Down Under is a Half-life 2 Mod that takes place between the period from the end of the 7 hour war and before Gordon Freeman enters City 17. The exact time of events is unknown.


You play as one of the few resistance members currently left on Earth. Even though the combine took over the Earth in just 7 hours, some people still kept fighting the combine in hopes for a better future.

But the combine were too strong for the fighting humans, and kept pushing the last bases the humans had in their possetion. A small group of people from the resistance, managed to escape from the combine and found a place to hide.

After some time hiding from the combine, some resistance members managed to get some information about what the combine were up to. The resistance members found out that the combine was building a some kind underground base in a small city not far from were the resistance group is hiding.

This was not good for the resistance group, because this ment it would not take long now before the combine were coming for them. So the small resisitance group had to figure out a plan, and this is what they came up with.

The resistance group found out that there was a "Dark Energy" core that controlled the entire base, if they could somehow get inside the base and shut down that core. Without their base, they cannot control the area and the combine would have to retreat.

But the resistance made one minor mistake, after the "deactivation" of the core. They didn't thought about the core whould go and self destruct!?

//PS. This mod is something i work on when i feel i have time to work on it, so progress may be slow but be patient.

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Hello everybody i'm djpalle, you may or may not remember me.

If you do, you properbly remember me for my mod "The Returning" wich i was working on until for like 7 years ago...

I had to cancel it because that mod became too big for me to finish and i had a problem after some time i was working on something, i ended up starting on something new becasue i got another idea... From what i started off with to what it ended up for me was way too much for me to handle and i lost interest in it.

But i'm back now with a new mod and new ideas! I've been working on my valve hammer experience over the last 7 years and i know alot more on how hammer and source engine works now and with this knowledge i want to make something you guys will like!

I hope you like my in game screenshots! That's all i have in game currently right now.

That's all for now.


Trav2276 - - 235 comments

I must be tripping, I swear this mod was released.

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CW3D - - 430 comments

Seen your other mod The Returning and was kinda sad that I found another promising looking mod that was dead (kinda). But this looks awesome! Can't wait to see what you bring to the table here.

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djpalle Creator
djpalle - - 284 comments

I shall do my best! And yes it was kinda sad, that i had to cancel "The Returning"... Even though i spend years working on it. It just became a too big of a project that i could not handle on my own anymore and that made me give up on it... But if things get to where i need some help onther than mapping i might give an update. But as for now i keep working on all the details on the mod so if i need more hands on it i'll let people know. Not all details are done jet, still some holes i have to fill!

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Addy_SRB - - 163 comments

Interesting! :)

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