Atmospheric immersion into a "Doom-Real" environment. Actually believe you are in a real base. Actually be there fighting to survive and win the day. These are the goals of Dragon Sector. Hi-res texturing. Immersive ambient sounds. Realistic environments. They're all here. If realistic play is your preferred game, then Dragon Sector just might take you as close as you're ever to get to "really being there" in a retro-Doom game!

RSS Dragon Sector (The Remake) v0.50 Released!

After many long months of work, we're finally back with a release. This new version contains many enhancements and fixes, but most importantly, the debut of our fifth map!

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(Important note for this release: GZDoom seems to have introduced a bug that causes a crash at startup if you try to start our set from the game menu. As a result, for the “Full Pack”, we're releasing it with the previous version of GZDoom (version 4.7.1). For 4.8 and above, when you launch with your launcher (e.g. ZDL) just tell it to start at map01 and at what skill you wish to play at. The set will load just fine. Otherwise, GZDoom v 4.10.0 seems to run just fine. We'll try to let everyone know when the folks working on GZDoom resolve this bug. Now onto our release notes!)

Changes in this version:

Map05 is complete! “Nuclear Station” is undoubtedly, our most ambitious map yet. It was over six months in the making, and is easily twice as large as any of the other maps before it. It has nearly 500 tags, a great many of those specialized actions, many of these happening in interesting combinations. It will be a tough play for the casual Doomer. A full bucket of fun for the hardcore Doom-player!

Screenshot Doom 20230108 120248Screenshot Doom 20230108 120353Screenshot Doom 20230108 120505

  • Changes in this edition:
    • New Monsters:
      • Enhanced Cacodemon.
      • We've done it again. We took the Enhanced Cacodemon from Realms667 and added our own flavors of spice to it. It's now a lot faster, a lot scarier, and a whole lot deadlier!
      • Supreme Fiend!
      • -Expect him to appear as a final boss in the end of map05!
    • Cosmetic Adjustments:
      • Made new splash screens for in between the levels – a unique one for every level transition!
      • Map01:
      • Changed the “UAC” hologram in the center of the map.
      • Fixed a pair of lifts which had unnecessary lips.
      • Map04:
      • Changed the banner over the exit, to better reflect what the next map is going to be.
    • Play Adjustments:
      • Map03:
      • Removed the Sewer Monsters from the secret alcove in the second big outdoor area.
      • Changed an ammo pickup in a secret.
      • Map04:
      • Added a (rather obvious) secret that will enable players to raise the drawbridge in the final area – thus permitting them to avoid going up that long flight of stairs, if they want to.
      • Made some minor adjustments to monster placement.
    • Monster Drops:
      • Made some minor adjustments to,
      • -SuperDemon – he now has a chance to drop more items.
      • -Flesh Spawn – now has a chance to drop a health bonus pickup.
      • -CyberImp – now drops only rockets, not rocket packs. He will always drop at least one, with diminishing chances for three more.
    • Asset Improvements:
      • Rebreather no longer counts in item pickup percentages.
      • We added a small bit of tracking ability to the plasma bullets fired by the Drone, Security Bot and Plasma Turret. They don't strictly home in on their targets, but they do appear as if the assets are better at aiming at their targets now.
      • Drone and Bot are now less erratic in their movement.
      • Added recoil to the rocket turret. It also now fires two rockets at once.
      • Improved Drone death animation. It now bounces around, madcap, before exploding!
      • Improved Bot explosion animation.
    • We changed the soundtrack for map03 – Skyway. It is now “Dark Sci-Fi Cyberpunk” by Stringer Bell.

See the tutorial for instructions on how to get up and running.

Show those demons what you're made of!

BarefootMapMaker & DarynS

Daveed93 - - 76 comments

I'm gonna wait for the full release but this looks very cool!

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DarynS Author
DarynS - - 92 comments

That's going to be a long while. One map can often take months to make, and then there's a lot of tweaking on those maps. I understand if you want to wait, but I hope you'll consider giving it a try anyway. :)

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