*The mod is going through pretty drastic story changes so that we're able to keep up with such a big task* You are no longer a rebel in the mod, You're Gordon Freeman, once again.

Shortly after the citadel exploded, Gordon's train was teleported to a beach in which was farther away from white forest than he anticipated. He makes his way through the coastline, caves, and outlands to destroy a combine weapon capable of destroying the rocket in white forest. (wip)

The point of this mod is to annihilate the Combine's weapon and block their strategic routes to cripple their ability to act against the resistance.

The Mod Teaser!

The Team!
The Team!
Mapping- Jangalomph, SS DOOMTROOPER, Scorpio Adonis
Skins/Textures- Jangalomph, SS DOOMTROOPER, Ich 666, TheDanishMaster, Cactus Fantastico
Models- Jangalomph, Duke Nukem, Ich 666, TheDanishMaster, Cactus Fantastico
Sounds- Jangalomph, SS DOOMTROOPER
Story- Jangalomph, and SS DOOMTROOPER, TheDanishMaster
Coding- Jangalomph
Video production- Jangalomph, Zonbie "aka" Joe Rogers, TheDanishmaster
Photoshop Artist- Bishop
Particles- Jangalomph
Voice Actors- Atisbeatlez, Duke Robear
Animation - TheDanishMaster, SS DOOMTROOPER

Thanks to

Zonbie/Joe Rogers\
Duke Robear
Duke Nukem
1/4 Life
Scorpio Adonis
A last huge thanks to the band, the waters deep here, for letting us use some of their music.
Also a huge thanks to a few members of the C17: Episode 1 team for letting us use Puddles and Helping us restore lost code. - Thanks!

Did I forget any one?

We are in dire need of a Modeler!!


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Hello everyone, let me start by saying we are in dire need of a modeler or two! We have massive ideas and plans, but we need some one for the job. PM Jangalomph if you would like to join the team. Once you join the team, you'll get the latest build of the mod every month. Biomass Productions team has been hard at work improving the mod, gathering ideas, and writing code. Here's a list of things that are done, and soon to be done.


  • "Particle vaporizing" grenade
  • Melee weapon
  • Dynamic clouds - Outruled because of performance issues.
  • Impact effects
  • Fire for props and npcs
  • Improved combine accuracy and lowered their health for added realism
  • Blood effects as well as combine exclusive hit effects
  • Several new overlays, decals, skins, and textures
  • Rain splashes
  • Explosion effects for RPG + SMG grenade
  • Suit sounds replaced with voice acting
  • Train crash redone

Soon to come - NOTE: We aren't quite 100% sure about some of these

  • Bouncing light rays
  • Dynamic muzzle flashes w/ particles
  • More weapons (Including a special secret one)
  • Better AI (suggested by P4TRICK, sounded like a great idea)
  • Bombs
  • New HUD
  • Running zombies (Regular zombies that move like zombines)
  • New props
  • Gibs
  • Ricochets
  • AA-12
Dynamic rain clouds New Fire
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Sabotage Wallpaper!

Sabotage Wallpaper!


A high-res wallpaper with the sabotage logo for the team and mod fans alike! ** Please note that the wallpaper preview is cut to where the logo is showing...

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What a **** is this????, is inmoral to tease like taht specially in a good promise mod what the hell are wrong with u guys, if u doon't finish a job don't even post it!!!!, ahh i hate those freakin stupid irresponsible attitudes.!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-15 votes

Oh sure, it's not like a person has nothing else to do in his life except create mods from scratch all over again that got deleted or the files lost.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes

A. English. Learn it
B. I don't remember them promising you anything. You're not a paying customer, so your say is next to nothing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+11 votes


A. English. Learn it... **** YOU, MY ENGLISH IS OK YOU ****! You ******* arrogant bastard!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-12 votes

Jesus, calm the **** down.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

also what is the next map after sb_city2 maybe i just have to skip it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

does this mod go behond the multi level building u go down and there is a room with a little breakable wall then further down is a flooded floor, i cant get passed this area

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
jangalomph Creator

Just go through maps in console.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Sad to see this mod die. P.S. What happened to the old particles?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
jangalomph Creator

Quite a bit of things changed during development, Thats most of my particles right there. I'm pretty sure All came with it. Except ones that are for mods currently in development by other teams that I help.

And alot of the general explosions changed because I never finished coding a bug-free version of it.

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