EARTH-THE PLANET OF THE GODS is a wonderful and fantastic adventure for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and at the same time one of the biggest mod for this game at all.
The Mod can be downloaded from NEXUS

by kilos

Now it is also available in English and Italian. Read the description, the readme, download the game and enjoy.
THE BEST COMPANION THAT YOU CAN FIND IN THE OBLIVION MOD: In this mod you will meet a girl who will become your companion. With her, you will exchange an infinite number of dialogues. She will often suggest the best route to follow. She is an extraordinary fighter and has a menu through which you can ask her to do the most unthinkable things, while traveling together in fantastic worlds, most of the time outside Cyrodiil, and experiencing truly indescribable adventures that will leave you amazed!

About this mod, CHAMBCRA, an experienced Oblivion player, wrote here in the MOD NEXUS POSTS:

I keep a list of all the quest mods I've played and I have completed 275 quest mods which are mostly all great mods but this tops them all by a wide margin. It's the best Oblivion mod on the Nexus in my opinion. If you like just a single one of the following then this is a mod for you:
1) Super long. It took me 4 months or ~500 hours.
2) Tons of incredible dungeons.
3) Tons of new architecture and animations.
4) Tons of new world spaces.
5) A great story that makes every part of the adventure exciting.
6) A unique conversation system that has the player actually talking to people with lip sync and everything.
7) A great companion you get attached to from the start.
Tons of great puzzles and enigmas.
9) Tons of formidable enemies.
10) Besides all that, Kilos is still with us is case anyone has trouble with a particular enigma.

EARTH-THE PLANET OF THE GODS is a wonderful and fantastic adventure for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and at the same time one of the biggest mod for this game at all.
It is not easy to describe this mod with a few words, considering that for around 80% it is comparable to a Total Conversion.
For its great vastness, it's a job that I have developed with great personal involvement and passion in more than six years.
In developing this game, my goal was not to create new fighting styles, new spells, new weapons or new clothes, since many Modders have already done so well.
But that of creating an engaging, exciting story, full of imaginative contents but also linked in some way to the ancient and famous Civilizations of our world, from which emerge profound mysteries and complex enigmas to overcome.
A plot developed with realism that, from simple situations, becomes more and more intricate, until it reaches and penetrates into the deepest mystery, into unknown and unimaginable worlds.
Due to its complexity, it has been necessary to use an interactive dialogues mechanism that allows the development of sometimes very complex concepts.
Jack is name of the player and he has just freed Cyrodiil from the invader Oblivion, thus he was decorated with the title of "Champion of Cyrodiil".
Through an eminent professor of the Arcane University of Imperial City, Jack receives a request to aid from a young woman whose name is Aliena. After their encounter, Jack decide to help Aliena.
From this point forward a new adventure begins, and develops across a long arduous way that the two protagonists will walk through facing unimaginable difficulties and overcome challenges beyond human limits.
In some moments Aliena seems to have her nerves frayed but the love that arises between her and Jack provides her the strength to go on.
Despite their courage and ability, only the protection of "Supernatural Beings" allows them to complete the six paths that open the seventh way. But it isn't over yet, others challenges are waiting for our two heros.
The character of Aliena has been developed with such qualities and skill as to seem a real character, with which you can continually interact at very pleasant levels, which I have not yet found in the most modern games.
A great programming effort was made in order to provide the highest level of realism to a play with fantastic and engaging plot, which will kept you stuck in front of your computer, until you uncover one after another the numerous misteries that envelop EARTH - THE PLANET OF THE GODS.
For who wants to play it: you'll have to face a long way and need a lot of playing hours to achieve the Final Prize (more than 80 hours of play).
It is very, very important to read the 'Read Me' before starting the game. You will find many information on its dynamics.
Very often the solution of the innumerable enigmas that you have to solve is found in the books you will find on your path. In any case, reading the books will always provide you with useful ideas to continue the game.

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To download the mod, go to this link:

Here you will find all the information to learn about the mod, to read some of the players' opinions and much more.


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