiring. Like always!

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You have my vote!
Unrelated to this topic: my dear old laptop with Windows 7 has sailed into the West. I had to buy a new one with Windows 10. Is it still possible to install the game with the original DVD's?
If not, how can I play my favourite mod???


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Hello. First of all, thanks for voting. I myself play the game (and Mod) with Windows 10; I've installed it when my PC had already upgraded to the newest version. Anyway, if you need help, you should check out the support section of the forum (I'll link it below). There must be already a couple of similar topics; if there's none, you may simply open one yourself :)

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Over 2 years long no new update and then want to be the best mod 2018?
I think this is not possible, there are much more mods out there from various games there are much moch active then this mod. There was a time long age where this mod was really active but now....all i can see is much talk but no action. There are much entrys in the forum or other things, want to change there, want to change things here but how long ago the last update is away, is the best sign das this mod dont deserves to be the best mod. Not even to be in the best 20. Years age i played 4.0 and now there is just a demo that released april 2016, this is a joke.

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Gnomi Creator

Seems like some people still liked as, as we managed to get in the top 10 of all mods. :)
Deserved or not... everyone can decide that for himself.
As you might have noticed we had a ton of different problems in the past few years - half of the team stopped modding, we had to find new people, most of us had a ton of private problems.
I know that some people don't mind what happens behind the scenes, but we are also just human beings and sometimes there are just more important things than modding in life, even though we'ld wanted to spend more time modding.
Basically everything that could go wrong went wrong in the past 2 years.
Also I personally played one modification for another game in my teenager a ton... for more than 5 years and I just had 2 updates since I started playing. It was great and I had fun with it. I personally liked the mod, as I like few, but good updates more than a lot, but worse updates. (Everyone has a different opinion on that and I don't claim to have the only right opinion.)

Obviously we are not happy with the past 2 years, we would have loved to give you more mod updates and we had to do a lot of re-scheduling, as we had to live with the new circumstances. We just try to do our best with the things we have provided.

If you did not vote for us - no problem! Perhaps you will like the new version, perhaps not. As Lord of Mordor also said: We are currently working a ton on finishing the new version. :)

Hope you had some nice holidays and a nice new year's eve! :)

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